Ford focus Transmission Shudder Fix (Expert Guide)

A car’s transmission is a crucial component that ensures the engine runs smoothly and effectively. Whenever the transmission begins to tremble or produce noise, it is said to have a transmission shudder. This is potentially exceedingly risky and may result in the car breaking down.

When you drive the 2014 Ford Focus & are experiencing transmission shudder, search no more. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix any of the issues, explain why it occurs, and offer advice on how to stop them from occurring again in your vehicle.

How Do the Transmissions Work?

Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, they all function in the same way. The primary distinction is that the driver uses the clutch in a manual transmission to engage and disengage the transmission. And also, the transmission handles every task in automatics.

You must depress the clutch to disconnect the transmission from its engine when using a manual transmission. After shifting the car into a higher gear with the gear lever, they release the clutch, & the car moves up a gear. Additionally, the process is similar for all gears.

The flywheel, flexplate, and torque converter are located in the automatic transmissions between the transmission & the engine. The flywheel’s a mechanical appliance designed to transfer rotational energy effectively. A flex plate and flywheel operate together to engage and disengage the transmission between shifts.

The driver’s input on his gas pedal triggers all of this with automatics as opposed to manuals. As a result, the flywheel and flexplates have quite a long lifespan. Of course, they take longer than manual vehicles, but they also need more care, such as routine fluid changes and completing everything required to keep the automobile running smoothly.

Due to their high maintenance sensitivity, automatic gearboxes can have problems like transmission shuddering and occasionally faulty torque converters. The following chapter will have further information on that.

Ford Focus Transmission Shudder Fix

On your 2014 Ford Focus, there are a few remedies for this problem, which we will describe. Few of them don’t require mechanical expertise and are simple to perform.

However, some are more difficult and necessitate equipment and technical expertise.

1. Transmission fluid flush

Flushing Your older transmission fluid & replacing it using a fresh, factory-recommended fluid is the simplest approach to solving this problem after flushing it. Your transmission will soon be in good working order after removing the tainted fluid.

It’s a reasonable idea to cleanse the fluid again if you do not notice any changes after doing so. You won’t know, after all. It’s possible that something got lodged in this transmission line & has to be completely cleaned with another flush.

2. Replacement of Its Transmission Fluid Pan Gasket

You may also experience this problem if your transmission fluid is low. If so, all you have to do is re-fill it to the appropriate level. If the fluid loss persists, its transmission pan is probably dripping.

You may fix this by cleaning the fluid from the transmission and then looking for leaks in its oil pan. Since there is nowhere else for the leak, it will most likely occur around its gasket seal.

This indicates that you must replace the oil pan gasket on your transmission. Additionally, if you drive over something, the pan can be busted. In that instance, a fresh pan is required to resolve the problem.

3. Gasket Replacement

You only need to remove the pan and the screws to fix the gasket. You might see a few metal shavings in the pan. Your transmission is probably shuddering as a result of these shavings.

Scuff the old gasket outta the pan after wiping them down with a paper towel. This is crucial since the fresh gasket won’t adhere if the old gasket isn’t scraped.

Soon after scraping the gasket. Use the new gasket next, then carefully reinstall each bolt one at a time. Go pour some fresh transmission fluid once you’ve finished the work.

Allow your car to run while periodically checking the level of its transmission fluid to avoid overfilling. Since if you cram it, problems could result. When you have finished this task, you are prepared to leave. No more irritating noises and transmission shudder.

You can simply drive your automobile to the nearby business if you don’t want dirty your hands. They will cleanse these fluids and take good care of that problem for you.

You’ll have to spend, which is a drawback. And the necessary tools are available at home & the motivation to work on this project. It’s not a great deal, so maybe doing it alone is preferable.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need the right jacks to help the vehicle. If it flips over, you don’t want to be crushed under the car. Therefore, it might be best to drive the car to a location with the necessary tools and kit to complete the job properly.

4. Fix the Torque Converter

It is recommended to replace this torque converter with a new one if that component is to blame for these problems. The price range for torque converters is between $200 and $500 if you DIY this project.

Hiring someone to handle it will probably cost you between $600 and $1000 to complete the task. It will cost you around $4200 otherwise.

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What Is Transmission Shudder

Torque converter shudder is another name for the gearbox shudder. This describes the moment whenever a transmission begins to vibrate noticeably and shake. The cabin may feel uncomfortable due to these vibrations, which are audible. Driving will likely make you believe there is a serious problem with the transmission. However, the truth is different.

When you put your automobile in overdrive, the transmission shudders only once (or in an upper gear). Or whenever you approach & proceed to ride up an incline while maintaining overdrive in your vehicle.

It’s crucial to maintain composure if this occurs to you. This circumstance has a few reasonable justifications. By following these straightforward instructions, which we’ll go over in more detail later in this article, many people have even been able to repair their cars. Therefore, don’t let this demotivate you. Everything is fixable.

What Causes Transmission Shudder in Ford?

The Ford Focus may be suffering the transmission shudder for a number of reasons, including:

1. Bad transmission fluid

Driving the 2014 Ford Focus with tainted transmission oil is one of the main causes of transmission shudder. Unfortunately, this is part of the main cause of this uncomfortable problem.

Whenever the fluid is soiled, this occurs. An example would be the fluid that hasn’t been altered since the vehicle was bought. Over time, the fluid becomes clogged with shavings of metal, which leads to problems.

The oil may then thicken, making it difficult for the transmission to increase the pressure in its transmission lines. and as a result, this will make it impossible for the transmission plates to make the correct pressure contact when they’re engaged. As a result, the transmission may tremble to this effect.

