How to Bypass Security on 1998 Chevy Truck (Step by Step)

Do you want to know How to bypass security on 1998 Chevy truck? If yes, you are on the right page.

You’ll understand that finding replacement parts for your car can be very challenging if you are a ’98 Chevy truck owner. However, you may observe that the vehicle’s security has, over time, been improved, and it is harder for car hackers to gain access these days.

This blog article will examine some of our special hacking tips, which indicate how your life could get easier by bypassing your old truck’s security.

How to Bypass Security on 1998 Chevy Truck

The battery should be disconnected for 3 minutes, and then the cable should be held together. The following should be done after reconnecting the battery.

The car’s ignition key should be briefly rotated to the position of CRANK (ensure you don’t start the car), then it should be released to RUN (ensure you don’t key off during the process). Then wait for 10 minutes. Check the security indicator. Look up the subsequent list to know the suitable responses:

  • If the car’s passlock sensor has been changed, the security light will illuminate for 10 minutes
  • If the module of EVO/passlockTM has been changed, this security indicator gets illuminated for some seconds and, for the remaining duration of 10 minutes, will remain on.
  • If the car’s VCM/PCM has been replaced with a newly programmed one and connected for the first time to the car, the car will come on, and there may be no need for this procedure.
  • If the replaced VCM/PCM had been connected previously to any car, even if it was briefly, this security indicator, for some seconds, will get illuminated and then stay on for the remaining duration of 10 minutes.

This security indicator will alternate from illuminating to ON momentarily to OFF when 10 minutes elapse if staying in the ignition ON position.

The ignition should be turned to the position of OFF, then wait for like 10 seconds. Then, steps 3 to 6 should be repeated two times more.

The newly generated code is set to be transmitted among the VCM/PCM, EVO/Passlock module, and Passlock sensor. The new password generated XXXXX XXXXX on the car’s next ignition cylinder lock will alternate from OFF to CRANK, then to ON (try to start).

Check out this video for more tips on how to bypass security on 1998 Chevy truck

Methods to Bypass Security on 1998 Chevy Truck

1. Using Jumper Wire

Discussing how the car’s security is bypassed with a jumper wire comes first. In the majority of 1998 Chevy vehicles, there exist two wire sets positioned on the frame of the side door of the driver, close to the bottom.

One set is for your door locks, while the other is for the safety lights. These wires can be used to gain access to power from a different source, which allows you to get the truck started.

This jumper wire offers a good alternative for open-air vehicles with no door locks.

You will have to link one end of the jumper wire directly to the battery’s side terminal post, and then the other end of the particular wire should be used to touch any ground point situations in the engine’s compartment, like screws and bolts. This should allow you to get the car’s engine started by causing power to be triggered inside the truck.

2. Using SHTF Kit

The SHTF kit, when it comes to bypassing the security of the 1998 Chevy vehicles, can be seen as a very important tool, as it is loaded with an array of items that can come in handy in an emergency like this one. The kit contains screwdrivers, wire cutters, jumper cables – anything needed to enter inside the car and get it started.

3. Using Wireless Alarm Detector

If you get concerned about someone noticing the bypass attempt, a wireless alarm detector will come in handy to find active and hidden alarms on 1998 Chevy vehicles.

They come together with the onboard computer (like a laptop), and they can be useful in pinpointing where the signal is emanating from so that you can find and disable the alarm before someone notices your intrusion.

A hacker normally bypasses the security of a 1998 Chevy vehicle, by utilizing any of the many methods, like checking for loose screws or bolts under the car’s dashboard or the OBD-II reader.

Whatever the kind of car you want to break into, quickly inspecting the visuals of the vehicle’s exterior might aid you in determining what will likely work the best.

For the security of the 1998 Chevy vehicle to be bypassed, ensure that the scanner matches and is compatible with the vehicle’s make before inserting it in. Of course, the last thing to do here is to wait to get an answer as to whether the alarm has been disabled or not.

4. Using Paper Clips

This hack we will be talking about is how to utilize a paper clip to bypass security. Two wires on the door frame exist, which may not be branded “safety lights” and “door locks.” These wires can be used, or one can be twisted together or cut in half for a paperclip bypass to be created.

A bypass with a paperclip can be carried out on any vehicle door lock. However, it won’t work on all vehicles. For other windows and doors that have no wire pair, the same impact of joining together two wires can be created by using an electric drill or something metallic.

How to Bypass Security on 1998 Chevy Truck

5. Using a Screwdriver

The screwdriver offers another option for bypassing a vehicle door security. This method works on any type of link, as far as the mechanism has screws (as with most cars).

