Honda Odyssey Doors Won’t Close (Causes & Solutions)

When they function correctly, the sliding vehicle doors of the Honda Odyssey are a fantastic feature! Nobody likes getting stranded inside or outside their automobile, but that’s precisely what may happen if the Honda Odyssey door becomes stuck.

You could encounter a tricky situation when the automobile door won’t shut. Leaving your automobile unattended in the parking garage without shutting the door isn’t something you should do.

What, then, should you do if the door on the Honda Odyssey won’t shut? Don’t worry; this article contains all the solutions.

Why Won’t my Honda Odyssey Doors Close?

Families and drivers that are seeking a roomy vehicle with lots of seats & storage space frequently choose the Honda Odyssey. Part of the features of the Odyssey that parents adore is its sliding doors.

Even though it isn’t exactly a minivan, it has enough room for you to easily transport your groceries, children in pushchairs, and even the family dog.

The Honda Odyssey’s sliding doors could be a highly regarded feature and the basis for the model’s appeal. However, sliding doors seem to be the biggest source of frustration for Honda owners.

Sliding doors seem to be a fantastic feature when they operate properly. Passengers have greater room to move around when entering and exiting a vehicle whenever a door is opened in this manner, and they’re unquestionably more attractive to observe than a typical door on its hinge.

Honda owners may not understand what is happening or whether they will properly close their automobile doors once more if the sliding doors fail.

Sliding automobile doors are an excellent idea when they function. Here is a list of potential causes if you discover the Honda Odyssey isn’t closing completely and you’re not sure why:

  • The rubber rail bumper is harmed or missing.
  • An electrical problem might exist.
  • It’s necessary to clean the sensors.
  • Its toggle switch isn’t turned on, which keeps its doors from shutting.

Unfortunately, Honda Odyssey automobile sliding door problems are fairly frequent. The door control controls may not be functioning properly for some drivers, or they may struggle to close their doors manually.

In other instances, Honda owners discover that the door doesn’t stay shut. When using the switch or the handle manually, the door would occasionally only close partially, and other times, it won’t shut. By reading on, learn how to fix these issues and keep the Honda Odysseys’ door closed.

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How to Fix Honda Odyssey Doors That Won’t Close

Honda Odyssey Doors Wont Close
Typical to the Honda Odyssey are sliding doors. They are a useful component to have when they function properly. However, you might begin wishing the car had more conventional doors immediately after they get stuck, particularly when they’re open.

Don’t worry too much; most time, a broken door of your Honda Odyssey can be fixed easily enough. Additionally, you are not required to have the car serviced by a professional.

The method we’ll use to diagnose your car will vary depending on how old it is.

Odysseys were Created From 1999 – 2011

Two potential problems could make your sliding door remain open in an Odyssey manufactured between 1999 and 2011.

It’s really simple to check the 1st of them. You intend to sit in the 2nd row of your car when you get inside. The interior handles of the sliding doors on both sides should be visible. For the majority of Odysseys built during the aforementioned period, this is close to where your seatbelts are.

Furthermore, you are not obliged to hire a pro to service the vehicle.

Based on how old your car is, we’ll use a different technique to diagnose it.

Odysseys Produced Between 1999 and 2011

In an Odyssey produced between 1999 and 2011, the sliding door may hang open due to one of two probable issues.

The first of them may be checked very easily. You plan to sit in the second row when you enter your car. Both of the doors’ inside handles need to be visible. This is close to the location of the seatbelts on the vast majority of Odysseys constructed during the aforementioned time. Between its rail & the entrance, there needs to be a rubber bumper.

Missing one? That is not unusual. This rubber bumper on many Odysseys will eventually dry out and become brittle. Its bumper ultimately ends up slipping off, frequently without your knowledge. You only become aware of an issue when the sliding door refuses to close.

You can replace the rubber bumper at your house for a reasonable price. Here is a genuine Honda replacement rubber bumper that can be found on Amazon. Any Odyssey made between 1999 & 2004 will fit.

Use the driver-control button to partially open the sliding door while pulling your new bumper. Place your bumper against the rail with the edge of the hook next to the rail. It’s bumper ought to fit easily. Of course, you must be capable of opening your door with the door handle if you try it.

Odysseys Made Since 2011

The previous instructions might not work if you own a more recent Honda Odyssey to fix the damaged sliding door. Yet, there’s a technique you may attempt that might quickly restore the sliding door to full functionality.

Its toggle switch is located on its steering wheel. Sit in the driver’s seat and find it. By its steering wheel button, there should be a toggle. Check your owner’s handbook or get in touch with your dealership if you can’t find the right toggle.

The bumper should simply fit. If you try it, you must be able to use your door handle to open it.

Odysseys produced after 2011

If you want to repair the broken sliding door on the Honda Odyssey that is more contemporary, the previous procedures might not be applicable. However, there is a method you may try that might rapidly get your sliding door back to working properly.

On the steering wheel is where you’ll find the toggle switch. Find it when seated in the driver’s seat. A toggle should be located next to the steering wheel button. If you can’t find the correct toggle, check your owner’s manual or get in touch with your dealership.

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Additional Issues With Your Honda Odyssey Sliding Doors & Solutions

What if the Odyssey’s sliding doors function flawlessly?

