Can You Drive Without Power Steering? (Answered)

While some older cars lack Power steering, some modern cars have this feature. With the aid of power steering, handling the steering wheel becomes super easy. As much as it makes driving easy, it also tends to fail. In light of this, one may ask, can you drive without power steering?

Yes, It is possible to drive without power steering, but it is not advisable to do so. This is because the steering rack is designed so that force is transmitted to the steering rack through a worm gear when the steering wheel is in motion.

Also, a good hydraulic booster contributes to the possibility of driving without a power steering when pressure is created. In this case, if oil is not pumped, extra effort is required to move the steering wheel.

It would be best if you also considered the following when attempting to drive without a power steering:

  1. You should only turn the steering wheel when it is moving. This is because the steering rack of cars with power steerings is not designed to work when it isn’t moving.
  2. Remove the belt driving the hydraulic pump (if the belt is separate) if you can’t add oil and your power steering stops working due to insufficient oil.
  3. Most importantly, you need to act immediately and get your power steering fixed.

Read on as we give you a detailed answer to your question and the dangers of driving a car without power steering.

Can You Drive Without Power Steering?

It is possible to drive without power steering, but it is not advisable. Your steering might be working perfectly for some time if you drive without a power steering, but as time goes on, steering your vehicle will become a very difficult task. Furthermore, if you drive without a power steering, your steering pump is prone to damage, and you can end up spending more to get it repaired.

When you drive without power steering, it means you have to do a lot more on parking and quick steering. You will have to push harder to make a right turn, leading to an accident while driving.

Your car performance can also be limited if you drive without power steering. For instance, while driving and unfortunately you get involved in an accident, you can get sued for negligence if caught driving without a power steering. Also, your insurance company won’t cover any damages your car might have sustained.

How Risky Is Driving Without Power Steering?

It is frustrating and worrisome when you drive without power steering since it is so difficult to turn the steering wheel.

The ride can be extremely awkward and rough when a car’s power steering is defective. Despite that some don’t see driving without power steering as possible, it is achievable with the aid of an old-fashioned power steering pump!

It is stated by some drivers that you can only drive a few kilometers if the power steering is turned off.

This is considered untrue because you can drive for a while even when the power steering is turned off.

In addition, a lot of controversies have been made regarding the inability of a power steering to work while driving. Looking at that:

Some have concluded that driving without a power steering does not and cannot exceed 600 km or 380 miles, and that is when the steering rack is at its peak of emergency and, after covering such distance, eventually breaks down. I have never heard of this in my career as an automotive engineer.

“Unnecessary maneuver on the road is uncalled for, and driving should be made only in straight movement as handling of the steering wheel tends to be a challenging task.” This statement cannot be disputed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Power Steering.

Can I Still Drive My Car Without Power Steering?

Yes, It is possible to drive without power steering, but it is not advisable to do so.

What Happens if You Have No Power Steering?

It is dangerous to drive without power steering. As time goes on, turning your car will become so difficult that you will not be able to do anything else. Driving will also become physically exhausting.

How Hard Is It to Drive Without Power Steering?

It’s not hard to drive a car without power steering, but the experience will not be pleasant either. The steering will be harder to control, and you would have to put in more effort to turn the steering wheel.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Power Steering?

On average, power steering replacement cost about $200 to $350. The cost of replacing the power steering pump is between $400 and $800. (depending on the car model and shop rate)

What Does No Power Steering Feel Like?

It feels like you are ordering delivery and still getting it delivered yourself. It is very difficult to get your car steered If the power steering goes out. This can be dangerous, especially when driving at high speed because you might think that you are no longer in control of the vehicle.

Can I Drive With a Bad Power Steering Pump?

Yes, but you will get exhausted pretty fast. You need to push the steering wheel really hard to turn, and you will get exhausted if you are driving for a long distance. We suggest you get it repaired as soon as possible.

Is It Safe to Drive With the Power Steering Light On?

You don’t need power assist in steering with a power steering light on. In fact, driving will not pose a problem except that handling the steering wheel becomes tedious and needs more attention. You can just restart the engines to get the lights turned off.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Power Steering?

Repairing a power steering system can take between 1-2 hours.
Not all repair shops charge the same amount for labor. Some charge a minimum per hour fee for labor on top of the cost of parts and fluids.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Says Service Power Steering?

The service power steering light warns you that there is a failure in the power steering system and requires an immediate response. The cause of the problem is different based on your car’s different types of power steering systems. For instance, In hydraulic power steering systems, the cause of a problem for a low fluid level could be a result of a leak in the system.


There you have it, the answer to Can You Drive Without Power Steering?

A faulty power steering system disrupts smooth movement while driving your car, promoting discomfort and dangerous driving conditions. Inspecting and maintaining your vehicle’s power steering at every point in time should be your utmost priority to ensure safety and avoid the risk of an accident. Even if the trip was unplanned or short, it still needs to be checked.

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