How Much Does Honda Accord Bumper Replacement Cost?

Are you searching for where to have your Honda Accord bumper replaced? You would need to know the cost of replacing and also try to find the best bargain you could get. Most Hondas are made with bumpers for cosmetic and practical purposes.

Unfortunately, the bumper gets damaged as you are trying to guide the other part of your vehicle from getting damaged.

In most situations, you can patch them and get them repaired, but when you experience critical damage, it might be impossible to repair; instead, you would have to replace the complete bumper.

To save yourself some money, you might decide you want to carry out the task yourself, but what is the cost of replacing the bumper for a Honda Accord?

It will cost you about $435 to $880 if you decide to go to the dealers of Honda to get the bumper replaced, and with an additional $500 to $700 for the cost of labor.

The price might go up if you have to install any other fixtures to the Honda or if you want to remove the old one. The cost will reduce if you go to a third-party shop to get it repaired.

What Is a Bumper?

The bumper of a car is generally manufactured from rubber, steel, or plastic. It serves as protection for your Honda at the back and front end. Also, during a low-speed collision, it serves as an absorber to help in reducing the damage done to the vehicle.

Some of the bumpers for the Honda Accord are manufactured using foam materials which act as cushions, while the rest have energy and brackets absorber acting as their cushion.

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How Much Does Honda Accord Bumper Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing the Honda varies; it depends on the specs and the year of the Accord. The cost of replacing your bumper can be around $30 to $1500, based on the kind of finish, style, and quality you want.

You might be thinking it would be hard to have it repaired by yourself if the plastic traps get broken, but it is something you can carry out yourself.

There will be a great difference if you try to repair it yourself instead of taking it to a professional. Be prepared to pay at least spend about $1000 for both the labor and parts if a professional is doing it for you.

If you want to save yourself some money, doing the work yourself is a good idea. You can save about $500 on the cost of labor if you decide to take on the task.

Honda Accord Bumper Replacement Cost

What Are Some Benefits of Replacing the Bumper?

As earlier mentioned, most vehicles are designed with bumpers not just to make them presentable; it is also made to guide the Other parts of the vehicle from getting damaged when a low-speed accident occurs.

Dents, scratches, and dings happen Every time; rust and corrosion sometimes happen, too; all this would result in the Honda getting weaker as time goes on.

Replacing the bumper would also help in maintaining the aerodynamic and smooth outlook of your vehicle, which would bring you a high price if you decide to sell the car. Apart from that, it would also make sure the vehicle is in a good state to guide your Honda and you when a collision occurs.

Changing the bumper of your Accord is surely a good thing to do to give the car the necessary facelift and to update the look, but considering the cost of parts and labor

a professional would charge might make you start thinking if you should replace your bumper or not.

When Should You Replace Your Bumper?

Bumpers for cars also experience wear and tear as time goes on, just like every other thing, through driving every day, not just when an accident occurs, and this could result in cracks, dings, and Dents coming up gradually. Corrosion and rust reduce the general appearance of the Honda and also weaken the bumper of your Honda Accord.

Inspect the bumpers; you might observe any of these things said above, then you should be thinking of how to get them replaced. This would make your Honda look good as well as ensure your safety when a collision occurs.

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Honda Accord Bumper Replacement Procedure

As years pass by, the designs of the bumper have changed; compared to the old designs, the new bumper is easy to replace because of the reduced weight and the manner in which it is connected to the Honda Accord.

The steps in placing the bumper are split into two different parts A&B

How To take the bumper out of A Honda Accord

After buying a new bumper for your vehicle, you would need to take out the damaged one first.

Here you have a bit-by-bit procedure on how you can take out the bumper at the front side of your Honda.

Things you’ll need:

  • 6-in-1 screwdriver.
  • Ratcheting socket wrench.
  • 8mm socket.


  1. The first thing to do is to open the hood and take out the four clips using a screwdriver or a clip tool.
  2. The next step is to find the Philip screw, which is at the front wheel on the side of your car, and take it out using your screwdriver. You would also need to make use of the plastic tool to remove the clips on each of the sides.
  3. At the down part of the bumper, find the plastic clips; you can use a prying tool to take out the clips. Remove the complete clip from the holes.
  4. As soon as you’ve taken out all the clips, you just have to raise the bumper up while you’re pulling it away from the vehicle.

You can follow these steps for Honda Accord, which are from 2013 to 2015.

