What Does the Blinking Red Light in a Car Mean?

What is the meaning of the blinking red light in a car? Let us find out in this article.

The red light shows an emergency or serves as a security indicator. This article will discuss all the blinking red lights in a vehicle.

Manufacturers of automobiles install many blinking red lights on the dashboard to ensure a good driving experience. LED lights are normally on the dashboard as a sign of warning.

Unusual lights are for the standard alerts, whereas the rest need an immediate response. The lights aid drivers in being conscious that something may be wrong in the car. The light blinks continuously, seeking attention.

A vehicle has white, orange, and red colored lights for different reasons. The red light is a protection indicator or an emergency alarm that keeps the car vault away from vandalism.

When a person tries stealing the vehicle, the red light flashes when the car’s trunk, door, or hood is opened and the key is not in its ignition. It also flashes when a person shatters the window.

When the light blinks, this means that the vehicle’s security system was triggered, and one should act on it.

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What Causes a Blinking Red Light in a Car?

Now, we know what the red blinking light depicts if it comes on as your vehicle is off. You should also know that if the car is on and other red blinking lights come on, they have their meanings.

It varies from one manufacturer down to another manufacturer, but we have common causes that you should know of.

1. A low car Battery

Low battery is a very common reason your car’s red blinking light comes on. When a vehicle’s battery runs low, it triggers the warning light, and it comes as a red blinking light. Alerting you to recharge or change your battery immediately.

2. An Engine Warning Sign

This is a common thing. When the red blinking light comes on, it could be an engine warning telling you that your oil level is low or that your exhaust system has an issue. When this light shows, take your vehicle to a professional immediately.

3. A Brake System Warning

Also, the red blinking light on the vehicle’s dashboard can mean that your brake system has a problem. Either your brake pads are worn out, or the brake fluid is low. Take the car to a professional immediately for proper examination and to avoid a road hazard.

4. Tire Pressure Warning

The red blinking light on the vehicle’s dashboard can mean that your tire pressure has a problem. It can mean either a tire puncture or low pressure on the tire.

You should allow a professional to check this out immediately to avoid road hazards.

These are the common causes when you see the red blinking light on your dashboard. Therefore, you should check for a problem when the light appears and note what the other blinking lights are depicting.

Why Does My Car’s Red Light Blink?

Your alarming security light blinks endlessly as the car is off. A blinking red light serves as the security light which safeguards things.

We have some other red LED blinking lights on the dashboard. Other lights come on if you leave your door open. Things like engine faults or failing switches can make the light come on.

The blinking red light is an anti-theft system. Recently, most manufacturers have installed the system in cars. It can also be called an Immobilizer system.

It doesn’t make sense if a car does not have an immobilizer system. The system automatically activates if you lock your car. It is a commendable safety feature of automobiles.

The blinking red light continues for a long time to serve as protection. Such an alarm system is useful in cases of a break-in.

How the Red Light Blinking in a Car Acts as a Security Feature

It is necessary to keep your blinking alert red light in good shape. If the light is continuously on or off, take the car to a service station.

Your immobilizer system may be faulty, or the wiring or internal switches may have an issue. The red light goes off as soon as you turn on your ignition.

The car’s sirens come on in cases of theft. The engine will not come on, no matter what. The car will not start the ignition when a person tries starting the car abnormally.

In some vehicles, you will see a blinking blue light. The red color informs the thief to stop trying. In line with expert maintenance tips, changing the faulty system will come in handy. Undoubtedly, it is a very good safety technique for every car.

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Is a Blinking Red Light an Indication of Something Wrong?

The answer is NO. The light is a good indication. It shows that a vehicle’s security system is functioning well in protecting the vehicle from thieves. Therefore, if the light shows, do not be scared; you’re ensured that everything is okay with your system.

Blinking Red Light

How to Stop Red Light Blinking in a Car?

These are three sufficient methods you can adopt to repair the blinking red light on your dashboard.

First Method: Check The Cylinder and Key

  1. When your key’s battery dies and cannot disable your system, the red light or vehicle’s lock symbol may activate.
  2. Check if you have properly installed the key’s battery. If not, do so properly or change it to a new one, then check again.
  3. When your vehicle has been spoilt to force an entry or steal, your anti-theft system gets involved.
  4. Examine underneath your door handle or lock cylinders to know where the thief punctured, using a screwdriver.
  5. When your lock has been broken, use the side cylinders of a passenger if there is one on your vehicle.
  6. Your passenger side will not be damaged, as its driver’s side lock has been damaged.
  7. Ensure that you use the correct key in starting the vehicle. For instance, most cars have keys that serve particular purposes.