One can use the electric drill for a particular process if you have it from earlier. Drill and twist up the screw till enough of the screw’s metal gets cropped off for a gap to be created on the mechanism.

The screwdriver can be utilized on any vehicle lock with screws. However, it won’t work on all vehicles.

  • “Stone Door Security Hack: when you are facing this kind of door lock, and you have no access to power tools, get back to the vehicle and look for something sharp. The intelligent item should be taken, and then used to jimmy open the door locks as you would open one that is regular.”
  • “Glass Door Lock Hack: this kind of door locks normally and is harder to manipulate when compared to others, but still it is possible.”

If you see any metal object close to your vehicle, which can cause an electrical connection alongside two pairs of wires ( i.e., a knife tip, metal coat hanger), you can utilize it to short-circuit the door lock.

  • “Inner Door Lock Hack: All that is required with this kind of lock, is something skinny and long enough to reach into the hole of the latch.”
  • “Outer Door Lock Hack: when there is a deadbolt on the outer door lock, you shouldn’t force it. Rather, look for something that is thin enough to enter the space existing between the frame, and door (a junk mail or credit card works well here).”

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How to Reset Passlocks on a 1998 Chevy Truck

Most ’98 Chevy vehicles are equipped with the General Motors passlock security feature, which disconnects the engine’s fuel supply if an incompatible system key is slotted into the car’s ignition.

Once this anti-theft security feature is activated on the Chevy truck, one will need to reset this passlock before the engine can start. You can easily reset it if you are with its original key.

Step 1

Have the registered key inserted into the car’s ignition. Then, attempt to start the Chevy truck. Starting the truck will not be possible without activating the passlock security feature.

Step 2

Return the key to the position of “RUN.” The car’s security light should begin to flash on and off. The key should remain in this “RUN” position till the flashing of this security light ends. This normally lasts 10 – 15 minutes. After that, the key should not be removed.

Switch the key clockwise for the ignition to crank. Next, wait for the vehicle to start; this will confirm that the passlock of the 1998 Chevy trust has been successfully reset.

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How Do I Reset Anti-theft System: Chevy Silverado?

How to Bypass Security on 1998 Chevy Truck

The issue: the anti-theft security system is under the impression that you’re a vehicle thief and thereby refuses to give you access to your car.

You attempt to start the engine, but it refuses to come on. This is an easy computer problem, and it can normally be fixed by resetting the system.

A test with this fix has been carried out on many 1999 to 2005 GM cars, the kinds with the majority of anti-theft security system issues, and it, in most cases, does the job;

  1. Insert the key into the ignition.
  2. Switch the key to the ON position.
  3. Try turning on the car’s engine. If you’re facing issues with the car’s anti-theft security system, it won’t come on, and you’ll notice a flashing of its security light.
  4. The key should remain in that position until this flashing of the security light ends. This should last for like ten minutes.
  5. Immediately, the light is off; the ignition key should be turned off.
  6. Then wait for like five seconds.
  7. Attempt to turn on the engine again. It should come on with no issues now.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How to Bypass Security on 1998 Chevy Truck

How do I get my truck out of theft mode?

Search for a knob that lets you remove the physical car key from the fob first. Step 2: Switch the car key to get the vehicle door unlocked without releasing the key. The key should be held in that position for 30 seconds. This will send a signal to the vehicle’s system that you are in possession of the authentic key, and then you’ll be given access to bypass the car’s alarm system.

How do you reset the security system on a 1998 Chevy Suburban?

The key should be left in the position of “RUN” for 10 minutes precisely. This anti-theft light will then go off or remain solid. Step 2: For like 10 seconds, switch the car key to the position of “OFF.” Try starting the car. Some cars will be running at this stage, although many cars will need you to redo step 1 twice more.

Why does the security light come on in my truck?

A security light flashing indicates that your vehicle suspects the key you’re using to get the car started is not the real key. Theoretically, any attempted theft could trigger the immobilizer of the security system. However, it is usually because of battery issues.

Does PassLock disable the fuel pump?

The system of the PassLock was devised to avert car theft by disconnecting the engine’s fuel supply if there are attempts to use an incorrect bitten key to get the car started.

Can anti-theft stop a car from starting?

If the anti-theft or security light is illuminating when you try starting your vehicle, and the engine refuses to start or crank, you’re facing an anti-theft issue. It could be that the anti-theft system does not recognize your keyless or key entry signal, or something is faulty with the keyless entry system, wiring, or anti-theft security module.

Where is the Passlock sensor located?

This passlock system utilizes a transponder beneath the key plastic covering. In most cases, “pk3” is stamped on these keys’ metal blades, close to their plastic covering.

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