Generally speaking, yes, but do you still experience additional problems? It occurs, and many of these issues are simple to fix. Here are a few of the best Honda Odyssey troubleshooting steps to take.

Sliding door shuts before opening

The door on your Odyssey may close completely before opening again as the first issue. Never much, maybe a quarter of an inch or perhaps more.

You still don’t feel secure keeping your door open as anyone could enter it since it is technically unlocked. Depending on the model of your Odyssey, your door might continue to beep, and you might also notice A “door open” indication or light on its dashboard.

Here is what we advise. The master control on the dashboard needs to be turned off first. You should then manually open all of your doors. First, examine both door pillars as well as the door connections, then use rubbing alcohol to clean them.

Look at its back door button, which ought to have rubber parts. Put these back in their normal position if they are out of place. You could even need to buy new rubber components. You should now open the door and flip on its master switch. Try closing your door while the dashboard closing switch is on to see if it stays closed. If not, a professional should be consulted because it might be a fuse problem.

The Sliding Door Does Not Close Properly

You want you could simply close the door to your Odyssey, but you are unable to. Try the strategies we discussed in this post if its door closes nearly all the way, but anything prevents it from shutting entirely.

Reset manually if none of the solutions work. The automobile battery needs to be unplugged first. Push its doors shut after that. Attach the positive battery terminal first, then the negative one. Battery reset by doing this.

Turn the Odyssey on from the driver’s side. First, make sure the toggle switch is off by finding it and checking it briefly. You may then push it to put it back on. The switch by its steering column that we previously discussed is this one.

Go ahead and locate the two power sliding door buttons that should be there. As the Odyssey’s doors close, apply pressure to these and keep them there. It’s possible that the doors won’t move, in which circumstance you should reset its switch & try again. After then, the doors ought to shut completely.

There is no latch on the manual sliding door

The lock on the manual sliding door of your Odyssey is currently broken. This can be caused by either the sensors needing to be cleaned or the fuse needing to reset. You might wish to bring the car in since your mechanic can handle both.

If you decide to do it yourself, the 13th fuse is located in the passenger-side fuse box. This ought to be the fourth fuse in the top row. Depending on the Odyssey model, the fuse might state “clock reset.” It can be reset by unplugging the fuse for about 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.

The Odyssey’s sensors are situated both on the door as well as the body of the vehicle, albeit this again depends on the brand or model. Even after cleaning the sensors, some Odyssey drivers said they were unable to make their latch function, but a mechanic was able to. So you should bear that in mind as you move forward.

A stuck door latch

Another problem that could affect the door latch on your Odyssey is a stuck latch.

A blocked latch can be opened with a screwdriver, but changing the closer motor assembly is far preferable. This part has a fresh latch and a motor. It might also be necessary to visit the mechanic.

Honda Odyssey Doors Wont Close

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my automated door shut?

Customers standing near the automated sliding door and not moving could indicate a faulty sensor. Nevertheless, you should check the power supply first. The door could also not operate due to a blown a fuse or burst circuit.

Can a Honda Odyssey door be manually shut?

The sliding doors can be opened or closed manually. First, the MAIN switch needs to be turned off. Pull the doorknob on the inside or outside of the door to open it.

How do you restart a Honda Odyssey’s motorized sliding door?

When the battery is reconnected, and the power sliding doors are shut, the system will automatically reset itself. Consult a Honda dealer to examine your car if the power sliding doors still don’t work properly after being reset.

Are Honda Odyssey sliding doors subject to a recall?

324,194 Odyssey minivans from the 2018–2020 model years are included in the power sliding door recall. Honda will let the owners of the impacted cars know. On September 23, 2020, both recalls were anticipated to start.

What is the cost of repairing a sliding door on a Honda Odyssey?

A replacement motor sliding door typically costs between $850 and $1,000. The sliding door replacement parts make up most of the cost. The mechanic must locate auto parts specific to the year, brand, and make of your vehicle. The parts often cost $807 on average.

Why won’t my power door operate?

A door sensor or switch issue is more likely if only one door is malfunctioning. If this is the case, you should have your car inspected by a mechanic. Your doors might not open if they are entirely closed due to a blown a fuse.

How much does a car door fuse replacement cost?

The majority of fuses are about $10 to $20, but if you want a professional to change it for you, you’ll also need to pay for labor. Call the office to get a repair estimate because labor rates might range from $65 to $100 per hour, depending on the company you visit.

What are the signs that a fuse has blown?

Take the fuse out of the holder. The fuse holder cap may occasionally need to be unscrewed using a tiny screwdriver. Examine the fuse wire. The fuse must be replaced if there is a clear gap in the wire or a dark or metallic stain inside the glass.

Final Thoughts

A dependable car with outstanding amenities like sliding doors is the Honda Odyssey. Your doors could stop working for a straightforward reason, such as a switch set incorrectly or a piece of rubber that has come loose.

Performing more complex troubleshooting, such as resetting fuses and batteries, may be necessary to address other problems with the door, like when it gets partially stuck, or the latches stop operating. Always be aware that you can see a technician if any Odyssey repair is beyond your scope of expertise.

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