How Much Does It Cost to Fix Reduced Engine Power?

How much does it cost to fix reduced engine power? This is a question you might ask if you saw the reduced engine power or engine power reduced message on your vehicle.

Various impaired car sensors and/or components can cause reduced engine power on your vehicle. A diagnostic analysis to determine the faulty parts must be done first before any repairs because the component that needs repair will determine the repair cost.

You will need about $80 to $90 to carry out the test. Fixing a reduced engine power will cost an average of $100-$600.

As you read further, you will get a detailed answer to your question of How much does it cost to fix reduced engine power? You will also learn about the various factors and damages that triggered the reduced engine power message, how to fix them yourself, how to avoid them, and lots more.

Some common causes of the Reduced Engine Power Light include:

  • Loose clamp, wire, or harness.
  • Failed oxygen sensors.
  • Faulty throttle position sensor.
  • A clogged catalytic converter.

The factors listed above are not major maintenance or repairs except for the catalytic converter. With the cost of labor and parts inclusive, you can pay about $100 to $500 to restore your engine to an excellent state.

However, an issue with the catalytic converter can cost about $2,000. You can only decipher your vehicle’s problem if you visit a mechanic workshop. Don’t procrastinate; if you notice an issue, get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid more expensive repairs.

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Reduced Engine Power Warning Meaning

When the Reduced Engine Power warning comes up on your dash, it indicates that your vehicle is not performing as efficiently as it should. When this System failure is detected by the PCM, it sends a signal to illuminate the reduced engine power message. Alongside the warning signals, the engine’s may performance will be limited.

The power reduction can hinder the car from shifting and also prevent acceleration. In severe cases, the PCM will restrict gas to the engine, which will prevent your vehicle from running.

This system is referred to as the fail-safe mode by some people.

However, it can also be called the limp mode, and this is because the signal allows you to drive back home without creating more harm to the transmission or engine.

Causes of Reduced Engine Power Warning

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Reduced Engine Power

The causes of engine power reduction warnings include a faulty throttle body, faulty oxygen sensor, or a MAF sensor. If the connection to these sensors is loose, it can as well be the cause. You can also blame a blocked catalytic converter.

Meanwhile, various factors are responsible for the engine power reduction warning; therefore, replacement of faulty parts should not be done based on assumptions.

Scanning the trouble codes with an OBD2 scanner is the most secure and easiest way to identify the cause of an Engine power Reduction warning message. When the alert pops up, there is a stored trouble code in the system. You can save money by doing this rather than replacing parts that are not faulty.

Other factors that can result in the engine power reduction warning coming on include:

1. Loose Connection

All the major parts in your car are bound with wires. When there is a loose end or a particular wire is bad, the engine activates a fail-safe mode. This issue can also occur if the ground wire is not well secured or there is a loose clamp.

It is simple to fix a loose wire; although it could be difficult to locate, you may have to carry out a full system inspection before it can be detected.

2. Defective Oxygen Sensor

The major role of an oxygen sensor is to measure the amount of oxygen that leaves the system as exhaust gas. If the amount of oxygen released is too little or too plenty, the ECU will balance performance by adjusting the fuel-air ratio.

However, if the sensor is defective, the information sent to the system computer will be incorrect, and this causes unnecessary adjustments. This issue creates an air-fuel mixture imbalance, and not only does it cause engine problems and poor performance, but it also triggers Engine Power Reduction Alert.

2. Throttle Body Issues

These warnings can also come up due to a faulty part of the throttle’s body. Primarily, a butterfly valve allows the flow of air into an engine. If this valve gets broken, the rate of airflow will be distorted.

There could also be a build-up of carbon around the valve, and this may affect its operations. If the engine lacks the appropriate amount of air, it could lead to a sputter and misfire while displaying alerts on the dash.

Close to the butterfly valve is a throttle position sensor that has to function properly to enable free air movement. The sensor reads the gas pedal position and sends a signal to your computer to keep the butterfly valve open. However, the valve may not get the correct information if you have a faulty sensor, and this will lead to air constriction.

3. Malfunctioning ECU

The brain behind all the operations is the Engine Control Unit. The entire sensors communicate all the information with the Engine Control unit to enable proper adjustments. If the fuel-air mixture is incorrect, the ECU probably altered it for excellent performance.

However, if the ECU begins to fail, various issues may tend to occur. You may start to observe poor performance from the engine.

