How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key (Expert Guide)

Bypassing the Ford PATS system can be used as a temporary way to get into your car if your key is missing. It is not difficult to bypass the Ford PATS system if you know about PATS and its operating system.

This article explains how to bypass Ford PATS system without key, new key programming, how the Ford PATS system can be disabled, common signs of a faulty PATS, and lots more.

Continue reading to find out how to bypass Ford PATS system without key.

What Is Ford PATS?

In Ford cars, a PATS system means a Passive Anti Theft System. The main purpose of this system is to prevent Ford cars from being stolen.

The Ford PATS system was developed in 1996, and since then, many Ford cars have integrated the PATS into the cars.

However, PATS is not in all Ford models before 1996.

When you insert the original or first Ford key in your vehicle, a message is sent to the vehicle by PATS.

The system can detect if you insert another key apart from the original key. It differentiates the fake keys from the original.

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How Does Ford PATS Work?

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key

A Ford key has an RFID chip in it. There is communication between this chip and the transponder inside the steering column of your Ford car. Each Ford car has a unique RFID code.

PATS can also be known as Ford Securilock. After inserting your key in the ignition, a theft light comes up for a moment, and PATS gets activated.

The fuel pumps and injections are powered by the PCM, while the PATS controls the detection of fake keys.

Only original keys have an RFID chip, so if a fake key is inserted, there won’t be communication between the transponder and the RFID chip.

This enables the system to know you are using a fake key, and the car won’t start.

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key

You have an idea of how the Ford PATS operates now, so without a key, you will need the RFID chip from an original key to bypass the PATS system.

Likewise, your vehicle won’t start without a signal from the chip.

Original keys are often referred to as the chip key or transponder key. If you don’t own an original key, the RFID chip from the key is all you need.

There will be a need to produce chip key copies to fit into the ignition.

Tools that will help you do the job include:

  • New Keys- The new one has to have the same shape and size as the original key.
  • Flathead screwdriver- This will help you to remove the chip from the original key.
  • Tape- This will help keep the chip near the ignition.

It is important to know that bypassing the PATS system in Ford is not a permanent solution; the security of your vehicle is not guaranteed.

Ensure to get a chip key immediately to protect your vehicle from thieves. The following steps will help you bypass the Ford PATS system:

Step 1: Cut the New Keys

Take the key to an expert and make sure to cut the new key in the shape and size of the chip key with the same match.

If the key fits perfectly into the ignition, the system will be tricked into believing you are using the original key.

Fitting perfectly without the chip won’t start the car. You will need a screwdriver at this point.

Step 2: Remove the Transponder

Bypassing the PATS system is set if you get the chip and a look-alike key.

Everything will be ready if you can remove the chip from the chip key without causing damage. These steps will guide you on how to remove the RFID chip from the original key:

  1. There is a black square on top of the original key; using a flat screwdriver, open it.
  2. Apply less pressure to prevent damage to the chip.
  3. Remove the transponder.

You can bypass the security once you get the transponder.

Step 3: Bypass PATS

If you have the transponder and a new key that matches the chip key, bypassing the PATS security becomes easier using the steps below:

  1. Place the transponder very close to your ignition to help the vehicle read the transponder.
  2. Insert your new key and ignite the vehicle.
  3. You may have to try multiple times before you know the right position to put the transponder for easy reading.
  4. After identifying the right spot, use tape to fit the chip on your ignition.

Congratulations, you have bypassed the PATS security, which can be done anytime you want. The bad news is that anyone with a matching key can hijack your vehicle if the transponder is left in the ignition.

Check out this video for more tips on how to bypass Ford PATS system

Advantages of Bypassing Ford PATS

When you bypass your Ford PATS, the major advantage is the ability to drive your vehicle.

If you can bypass the PATS security by yourself, there are other advantages you will gain, and they include:

1. Cost Savings

It will cost about $80 to $200 to get a new chip key and program it. But with a small amount, you can easily bypass PATS and drive your vehicle.

2. Easy Process

The bypassing process does not require a lot of knowledge of vehicle parts. The knowledge from this article is enough to guide you.

Disadvantages of Bypassing Ford PATS

Bypassing the PATS system has some disadvantages, and they include:

1. Compromises Security

Your vehicle is at a higher risk of theft when you bypass the Ford PATS. Once you eliminate the need for a chip key, your vehicle can be stolen by anyone that has a matching key.

2. Temporary Fix

When you bypass the PATS, it does not permanently solve the issue of car robbery. It can only be used as an emergency solution. Make sure to buy a new chip key immediately if you can afford it and avoid car theft.

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How to Disable the Ford PATS System?

The security compromise gets higher when you disable the PATS and is not advisable. However, if you want to do it, the PATS can be disabled using the following steps:

Wrap Wire Around the Key

Use a standard wire to wrap the key round and hold it tight with tape. Key with a transponder to enable communication with the Ford PATS module will be needed.

Connect to the Module

The PATS system is located at the back of the steering wheel in most Ford cars. You can access it easily and find the wire that links to your ignition.

That particular wire powers the chip and sends signs to the Ford PATS to ignite the vehicle.

Fix the Wiring

At this point, the Ford PATS has been disarmed. It will look sketchy if you decide to drive with the disabled wire. Ensure the wires are fixed to look normal as if nothing happened to avoid questions by cops when pulled over.

