How to Disable Ford PATS System (Step by Step)

Do you want to know how to disable Ford PATS system? If so, then you are on the right page.

The PATS stands for Passive Anti Theft System. The Ford security module detects immediately if you’re using the original car key for starting the car’s engine or a fake key. PATS is equally known as Ford Securilock.

PATS functions when the car key is inserted to start the car; for a short while, a theft warning light comes on. At every start, until the engine starts running, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) powers the injectors and fuel pump till the engine starts running, and this is where the PATS ascertains the validity of the key that is used.

This article will explain the steps to disable Ford PATS system, the advantages and disadvantages of disabling the Ford PATS system, and lots more.

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How to Disable Ford PATS System Without Key

To disable Ford’s PATS without its key, the RFID chip inside the car’s original key is required. The car will refuse to start without this signal from the device.

This original key mentioned above is also known as the chip or transponders key. It will require the RFID chip in the original key, even when you don’t have it. Also, you will have to make some copies of the RFID chip key for it to be inserted into the car’s ignition.

Therefore, for the job to be done, here is the list of tools needed :

  • New Keys – This must be fashioned out so that it matches the original car key with the RFID chip.
  • Flathead Screwdriver – This is required to remove the chip from the original key.
  • Tape is required to help position the RFID chip next to the car’s ignition.

Before proceeding with how to disable the PATS system beyond the use of the chip key, it is worthy of note that it is just a temporary fix, and disabling the ford PATS can compromise the car’s security.

To ensure the vehicle is secured again and protected from car burglars, you must get the transponder key as soon as possible. Now let’s examine how to disable the Ford PATS system in easy steps:

Step 1: Cut The New Keys

The new key must match that of the car’s original key. To ensure it matches the original key, you should take the keys to its dealers so as to fashion new matching and identical keys.

This will trick Ford’s system into believing you are with the right car key once the new key matches the main chip key. The system, at this point, thinks the original key is being used; the problem is that the chip is not present for the car’s PATS system to be bypassed. The screwdriver becomes handy at this point.

Step 2: Remove the Transponder

Everything will be set for the PATS system to be bypassed on the ford vehicle when you have a key that is matching plus the chip.

Everything needed to bypass the PATS will be present when the chip and transponder are removed from the car’s original key. These are the steps to follow to remove the chip out of the key.

  • The black square located at the key top should be force opened with the help of a flathead screwdriver.
  • Avoid the use of excessive pressure so the chip won’t break.
  • Remove the transponder out of the original car keys.

All is set for the PATS system to be bypassed immediately after you have gotten the transponder in hand.

Step 3: Bypass PATS

You can now bypass the PATS system with the transponder gotten from the real key plus the new cut key, which matches that of the original key with these simple steps:

  • The transponder should be placed near the ignition for the car to read the RFID chip.
  • Start the car after putting the new cut key into the ignition.
  • It may take a few tries to determine the best place to mount the transponder for it to be read easily.
  • After determining the best location, use the tape to place the transponder on the car’s ignition.

Ford’s PATS has been successfully bypassed, and if you want, this can continue for a longer time. However, anyone can steal your car if the transponder remains there.

A new key can be gotten and programmed to start the car if you choose. After examining how Ford’s PATS can be disabled, the article will subsequently teach you the steps to program the keys.

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Advantages Of Disabling Ford PATS

Driving your car is a major advantage when bypassing the PATS system. Below are some of the advantages you’ll come to learn once you know the process involved in bypassing the ford transponder key.

1. Cost Savings

It costs about $80 to $200 to purchase a new car transponder key and program it. However, bypassing the PATS system and driving your car will cost a small percentage of the amount.

2. Easy Process

To carry out this bypassing procedure, you do not need much experience or knowledge of cars and their parts. Following the steps in this article is enough to carry out this job.

Disadvantages Of Disabling Ford PATS

These are the various disadvantages involved when the Ford PATS is bypassed:

1. Compromises Security

The biggest disadvantage of bypassing the PATS system is the car’s increased security threat. Anybody that has the key possesses the capacity to steal your care once the transponder has been removed.

2. Temporary Fix

This process where the PATS gets bypassed is merely a temporary solution to the main issue of car theft. It ought to be used only in emergencies that require a means to overcome it, and as soon as you can purchase a new car transponder key, you must do so to protect the car against it being stolen.