4. Failing Mass Airflow Sensor

The sensor for mass airflow can be found between the engine air filter and intake manifold. Its major function is to determine the density and pressure of air in the engine.

Immediately after these measurements, the data is transferred to the Engine Control Unit so that the appropriate fuel ratio can be involved. When the Mass Airflow sensor fails, incorrect information is sent, which creates an improper ratio causing illumination of the warning lights.

5. Clogged Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter can be found after the exhaust manifold. The main role of this component is converting hazardous exhaust fumes to less toxic contaminants. If your engine is not functioning correctly or getting older, the catalytic converter can get clogged.

When this occurs, your vehicle will fail the emission test, and you will also experience some problems with the engine performance. It may not necessarily illuminate the Engine Power Reduction warning lights, but at a bare minimum, you can anticipate the illumination of the Check Engine Light.

6. Transmission Failure

Issues linked to the transmission can be frustrating and challenging to deal with. If your transmission drops or the fluid gets low, there may be a display of a few error codes.

Meanwhile, people may not think a reduced engine power is connected to the transmissions; there is a fuse between the two systems. If the other factors are not why your vehicle fails to start, you may want to consider the transmission.

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How to Fix Reduced Engine Power

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Reduced Engine Power

You could fix your car’s engine power reduction by yourself at home if you think you can do it comfortably.

If the “Reduced Engine Power” illuminates, the vehicle has some issues with a particular component. However, it could mean that the ECU is triggered by either a harness, connector, or circuit.

You begin by checking your battery to be sure it’s connected properly. If it is not, it could lead to a reduction in the engine power. A faulty ground connection to an engine can also be blamed because currents and voltage drops will impact your engine.

First, you have to turn your ignition off, take off the connector and check for corrosion or dirt; gently pull the wires and inspect for any loose wires or connections.

If you can not fix the issues yourself, visit the nearest trusted mechanic. At the repair shop, the mechanic should be able to detect the exact issue by using modern digital scanning devices. He should be able to explain the problem to you and give you an average cost of repairs.

How to Reset Reduced Engine Power Light

If you are wondering how you can reset the Reduced Engine Power light in your car, don’t bother to look for a nearby button or a magical wand in the glove section because they do not exist.

The dashboard message can only be removed by identifying the cause of the problem and getting it fixed by either your mechanic or yourself.

Until the issue is fixed, the “Check Engine Light” and the “Reduced Engine Power” message will remain on your dashboard as a reminder any time you get into your vehicle.

Check out this video for more tips on how to fix the reduced engine power light

Frequently Asked Questions – How Much Does It Cost to Fix Reduced Engine Power?

Can engine power reduced fix itself?

Like your vehicle’s check engine light, you can’t reset the engine power reduction message with a switch flip or push of a button. To turn off the warning, you must fix the underlying problem that triggered it.

What would cause reduced engine power?

An engine power reduction warning light indicates that air or/and fuel flow into the engine has been tampered with. It only comes on if your vehicle needs repair or maintenance, and it does not mean your car will stop functioning; it could also be an excellent time for a change of oil.

Can I drive with reduced engine power?

The reduced power cause will determine this. Most times, the issues are minor. In a few cases, reduced power can instigate severe issues like a ceased engine or an electrical fire outbreak.

Can bad spark plugs cause reduced engine power?

Bad spark plugs cause many problems like reduced engine power, low fuel economy, and increased exhaust emissions. One misfired spark plug could lead to the dumping of excess raw fuel in the exhaust, which could lead to overheating, causing the catalytic converter to get damaged.

How do I fix the reduced engine power on a Chevy Silverado?

A bad throttle position sensor is the primary reason a Chevy Silverado will experience reduced power. The sensor, wiring harness, and connector will need a replacement to fix the problem.

What is reduced engine power on a Chevy truck?

A bad throttle body may be why your truck sometimes loses its capacity to accelerate and send signals of reduced engine power. Although not common, this problem can hinder your engine’s capacity and lead to your car losing power randomly.

Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost to Fix Reduced Engine Power?

On average, it costs about $100-$600 to fix reduced engine power. This repair cost varies and depends on the components that need repair. The mechanic’s first step will be determining the cause of the problem. This diagnostic analysis will take about an hour or half-hour.

We hope this article has given you the answers you need. Check out other blog articles here if you want to get more tips for car repair and preventing car troubles!

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