Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

Do you want to know the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key? If yes, you are on the right page.

Mercedes-Benz arguably makes the world’s best vehicles. However, the industry pioneer, the S-class saloon, has a technology that may take one or two decades before it is used on other commercial cars.

One of the major shortcomings of a Mercedes car is its expensive parts. For new models, the prices could be very high, and the price does not drop over time, considering my old 1988 S-class. Meanwhile, some alternatives can be employed to reduce the key fob replacement cost.

The key fob price of an original Mercedes-Benz will be around $200 to $300 and could even get to $550. Due to this, purchasing a thrift key fob will be more affordable.

Amazon is the best spot to get a replacement because they have a wide range of alternatives with good rates.

Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

What happens if you misplace your Mercedes key? It will not be the end of life. The option will be to purchase a stand-in key from a Mercedes dealer. Although it may be costly, the problem will be solved.

What if you can get a Mercedes key replacement without spending so much money because there are more affordable options? The plan is simple, a few cheaper replacement methods will be described, and you will go for the best fit.

1. Get It on Amazon’s “Your Garage.”

Are you aware that you could get anything you want from the Amazon platform because they expanded their services? In case you are unaware, Amazon has a dedicated category for vehicle accessories called “Your Garage.”

If you own an account with Amazon, visit the ‘Your Garage’ category. You can then search for an empty key. However, the key search is a bit broad; therefore, you must use filters while searching for blank keys.

For example, if you want to replace the key fob of a C-class Mercedes, you will have to use relevant keywords to make the search easier.

Depending on your Mercedes type, it is essential to get a remote for your key because most modern Mercedes vehicles have a smart key ( the key contains a remote device for locking). Therefore, you may need to search for the two while checking on Amazon.

Though, there are warnings. There are various keys on the Amazon platform; therefore, there are chances of purchasing a bad key. There are solutions to this.

You could either carry out a Google screening on your key or go through the product ratings and reviews on the platform. The key you search for must have features similar to your Mercedes car.

Purchasing from Amazon is a cheap replacement option for a Mercedes key. Meanwhile, you may wait for some time before the keys are delivered. Coding the key will be the next challenge.

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2. Contact Your Local Locksmith

Contacting a locksmith close to you is also an alternative for a cheaper replacement. You will have to consult a local smith that specializes in Mercedes keys.

With this, you can get someone, a specialist in the business, to take care of the latest electronic locks.

A locksmith that is quite familiar with the work will get the work done within a short time, irrespective of your location.

This is because most locksmiths have a bunch of keys, so immediately after the situation is explained, they will only use a few hours to fix the problem.

Most locksmiths even have the technical knowledge to cut and code the keys. If you are lucky to get such a locksmith with that skill set, you will be able to save some money while receiving a premium service from the locksmith.

To remain on the safe side, the mobile locksmith you pick should be able to do the following:

  • Repair a key fob in a Mercedes vehicle.
  • Give a replacement fob.
  • Repair remote vehicle key fob
  • Repair faulty transponder keys.
  • Make provision for an extra transponder key.
  • Place the transponder chips into the broken vehicle key remote.
  • Restore lost vehicle key fobs.
  • Ability to reprogram vehicle key fobs.
  • Deliver replacement of Mercedes key battery.

3. Key Coding

This alternative seems to be a little complex compared to others. This is because your Mercedes key has various security protocols, and the coding could be very tricky for someone inexperienced.

To successfully code a Mercedes key, there are some technical programs you will need to gain mastery with.

Also, this option has a few limitations. Number one, you can only do the coding for a spare, not the master key. So then, we can say that coding the modern Mercedes vehicle key is impossible.

If your master key gets missing, or you misplace the key of any modern Mercedes vehicle, you will have to visit your closest dealer and have the issues fixed.

If you do not have any of these issues to sort out and you are good at tech, you can code the new key. Note that you could code replacement keys for more than one vehicle. But you could program it multiple times in similar kinds of vehicles.

However, leaving the coding process to an expert that provides exclusive Mercedes key programs will be the best option.

Since coding a vehicle key can be complex, it should be done by only people that know. For example, a dealership technician or a professional mobile locksmith.

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Other Methods Of Replacing A Mercedes Key

Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

Although it may not be a cheap alternative, there are options to explore when you misplace your spare keys.

1. Visit a Local Garage

Visit a garage nearest to you, and ask if they could make provision for your Mercedes key. Although this can be a little expensive, unlike the earlier started methods.

2. Car Insurance Provider

Including your vehicle keys in your insurance policy is possible. You could either have it as a part of the policy or obtain a single policy just for keys.

With a plan like that, the insurance company is responsible for the replacement whenever your Mercedes key gets missing. The only challenge will be paying for the policy, even when you may never lose your keys.

3. Visit The Dealership

The most expensive option, yet the most reliable will be to get your key replacement from an official Mercedes dealer.

How to Find the Right Key Replacement on Amazon

You can find uncut keys and fobs for all the Mercedes generations and models.

It could be a bit difficult to get the correct key, so making the work harder, I have examined the products, and where two perfect replacements that fit well with almost every Mercedes model were found.

