How Long Does It Take To Tint a Car?

Before taking up the challenge to tint your car, you need to consider some important questions and details. These details might seem little and simple, but they are not irrelevant.

They may include: how long does it take to tint a car? How long to wait after tinting windows to roll them down, what to do after tinting car windows, how to speed up window drying, and many others.

If you want to tint your car or give it to a specialist to handle it, you might as well read through this article to know how long it takes to tint a car and get answers to other questions you might have.

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Factors Affecting How Long It Takes to Tint a Car

How Long Does It Take To Tint a Car

A lot of people considering tinting their vehicle’s windows for the very first time are always curious about finding out the time it will take.

Since so many factors are involved, it’s difficult to give a definite answer. Here are a few.

1. How Many Windows Are Being Tinted

More work requires more time. If you want your vehicle’s windows to be tinted, you need to know the total number of windows and those that need tinting.

If it’s a four-door sedan car, it will take 1 to 2 hours to have all the windows tinted, while minivans and SUVs may take 4 hours or much longer to tint all the windows.

Smaller cars with larger windows or smaller rooms that won’t contain the installers take much longer to have their windows tinted.

2. The Windows Are Already Tinted

If your car windows are tinted, and you want to replace damaged tinting film or switch to an entirely different tint range, it will take more time to get the new film in place.

This is because the installers first have to scrape off the former tint, clean up the glass thoroughly to remove all residues and allow the glass to dry before applying a new tint.

It will take longer to complete the process depending on how many windows need old tint changed and how old the tint is.

3. The Time of Year

Another significant factor that can influence the duration of window tinting, even if you are working in an enclosed workshop, is the time of the year.

The fairest seasons for tinting your windows are generally autumn and spring. The reason has been that there are milder temperatures and lower humidity during these seasons.

High temperature may not be a problem if you are tinting your windows, but high humidity is a problem. Low temperatures increase curing time.

For newly applied window tints, there are mainly two factors to curing time:

  • Some curing time as soon as you are done applying the film. This means you shouldn’t drive for a few minutes after the application is made.
  • Give out 2 to 3 days for the tint film to cure. During this period, you can take a drive, but any window that has been tinted shouldn’t be opened.

Cold weather increases both curing times, which means it will take longer for you to drive your vehicle, and you can only open your windows after three days or more.

This will not affect you in any way if you need to tint the windows in the middle of winter or summer; you just have to create extra time to be able to complete the installation.

4. How Curved Are Your Windows?

Window tint takes the shape of the vehicle windows, the same way the vehicle windows are curved. Tinting a curved window is referred to as shrinking.

It is achieved by using heat guns to get the sides of the film heated and shaped to the window glass. More glass curves will result in more shrinking, which means additional time.

A few examples of windows that take a long time to shrink include the Tesla Model X windshield, most Corvettes, Tesla Model 3 rear windows, VW Bug, Camaro’s, and Trans Am.

5. How Many Tinters Are Working On Your Car?

One tinter can get a job done alone, just the same way so many tinters can work together to get it done. Either isn’t a bad idea, but more tinters mean a shorter time to finish the work.

6. The Pace of the Window Film Installer

Being fast or slow doesn’t mean being good or bad (if you are not in a hurry). There are experts in installation with profitable working experience that will take only a short time to tint a vehicle, others 45 minutes. Time does not measure quality.

But experienced tinter will tint a normal four-door sedan in 1 -3 hours, but it might take 4-5 hours if the windows are larger or if the windows are more than what’s expected.

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How Long Does It Take To Tint Car Yourself?

How Long Does It Take To Tint a Car

The time it takes most people to tint their cars by themselves is much longer compared to the time it will take an expert. It can sometimes take 3 to 4 hours to complete tinting an entire car yourself.

Here are some pros and cons of DIY vs. Tinting in an experienced workshop

For DIY, your vehicle’s windows can be tinted by putting a pre-cut film from a window tint kit for the total number of windows and windshield at the back too.

You can do that with a heat gun, don’t be in haste. Select the one suitable for your type of car and have your windows tinted yourself.

Unlike professional tinting, they are not quite expensive, and for some, you get the preference to choose your car type so that a tint set that suits your window well can be sent to you.

If you desire a nice job with quality tint film that fits your windows well, you can get a nice tinting service company to handle the job.

How Long Does It Take To Tint a Pair of Front Doors?