Putting in a new bumper for your Honda Accord Bumper

A rusted or defective bumper can make your vehicle decrease in value and also look old, but you can save yourself a lot of money if you decide to carry out the replacement yourself at home.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to position the new bumper you purchase on the floor at the front of the car. To avoid the bumper from getting damaged or scratched, you can put something underneath.
  2. Connect the lights of the new bumper a find where the tabs are. Then climb on top and clip it in its position.
  3. Raise the bumper and place the tabs on the brackets, which are on top of the headlights.
  4. Use your hand to force the bumper in position till it sits perfectly in its place.
  5. Examine under the car to make sure the liner is properly tucked at the back of the bumper. Shove the new bumper into its position near your tires.
  6. Find the tab at the top of the headlight by the metal bracket and put the tab in position under the metal bracket first before you push it inside.

How to save money when replacing the bumper

The cost of repairing a car bumper can be very costly, especially when you didn’t do the work yourself.

Doing the task yourself would save you a large amount of money because you would just need to spend money on the parts and not the labor cost to get the work done.

It is possible for you to save extra money if you purchase the parts online from the suppliers of aftermarkets parts that are on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of replacing the bunker for a Honda Accord?

The cost of a Bumper cover for a Honda Accord depends on the model and the year of the car. Usually, the replacement parts of OEM cost about $130-$1,300. They can be sold either as part of a kit, individually, or in sets of 2.

How much does replacing the 2007 Honda Accord bumper cost?

The average price for Honda Accord 2007 front bumper is around $205. But if you are changing a traditional bumper with a euro (which can be a plastic and metal combo) or chrome front bumper, you might spend up to $265 to $320.

Is repairing a cracked bumper worth it?

Fixing bumper cracks or dents is very important for the well-being of your vehicle, just like maintaining the brakes and engine of your vehicle. Your truck or car would look unpresentable, especially if it has cracks or paint damage.

What is the cost of replacing the 2013 Honda Accord bumper?

Replacing a Honda Accord 2013 front bumper would be around $100-$1000. And to get exactly what the cost would depend on different things such as the cost of labor and parts, the area you stay and how severe the damage is.

Can You repair plastic bumpers?

Yes, most of them can be fixed, like the cover of the bumper, which is the most common thing to get damaged in your vehicle. When you repair the bumper, it will be easier for the technician to blend the paint appended accurately and efficiently.

Can you repair a cracked bumper?

Whenever a technician is checking if there’s a defect with the bumper, the first thing they check for is cracks. If it’s a dent, you can pull it out. Nevertheless, you cannot fix cracks in a bumper, and this would have an effect on the structural integrity of this segment.

Should my Honda Accord bumper be Replaced or Repaired?

You should replace the bumper if it has chipped paint or scratches instead of repairing it. If the bumper is scraped up or scratched, the bumper would have to be sanded to level it. And if the scratches are very deep, you might have to fill it using a compound.

Is it safe to drive when the bumper is cracked?

Firstly, this might sound like a relief since it’s just the bumper; nevertheless, you should not drive for long. The rest parts of the vehicle. N gets damaged, too, if an accident occurs.

Can you change the front bumper yourself?

Dented and rusty bumper can ruin the complete appearance of your vehicle. Getting a professional to do the work would cost you about $1000 but doing it yourself could save you about $500 and above. And this doesn’t require much time.

Can duct tape grip my bumper?

You can use duct tape for patching the bumper for some time .but you can only do this if it’s safe for driving. This should be temporary. Damaged bumpers can lead to critical road obstacles.

What type of plastic is my bumper?

They are known as polycarbonate. They are like polypropylene; they are resistance to impact, which is most times used for headlight lenses and road bumpers.

Will flex tape grip my bumper?

Yes, flex tape is a very strong tape that could be used during emergency repairs. You can use the flex tap when the bumper is broken till you get to the technician’s shop. And it can also be used to repair RVs, boats, and campers. You can also use it to patch proofs with large holes.

Final Thoughts

The cost of replacing a bumper varies, but at least you will get it done for around $1000 for both labor and parts. You will also save money on labor costs if you decide to do the job yourself; you’ll be saving yourself about $500 on the cost of labor.

You can also get information online on the best method to carry this out without having to spend a fortune to replace the bumper of your Honda Accord.

Apart from carrying out this task by yourself, you will still need to consider the original cost for replacing the bumper, regardless of whether it is color coded when purchased or if you have to spray paint to match your vehicle color, as this would also require not only the cost but also the time to carry this out efficiently.

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