Second Method: Turn ON the Ignition

When the anti-theft system is locked up in your engine, the blinking red light shows on the dashboard. It can be disabled following these steps.

  1. Examine the light (anti-theft). You will find it on the dash, and it is either a red or blue light.
  2. ON your ignition. Put the key in the slot, and turn it ON, so as to activate the electrical system.
  3. Let the key remain in its slot for like ten quarter of an hour.
  4. Check your anti-theft light again. When it isn’t blinking, turn off your key, then let it stay for a moment.
  5. This allows your system to reset, else you will not be able to start the vehicle.
  6. Start your engine. You should be able to ON the engine.
  7. When it fails to go on, check to ensure your battery is not drained.
  8. Do the method again to repair the blinking red light on your dashboard.

Third Method: Make Use of The Key In Your Door

  1. Put the key in the door lock. Do so in the driver’s door with the car’s key (physical one), except if your car uses the keyless entry system.
  2. Turn your key to unlock the door, but do not release it.
  3. In this position, hold your key for about 30 seconds. It informs your system that it is the correct key, and you can bypass the continuous alarm.
  4. Some cars recognize their key by turning it repeatedly in its key cylinder door lock.
  5. To disable the vehicle with its lock symbol active on your dashboard system, fully turn your key on both sides.
  6. Try starting the engine and bring out the key. Then try to start the car.
  7. If the anti-theft system stops the vehicle from starting correctly, it can be a nuisance.
  8. When the vehicle does not start, check another issue that may be stopping your car from turning on.

What Should You Do if You See a Blinking Red Light in Your Car?

When you see the red blinking light, do not be scared, your vehicle is simply saying it is okay. Therefore, do not panic and know that you may not need to do anything.

How Many Blinking Red Lights Are in a Car?

This varies depending on the model and makes of the car. Most vehicles have one or even two red blinking lights. You find these lights near your speedometer, on your dashboard.

The lights all have their meaning, and it also depends on the model and make of the car. It often indicates an issue with the tire pressure, brake system, or engine or alerts the security system.

When one of the lights blinks, take note of the thing it is indicating and if other lights lit up.

My Car’s Alarm System Has a Blinking Red Light. How Can I Reset It?

First, locate your alarm systems reset button. You will find it close to your control system’s panel. Then press and hold it for some seconds. Having done this, you have reset your alarm; it will stop the red light from turning on.

You can disconnect your battery when your car does not have a reset button. On your battery, find its negative terminal, then disconnect the cable.

After removing the cable, wait for some seconds, then reconnect it. The alarm will be reset, and the blinking red light will stop coming on.

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How Important Is a Blinking Red Light on a Car?

It is a good safety feature. It tells the owner that his/her alarm system has been armed and activated.

In addition, it aids as a deterrent to incoming thieves. As they see the red blinking light, they will be aware that the car’s alarm is very active and will sound when they attempt to break into the vehicle. Conversely, if the light fails to blink, it shows that your system is malfunctioning, and you have to reset it.

How Can I Disable the Blinking Red Light on My Car?

There are ways of disabling the red blinking light in a vehicle. First, you can disconnect your battery. It will disable your alarm system and then stop your light from blinking.

You can also take out the fuse, which powers your alarm system. It can be seen in your fuse box underneath your car’s hood. Once you remove the fuse, your alarm system is disabled, and then the light stops blinking.

Finally, you can disconnect the wires leading to your alarm system and disable the light. You can do so by removing the panel that covers your alarm system.

Now that you have gained access to its wires, carefully disconnect the wires from your system. It will disable your alarm and then stop the blinking light.

Conclusion – Blinking Red Light in a Car

In a vehicle, the red blinking light is a very important safety feature. It aids in alerting the owner that his/her alert system has been alerted and there is a possibility of incoming theft.

When thieves are aware of the activated alarm, they will cease from breaking into the vehicle because the alarm will sound if they do.

The light sometimes is a nuisance; you should know its use and ways of disabling it. By so doing, you are making sure that the vehicle is secure and safe.

Thank you for reading. We believe this article will be of help.

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