6 Best High Mileage Oil

Are you thinking of the best high mileage oil to use for your car? How much will it cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Are there other factors to consider?

All of these questions have been sufficiently answered in this article.

Everyone wants their car to stay for a very long period hence they take good care of it. It is possible that the vehicle is reaching more than or exactly (100,000) one hundred thousand miles.

Therefore, an Oil change is seen as the most frequent maintenance that one will come across. Every car owner or user is aware that an oil change is important, but not so many are aware of the best oil that works for the particular car.

You may have heard of “High Mileage Oil” because of its recent popularity. But are they living up to the supposed hype?

This article will explain all the information you need about high mileage oil, including if it is worth using.

Best High Mileage Oil

Best High Mileage Oil

You may have chosen to use the high mileage oil, but you should also consider the one that is best for your car. We will discuss the best six (6) as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

1. Editor’s Pick: Castrol GTX High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

The name Castrol is seen amongst the trusted ones in the oil business. Castrol high mileage oil is a quality product. It has special additives and a synthetic blend, which enables it to avoid sludge buildup or oil burnoff. The oil has conditioners and detergents, which aid consumption in the older engines.

Also, Castrol added a distinctive phosphorus replacement in the high mileage oil. It ensures that the catalytic converter is in perfect working condition and avoids extra expenses in changing it. It is amongst the only oil in the market that has this technology.


  • Increases engine performance and fuel economy
  • A great amount of synthetic blend
  • Phosphorus content is less, which aids catalytic converter performance.


  • Failure to aid in protecting against leaks and burn-offs, unlike other options.
  • The oil has less detergents, meaning that it cannot aid with buildup, and sludge-like other options can.

2. Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology

When you talk about automotive care, Valvoline is seen as a trusted brand. It is similar to Castrol because it is a synthetic blend. Valvoline is made for high mileage cars, but it is used for new or old vehicles. The sludge buildup is easily cleaned up because it has numerous detergents.

Also, the old seals can be made to live again using the seal containers in the product. It can as well prevent and stop little leaks in the engine. Generally, it is an all-around high mileage oil of great value and the perfect choice for everyone.


  • It helps avoid rust in the engine
  • Its detergents aid with cleaning the sludge buildup
  • Sold at a reasonable price


  • It is incompatible with the Dexos products
  • It is not perfect for high-performance applications

3. Pennzoil High Mileage Motor Oil

In this list, this single conventional oil is suitable for older cars and gives room for exceptional wear protection. In addition, it helps prevent and stop leaks in an old engine because it has suitable seal conditioners for the mentioned oil model.

Seen as the least expensive choice and is the best choice for the high mileage vehicle.


  • It provides excellent protection from corrosion and leaks.
  • It is amongst the least expensive high mileage oils in the market.


  • You will need to change it frequently
  • It performs poorly in excessive temperatures

4. AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil

This is a more expensive synthetic motor oil, which has additional benefits. It prevents sludge buildup and also increases the engine life, using its additives that are anti-wear. This oil is better than many others because it can remove and prevent sludge buildup.

It works properly in either cold or hot conditions. Also, it lubricates the inner engine units for longer miles than you expect. If you can cover the expenses, then the oil is the perfect option.


  • It aids in removing and preventing sludge buildup
  • It performs properly in extreme temperatures and conditions
  • It restores and conditions seals to be in their original condition so as to avoid oil leaks


  • It has an advanced formula; therefore, it is not the best choice for older engines and cars.
  • It is more expensive than others.

5. Mobil 1 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil

You can call it the most suitable motor oil that will be discussed. First, it helps increase the lifespan of an engine for years. It also protects the running parts found in the inside of an engine, way better than every other oil.

Finally, it can keep your vehicle moving above 200,000 miles because it contains developed engine seal conditioners and special additives.

When you compare Mobil 1 with Castrol Edge, you will see that Mobil 1 is slightly more expensive than Castrol Edge. Although majority opinion is that Mobil 1 is a superior product and protects the engine better.

The oil is quite costly, but you cannot say it is the most costly on our list. The oil lasts for about (10,000) ten thousand miles between some changes. Most people decide to replace the oil filter more often than the oil because it lasts for a long time.

In addition, the oil has antioxidants that prevent oil from breaking down or oxidizing. Therefore, it is the most suitable high-mileage oil for a vehicle.


  • Works perfectly in both high and low temperatures
  • Provides superior protection for an engine
  • Long intervals between changes


  • It costs more than the regular oil

6. Royal Purple HMX High Mileage Synthetic Oil

This is a complete synthetic oil that affords very high wear protection for an engine. In addition, it has numerous conditioners and additives that aid in reinstating an engine to its previous condition. However, although it is completely synthetic, it cannot last for long like various other options.

The oil has a unique zinc additive that makes it excellent for older cars with flat-style camshafts.


  • Best oil for older cars because of its zinc additive.
  • Longer intervals between changes


  • Price
  • It breaks down fast, unlike other complete synthetic oils.

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Is High Mileage Oil Worth it?

Is High Mileage Oil Worth it

The High mileage oil is a little bit more expensive than the traditional oil. The reason is that it contains additives, conditioners, and special detergents found in oils.

However, the cost is not way more than the traditional oil. It is worth it because of the extra benefits it provides for a car. Also, the additives help to stop leaks and restore an engine.