It will take less than 45 minutes to tint the front doors set. For sedans, 1.5 to 2 hours. SUVs and CUVs take a longer time.

If you need to get rid of any adhesive, you will need an additional 30 minutes for the tinting.

Drying Time for Ceramic Tint

Due to the heavy coating of ceramic tints, it will take between 4-10 weeks to dry. But, these types are considered the best at deterring heat from getting into the car than any other material will do.

Ceramic tints are the best and the most effective but are also very expensive. Using ceramic tints for all the windows will cost between $500 to $600.

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Is Tinting Your Car Windows Difficult?

It’s not a difficult task to tint car windows, but you sure need some skill and research.

Tinting in a professional way can be done very fast most times, but if you are doing it for the first time, it could take 4 hours to get it done correctly.

If you are patient enough, you are one step closer to achieving a nice job.

The next is to do extensive research on how to perfect the job, get the film to the shape of the glass, guarantee it is a high-quality film, and methods to avoid bubbles collection.

How Do You Know if the Window Tint Is Dry?

How Long Does It Take To Tint a Car

When the haziness diminishes, the tint gets dry, but you should allow it for another day.

During the process, the windows are foggy and hazy since water evaporates between the film and the window. It will take 1-2 days before it clears up from the evaporation through your window.

How Long to Wait After Tinting Windows to Roll Them Down?

Tinters always ask, “can windows be rolled down after tinting?” Generally, after the air bubbles have dispersed, you can roll them down.

It will take 2 -4 days for the bubbles to disperse in normal bright conditions, but in winter seasons, it takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Rolling down windows without allowing the water to disperse may cause the adhesive to bubble.

What Can Be Done to Speed up the Drying Time of Window Tint?

Below are some tips that can help speed up drying time:

  1. During installation, remove enough water by using a handled squeegee. Less water means less time for the tint to dry.
  2. If your windows are tinted in winter, your car should be kept in the parking lot at a milder temperature, and when the weather is cozy and sunny, take it outside.
  3. Your car windows should face the direction of the sun when it’s cloudy, or you keep them off shelters.
  4. Reduce the time meant for washing the car. You can wash your car if the tint is applied on the inside and not outside; however, let it be at the lowest. More water create high humidity and extends drying time.
  5. Appoint professional installers and make use of only quality equipment. Check Yelp and also Google reviews to ensure they aren’t tricky. A well-trained installer will perform the task correctly; the tint gets dry and won’t need a replacement too soon.

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What to Do After Tinting Car Windows

Don’t clean your windows immediately after tinting. You have to wait for some days before doing so. You don’t want to rip off the tint before it gets dried.

We advise you to use a none ammonia cleaner and soft paper towels to clean the windows after tinting.

How to Tint a Car

Check out this video to tips and steps on how to tint a car

Frequently Asked Questions – How Long Does It Take To Tint a Car?

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Roll Down Windows After Tint?

After tinting your car windows, you should wait at least one day before rolling them down. This enables the tint film to cling to the glass before moving the window.

What Happens if I Roll My Window Down After Tint?

It takes time for the adhesive which holds the film to dry, and unless they do, friction resulting from rolling windows down could peel off tinted film from the glass.

Does the Car Tint Get Darker as It Dries?

Your car tint may look darker as it becomes dry but not visibly darker. If you want to go darker, you should get a darker tint.

Does Tint Cure Faster in Hot Weather?

During the summer, high temperatures lead to a shorter tint curing time, which is good. On the contrary, high levels of humidity make installation difficult. In winter, installing your car window tint is a problem since the low temperature makes curing time longer.

Can I Use My Windshield Wipers After Tint?

Yes, you can use your wipers after tinting as long as the films are installed on the outside, not on the inside. Don’t use any form of abrasives on the windows after tinting for at least 4 days, so you don’t end up scraping the film off.

Should I Wash My Car Before Tinting the Windows?

Cleaning up your windows thoroughly is very necessary for all window tinting. You can call for a professional to have them cleaned, or you can scrub them yourself. This will allow the tint to stay in place with no bubbles.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Tint a Car?

The time it takes to tint a car varies. It depends on the car’s make and model. A complete automobile takes about 2-4 hours to tint. Front doors set won’t take up to an hour, at least between 30-45 minutes. Full-sized trucks usually take between 1 to 2 hours.

We hope this post was of help to you. Please feel free to check out our other blog articles if you want to get more tips for preventing car troubles!

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