Signs of a Failed PATS Module

Inability to know why your car is not starting can be frustrating. The issue can either be from the ignition or the PATS system.

If you can not detect a failed Ford PATS module, you will need to learn that first.

A failed PATS has the following signs:

1. Flashing Theft Light

If you insert an unrecognized key in the car, there will be continuous blinking of the theft light.

When this happens, you can program your key and start the vehicle. When the PATS module fails, the major signal is the theft light flashing.

When you insert a key designed for the car, the flashing will cease, and it will remain solid for some seconds. Then, the theft light will disappear and only flash again when the key is removed.

2. The Engine Doesn’t Crank

You can confirm the PATS has failed if the blinking theft light doesn’t accompany engine cranks. In most cases, the PATS has failed, and the vehicle won’t start yet the Engine will crank.

3. Stalling Engine

When you notice your engine stalls for 1 or 2 seconds after starting your vehicle, the PATS could be having an issue.

If your vehicle can start by solving or going around the PATS, then your car has no mechanical issue.

How to Reset Ford PATS Module

You can easily reset the Ford PATS if you know the right steps to follow. This can be accomplished by not going into the car or starting the ignition. Follow the steps below to reset your Ford PATS;

  1. Place your key into the door by the driver’s side.
  2. Rotate the key halfway, don’t turn it fully to open the door.
  3. Maintain that position for 50 to 60 seconds.
  4. Rotate the key in the opposite direction.
  5. Keep the same position for 50 to 60 seconds.
  6. Remove the key, enter your vehicle and start your Engine.

After this process, your PATS has successfully reset. Always remember the Ford PATS module works with timing; it may not work if the timing is not followed accordingly.

How To Reprogram My Ford PATS Key

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key

If you misplace a key or want to have a spare key, PATS keys programming is necessary. But, only two keys can be programmed at once.

Therefore, make sure to have a spare in case of emergency before you program a new PAT key.

Steps To Program New PATS Keys;

  1. To complete this program, 2 original keys are needed. Contact a dealer, and get a new key that is cut into the same size and shape as the original key.
  2. Place 1 of the original keys in the ignition.
  3. Switch on the ignition for 3 seconds, and switch it off.
  4. After 10 seconds, take out the first key and put the second original key.
  5. Switch on for 3 seconds, and switch it off.
  6. After 10 seconds, put the new key and switch it on for 3 seconds, then switch it off.
  7. Immediately after you complete the programming, the theft light will flash for 3 seconds on the dashboard.
  8. You can follow the same steps for extra keys.

Note: Before you start programming, ensure your vehicle’s computer transponder is compatible with the new key. Also, ensure the key is completely blank to prevent failed programming.

Ford PATS System Not Detecting My Key

It can be frustrating if you cannot easily lock or unlock your vehicle. Worry no more; it is very easy to go about it.

The Reasons your car may not be able to identify your key fob includes:

  • Dead batteries in the remote
  • Broken key fob or change in the programming.
  • Low vehicle battery
  • Faulty keyless operation.

If the battery of the key fob is low, replace it with and new battery, and check if it will work. If it fails to work, start your car or open the door with a spare key.

Better still, use a physical backup key. But, modern models that have a push-to-start button do not require a physical key.

In this case, find a hidden slot close to the steering column, then use a key to press the start button.

When there is an emergency, your vehicle may be able to identify the dead key fob. You may just need to warm the key up because the chip is sensitive to extreme weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key

Can You Disable PATS?

Yes, you can disable PATS. There is no need to hire professionals to bypass PATS; you can do it yourself as well. You only need a transponder key to trick the system into believing no robbery action is taking place.

How Do I Override My Anti-theft System?

Insert the key into your vehicle door, turn it, but do not release it. Maintain the position for about 20-30 seconds. By doing this, the system is aware that you are with the right key, and you can bypass the theft alarm system. Other Ford cars recognize the correct key if you simply turn the key in the vehicle door back and forth.

How Do You Know if Your Car Is in Anti-theft Mode?

If your try starting your vehicle and the anti-theft or security light keeps flashing, there is no crank from the Engine, and the car refuses to start, you should know there is an anti-theft issue. This may be due to the failure of the system to recognize your keyless entry or key, or something may be wrong with the wiring, keyless entry system, or anti-theft module.

Do all Ford vehicles have PATS?

The majority of the Ford cars produced after 1996 have a PATS system. Although most Ford cars running have a PATS system, the PATS system is not in all Ford cars.

Is PATS a reliable security system?

The PATS system is an advanced technology that secures vehicles against theft. Over 18 million codes exist, but the PATS system knows the right one. Without a single doubt, it can be very reliable for your vehicle.

Can I add an anti-theft system to my Ford vehicles?

Yes, you can install an anti-theft in your vehicle if it doesn’t have a security system. The cost of installation ranges from $100 to $300, but it cannot be the same as the ones Ford installs.

Which Ford vehicles are most commonly stolen?

The Ford car that is easy to steal is the Ford Mustang, and its resell value is high. Therefore, you should consider having a PATS system if you have a Ford Mustang.

Conclusion – How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key

You now know the steps of bypassing a Ford PATS system with no keys. The PATS system is an excellent security measure against car theft and is of great help to many vehicle owners.

We hope the article has given you an understanding of the PATS system, its working principles, and how to disable and reset it.

If you have any challenges or questions, do well to leave a comment in the comment section.

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