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How to Disable the Ford PATS System? (Alternative Method)

It is to be noted that it is not recommended for you to disable the PATS as this amplifies its security risk. However, if you are still interested in how to do this, the following steps will guide you towards disabling it:

1. Wrap Wire Around The Key

The standard wire should be tied around the car’s keys, and the tape around be used to ensure it’s fixed to its place. A key with a transponder is highly required to ensure communication with the Ford PATS module.

2. Connect To The Module

The PATS system is positioned behind the car’s steering wheel in most ford cars. It can easily be accessed, and you need to locate a wire which connects to the car’s ignition. This particular wire powers the car’s transponder and transmits signals to the PATS system for the vehicle to be started.

3. Fix The Wiring

Now that you have bypassed the PATS system. You can’t drive the car with the wiring remaining like that as it will seem sketchy. The wiring should be arranged to look as normal as possible because a cop might pull you over.

Check out this video for more tips on how to disable Ford PATS

How Does The Ford PATS System Work?

PATS system is a functioning part of a Ford which uses a chip within a transponder located in your car’s keys or key fob. To prevent your Mustang from theft, each Ford vehicle possesses unique identification.

The Ford’s PATS Module also will prevent the car’s engine from starting when it detects that a person is trying to use a fake key to drive the car. This becomes very useful when parking in the streets, and even when you leave the car unlocked, it restrains a burglar from driving off with your car.

Main Signs of a Failed Pats Module

It can be very annoying to ascertain why and when the car refuses to start. The issue might lie with the ignition or PATS Module. You need to solve the issue of a failed PATS system first if you know how to check it.

The following are the major symptoms of a failed PATS module:

1. Flashing Theft Light

When you insert a key not recognized by the car, the car’s theft light will keep flashing. The key can be programmed in this scenario, and the vehicle starts up. The major symptom of a failed PATS Module is this blinking theft light.

The flashing theft light will end if you insert a key programmed for the car and will stay solid for some seconds. After this, it will disappear, and the light will flash when you remove the key out of the ignition of the car.

2. Engine Doesn’t Crank

More reason to know that the PATS system is failing is if the car’s engine does not crank simultaneously with the flashing theft light.

The car’s engine will crank perfectly well in most cases, but if there is a malfunctioning PATS system, the car will not start.

3. Stalling Engine

There could be a PATS Module issue if the engine stops immediately between one to two seconds when the car has been started.

Note that it is possible to ascertain first if the PATS system is failing before you dismantle the ignition. The sign that you have no mechanical problems with the car is if you can

start the car by bypassing or solving the PATS system.

How to Reset Ford PATS?

It’s not complicated if you intend to have the Ford’s PATS Module in your car reset. Follow these steps to begin.

  • Put the key into the car’s door on the driver’s side.
  • The key should be turned once, but not sufficient for the door to be fully unlocked.
  • The key should remain in this position for about 40 to 60 seconds.
  • The key should be turned in the opposite direction and held for 40 to 60 seconds.
  • Take out the key, enter the car and get the engine started.

Note that the PATS system is extremely time-sensitive; you will have to begin the process all over again if you don’t get it done within the 40 to 60 seconds time interval stated above.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Disable Ford PATS System

Can you disable Ford PATS?

Most times, it is better to bypass or disable it instead of paying somebody to remove the PATS out of the car. However, this essentially boils down to one’s choice. To get the PATS out of a vehicle/ ford mustang, the transponder must be removed and the electronic chip in it taken out; this can prove to be very exhausting.

How do I bypass the factory anti-theft system?

The key should be turned to unlock the car door, but ensure it is not released. The key should be held for about 20 – 30 seconds in this position. This tells the car that you are with the correct car keys, so it can permit you to disable the anti-theft alarm system. Simply inserting the key in the door lock key cylinder and turning it back and forth is enough for some vehicles to recognize the key.

Conclusion – How to Disable Ford PATS System

Now that you know how to disable Ford PATS system without using the original key in very simple steps. The Passive Anti-Theft Systems is one remarkable security control against theft, and it comes in handy for numerous car owners.

We expect that this article has explained to your understanding all there is to know about the Passive Anti-Theft Systems (PATS), its workings, and how you bypass and reset the system. If there are some questions you need answers to on this PATS system, let us know by dropping a comment under.

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