If you own a car with higher mileage, it is best to buy this oil. It helps strengthen the health of an engine and makes it last for many years. When there is prevention and reduction of the sludge, it also aids in preventing engine failures.

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Best Motor Oil for High Mileage Engines – Buyer’s Guide

Engines have varying lives and different oil requirements. Hence, it is difficult to say there is a perfect product for a high-mileage engine. However, the choice of oil ensures a good engine life and performance.

The buyer’s guide will aid you in making the right choice. A comprehensive list of what you will consider before choosing a high-mileage motor oil.

1. Motor Oil Types

Engine performance is affected by the kind of vehicle oil it uses. Every high mileage oil is designed for engines that are older. However, the functioning of each oil is different. Motor oils are of three types:

Conventional Oil

It is also called mineral oil, and it contains organic substances that are obtained from the ground. The end product has no or little additives. Generally, it is cheap but can burn off quickly and has little endurance for high temperatures.

Synthetic Oil

They are man-made oils that contain various additives and chemicals. It is versatile and has high performance. They are quite expensive but compatible with many temperatures and pressure conditions.

The Semi-Synthetic Oil

It is a mixture of conventional oil or synthetic oil and mineral oil. It has little chemical additions and good heat tolerance. Semi-Synthetic Oil comes in numerous viscosity ratings, increasing choices and varieties in our market.

2. Motor Age

The motor age that every high mileage oil can support differs. You are to examine the miles added to a car and pick the suitable oil based on its requirements. A couple of high mileage oils work perfectly for engines older than 75,000 miles.

The higher the mileage of an engine, the more worn out it is generally anticipated to be. In deciding on the oil, check and examine to know whether it can maintain the cracks, rejuvenate, and maintain the leaks faced by your engine in its lifespan.

3. Weather Conditions

Most people do not know that the weather affects the vehicle. However, outside pressure and temperature change how an engine is ignited. Hence, weather conditions impact the engine’s state.

You will need motor oil in low-temperature areas to regulate the usual high-level performance at a low temperature.

For high temperature, one should consider an extremely high level of temperature sustenance in the oil. The reason is that the engine tackles both external and internal heat.

4. The Recommended Viscosity

When choosing a motor oil, Viscosity poses a key role. Particularly, if it pertains choice of high mileage vehicle oil, the way the fluid flows through a cylinder is changed by density. Hence it affects the generation of heat in bearings, cylinders, and gear sets.

It also affects the general fuel efficiency of an engine. At different temperature ranges, it changes the smoothness of an engine.

You are advised to examine the viscosity recommendations of an engine before buying your motor oil. Engine manufacturers have the best knowledge of what their product requires. You will achieve the best result when you stick to the stated recommendation.

5. Level (Extent) Of Protection

For the oil you want to use as a protection level, you are expected to check it out if you are using a high-mileage engine. Each oil’s protection varies: some are excellent lubricants, while others protect against wear. High mileage engines require more than oil that offers only lubrication. If you make a good choice, you get total protection.

You are advised to invest in excellent motor oils to increase your engine’s lifespan.

6. Lubrication

The engine’s performance increases with the oil’s lubrication capacity. Suitable high-mileage car oils can fix cracks and pre-dried engines. It is seen as the perfect way to improve the lifespan of an engine.

Adequate lubrication increases functional smoothness and prevents gaps from appearing between the components.

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7. Additives

As the name implies, it is a way to increase the quality and performance of synthetic oils. It is also a good source for presenting the additional features required of a high mileage car oil to serve.

Below is a list of normally used additives

  • Detergents: it aids in getting rid of deposits gathered around the engine to improve efficiency and avoid clogging.
  • Viscosity-index improvers: as the temperature increases, this helps regulate the oil, so it does not get too thin.
  • Dispersants: it ensures that particles do not stick together. Hence giving little or no room for the formation of sludge.

Best High Mileage Oil

Frequently Asked Questions – Best High Mileage Oil

Does high mileage oil make a difference?

High mileage oil ensures little oil consumption and regulates burnoff because it rejuvenates degraded seals.

Is synthetic oil better for high mileage?

Synthetic oils increase engine protection for older vehicles having high mileage.

Is 20w50 good for high mileage?

It is singularly used for particular worn engines or older vehicles that need the regulating of high viscosity oil. Apart from that, it is not a high-mileage oil.

What is the disadvantage of synthetic oil?

One is the price, and it is more expensive than conventional oil.

What happens if I put full synthetic oil in my car?

Synthetic oils provide way more conducive protection than conventional oils. If you are interchangeably using conventional oil and synthetic oil, it will not spoil the car. But it depends on the conventional oil’s quality and the engine’s condition.

Is it OK to switch to synthetic oil in older cars?

Yes, it is not made with compounds that can damage the older car. It lasts longer and performs better.

Conclusion – Best High Mileage Oil

Today, We have numerous high-mileage engine oils on the market, and you can find a suitable choice for your car. The oil is mixed to aid the engine in returning to its youthful days.

There is always an available oil to suit your needs, depending on your budget. Some people prefer the 5W30 or 10W40, whereas others want the SAE 5W20 high mileage oil. If your car has above 75,000 miles, think of using high mileage oil.

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