2. Low Transmission Fluid Levels

Running the transmission low on fluid, or ATF as it’s known, is another factor that could cause the 2014 Ford Focus transmission to shudder. Because your transmission needs enough fluid each time it engages, you shouldn’t ever do it.

Metal shavings could start to show due to low fluid. The internal transmission components will thus prematurely wear out and develop flaws. Your transmission can then malfunction and fail to shift gears appropriately. And it might occur when you most need the car.

The solution to protecting your transmission from these problems is to change the fluid.

3. Defective Torque Converter

The torque converter might also be to blame for the 2014 Ford Focus transmission shuddering. Between the transmission as well as the engine is where the torque converter is located.

There is a history of failure and shuddering with these converters. Whenever you put the car in drive and notice that it slips gears, your torque converter most likely fails.

Transmission overheating is another sign of the torque converter issue. Your transmission will perform strangely when you try to shift gears if it frequently overheats.

This is the major problem, and the torque converter may need to be replaced if you wish the transmission to once again shift gears correctly.

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Can You Ride With a Shuddering Transmission?

It goes without saying that if your vehicle is trembling, there is probably a problem, so it is best to have it checked out by a mechanic.

However, you can keep going despite a transmission shudder if you’re trapped or want to get somewhere. In the long term, doing so can cause more damage to your car, but if you’ve run out of options, follow this advice:

1. Accelerate gradually

If you press down on the throttle, the engine revs up very quickly and strains the transmission. Rather, lightly press down on the pedal to gradually accelerate the vehicle. This will aid in limiting further harm.

2. Shift down a gear

The transmission is put under more strain when shifting into a higher gear. Hence, cling on to lesser gears when driving rather than the fifth or sixth.

Your transmission will experience less stress, which could help the rattling stop.

3. Keep an ear out for odd noises

If you notice any odd sounds coming from the car, stop right away and stop the car. These might be indicators that the transmission is ready to break down, and continuing to drive could cause significant damage.

4. Verify the liquid level

The transmission needs transmission fluid to be lubricated and kept cool. If it’s low, it can be the reason why your car shakes. If the level is low, check it and add extra transmission fluid.

Ford focus Transmission Shudder Fix

How Much Does a Ford Focus Transmission Repair Cost?

A Ford Focus transmission repair typically costs between $2000 and $3000. The price of the parts and labor are included in this. The cost of replacing the transmission entirely can reach $5,000.

Regular Ford Focus maintenance is the best defense against expensive repairs. However, inadequate maintenance or the use of incorrect oil might lead to transmission issues.

Was there a recall by Ford for the transmission problems?

Ford only recalls specific models of the Transit Connect with a 6F35 transmission and a 25-liter capacity from 2013 to 2015. the Escape and Fusion from 2013 to 2014 with a six-speed automatic. This could potentially have an impact on transmission. Verify your vehicle’s VIN to discover if it has been recalled if you own one of these cars.

Does Ford offer free transmission repairs?

No, but they might make the warranty longer to include it. Take your automobile to a Ford dealership to have it fixed if it is still covered under warranty. If your vehicle has passed its warranty period, you can either pay Ford to fix it or try one of the various aftermarket remedies offered.

Although there are a few things you can do to fix the transmission shudder on your own, unless you are a professional, we don’t advise it. Instead, the best action is to bring it to a Ford dealership for inspection.

Make sure they use authentic Ford parts if you send your car to a garage or aftermarket shop. Many reports have been made about people utilizing aftermarket components and the remaining or even worsening issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Ford Focus shudder?

A software flaw in the powertrain module of the 2014 Focus is the root cause of this issue. The gearbox stalls and jerks as a result of its engine control unit and transmission control module getting the incorrect inputs.

How can I cure my Ford transmission’s shudder?

Fortunately, obtaining the transmission flush to swap out the dirty, old fluid with fresh, clean fluid frequently solves the problem of a trembling transmission.

Is it worth fixing the transmission?

A new transmission might cost around $1,000 to more than $7,000. Thus, replacing the transmission will be worthwhile if your car’s present value is between $8,000 and $10,000. It won’t make much sense to replace your vehicle’s transmission if it is underneath or inside its transmission range.

Can the torque converter shudder be repaired?

Yes, executing a transmission clean or changing the transmission fluid will usually solve torque converter shudder issues. Nevertheless, if you allow the torque converter to tremble for an extended period of time, you may need to repair or change it.

Can a transmission be repaired rather than changed?

When you repair a transmission, you’re often only repairing one particular component of its transmission. To perform this repair, there is no need to completely rebuild itself. Usually less expensive than rebuilding or replacing, this choice.

Do miles reset when a fresh transmission is installed?

The fresh transmission is brand new because it has no mileage on it at the time of replacement. So the number of kilometers on the car when the transmission is replaced is irrelevant as long as there aren’t any forms of factory faults.

How is transmission trembling identified?

Connect a scan tool to the OBD II port and read the codes if the check engine light is on and the transmission shakes, slips, or jerks. This will let you know if the issue is with the transmission & which component of your car needs to be checked. Verify the level of the transmission fluid.

Can a blocked transmission filter cause shifting issues?

The internal parts of the transmission won’t have the necessary lubrication if the fluid is dirty or obstructed by a blocked filter. This can result in jerky shifting, gear grinding, slipping transmission, and other typical transmission problem signs and symptoms.

Final Thoughts

When accelerating from a stop, this 2014 Ford Focus is known to experience gearbox issues that might judder or shake. Numerous owners have noticed this issue, and it may be rather upsetting.

The best action is to bring your vehicle to any Ford dealership so they can inspect it. Ensure that they use original Ford parts if you take the car to a garage or aftermarket shop.

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