However, if there is no model year on the product, you may have to search for the code on your original key to get a good replacement with a similar program.

Auto Key Max Replacement Key Fob

A key replacement with an Auto Key Max key will cost about $40, which is one-tenth of the dealership charge. They could also sell with some discount if you get a pair.

The package is all-in-one, with a fob and an uncut replacement key. It is important and vital that your original key FCC ID# matches these codes:

  • IYXDC07
  • IYZDC10
  • IYZ3312.IYZDC
  • IYZDC11

According to the manufacturer, it has compatibility with a wide range of 2006 to 2011 Mercedes roadsters, SUVs, and sedans. For a comprehensive list, go through the manufacturer’s Amazon page.

The Auto Key Max provides a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, but if you are not satisfied with how the product works or it does not meet your required standard, you could request a change of product or refund within ninety days.

The key fob has a star rating of 3.3 to 5 from about 125 clients and a good amount of questions the manufacturer replied to.

The major reason for a rating that low will be excessive customer expectations. We could summarize the complaints like this:

“I purchased the key but had difficulty programming it myself, plus no dealership or locksmith would help me do it.”

This problem is valid but has no key fob-related issue. The major aftermarket key issues will be discussed after checking the products.

Beefunny Smart Replacement Key Fob

The Beefunny Key Fob offers a cheaper key than any Key Max key, at the rate of 24 dollars for one key and about 46 dollars for two keys.

According to them, the key has a frequency of 315 and is suitable for the following:

  • 1997 to 2000….705 Moto
  • 2001 to 2005….NEW
  • 2006 to 2010….NEW
  • 2011 onwards…BGA

These codes do not have much meaning, so their description cannot be said to be the best. Claiming that it is adequate for every Benz from 2000 onwards, without any confirmation in the FAQ column, makes me doubt its level of compatibility.

Meanwhile, it received a rating of 3.8/5 from about 160 users, with about 88 replied questions, so there is a possibility of meeting someone who purchased a similar product and dropped the review.

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The Problem With Aftermarket Key Fobs

Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

Mercedes has made avoiding their services very difficult. It is not possible to program their fobs at home, neither can an unlicensed locksmith or mechanic do it, and the authorized dealer will decline to program them while convincing you to purchase an OEM key.

Instead, you could visit a locksmith with a standard blade key( if you have one) and a blank to get it copied.

You may wonder why I recommend the Amazon options when it seems difficult to make them work. Depending on your location, you can see a dealership or locksmith that can get the job done.

An Auto Key Max buyer from Texas explains how six locksmiths were called without success. Then a mechanic that fixed old Mercedes vehicles was found and agreed to program for $150.

The dealer charge was 192 dollars for the fob, $69 to cut the blank key, and $169 for the programming; the former price is half of the dealership charges.

It is important to save some money. A mechanic fee of 150 to 200 dollars looks rather expensive, but you must remember that they still pay Mercedes to collect the essential codes to complete the programming effectively.

Considering Amazon costs only $30 and has an additional blade key, spending about 200 dollars for the same thing at the dealer shop is rather unreasonable.

Failure to contact a locksmith to help with the key programming will only result in you going through a dealer. However, you can avoid excessive spending by contacting Amazon for the key and contacting your local locksmith for the programming.

How to Program Mercedes Key Fob

Although the chances of you programming the key are slim, there is no harm in trying, especially with older vehicles.

  1. Insert your key into the ignition, and switch it between the On to Off positions twice.
  2. Remove the key and press the lock on the key fob.
  3. Press the unlock button and hold.
  4. Press the lock button and hold it for one second 4 times without releasing the pressure on the unlock knob.
  5. Easy pressure on the unlock knob, press the lock knob, and hold for the 5th time.
  6. At this point, the fob key has been programmed, so you can try using it.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

How much is it to replace the Mercedes key?

The average cost of replacing an original Mercedes key will be around $200 to $300 and can get to about $550. Because of this, purchasing an aftermarket fob key could be more affordable. However, Amazon remains the best location to buy a replacement key because they have a wide option range and the best rates.

Can a locksmith make a key for a Mercedes?

The locksmiths can help replace and duplicate the Mercedes key at a more affordable rate than the dealership because they have the equipment and skills needed.

How do I get a new key for my Mercedes?

You have to personally visit your nearest authorized Mercedes dealer to request a replacement key or a spare. The key has to be pre-paid, and you have to provide the following documents: the original copy of your car registration, identity card or passport, and the driver’s license of the car owner.

Can I buy another Mercedes Lock key?

The simplest answer to this question is, Yes, you can.

Can I program a Mercedes key fob myself?

The chances of doing the programming yourself are very slim. Also, remember that some Mercedes keyless entry remote requires special programming from the dealer. Therefore, you may want to contact your closest dealer to program your car’s remote.

Conclusion – Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

The brand Mercedes-Benz leveled up to its luxury standard in terms of the vehicle’s features and craftsmanship and the component cost. However, we found a way to get a replacement without contacting a licensed dealer.

If you have difficulty locating a mechanic that can do the programming, just spend adequate time making calls and researching, and you will see a mechanic that can do the job perfectly and at a cheaper rate.

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