How to Open a Trunk Without a Key (Expert Guide)

Do you want to know how to open a trunk without a key? If so, you are on the right page.

If you have no keys and want to open your trunk, do not panic. You can open your vehicle trunk from inside easily without a key.

The question now is, What if the vehicle is equally locked and you are not with your keys? Yes, your vehicle trunk can still be opened. The steps below will explain various methods of how to open a trunk without a key.

How to Open a Trunk Without a Key?

Without a key, your vehicle’s trunk can be opened easily using different methods, but note that all vehicles are not created equally.

The technique that worked for vehicle A may not work for vehicle B, you need different methods to open different vehicles, and you may have to try out a few methods till you get the particular method that works for the model and make of your car.

Method 1: Check If Your Vehicle Has an Emergency Release

Check if your vehicle has an emergency release cable. This cable is found in many recent cars. It gives you access to the car through the trunk if you are not with your keys.

Your owner manual will help you identify the cable, but for people that have little or no knowledge, it may be a bit difficult or impossible to locate the cable. It is usually a little hole but big enough to contain some fingers at the rear fender well.

Once you find and access the cable, you should be able to pull a handle on the end of the cable that will unfasten the trunk.

You can open your vehicle in some other ways without causing damage if your vehicle does not have an emergency release cable or can not locate it.

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Method 2: Use a Slim Jim Tool

How to Open a Trunk Without a Key

You can open your vehicle trunk without keys using a Slim Jim. The Slim Jim is a thin, long metal that can unlock your vehicle door from inside by sliding it in between the window of your vehicle and the weather strips. Slim Jims can be found online or in automobile parts stores. Follow the steps below.

Step 1

At the passenger’s side window, insert the slim Jim’s hook end between the window and the window trim close to the door handle. Slide it down into the door of the vehicle.

Step 2

Use the slim Jim to feel around for a lock rod. The lock rod connects the locking mechanism and the door handle. It can be found close to the door handle in most cars. Use the slim Jim to go around the door handle until you catch the rod. The passenger’s door can be unlocked once you catch the rod.

Step 3

Use the slim Jim to pull up the lock bolt. A click sound indicates the door has been unlocked successfully.

Step 4

You can now open the door, climb over to the driver’s side and open the vehicle’s trunk by pulling the trunk release button.

Step 5

When you have a faulty trunk release, you can locate the seat release button in the back seat. When you pull this button, the seats fold down. You now have access to your car’s trunk area. Find the safety release button inside the trunk.

Depending on the type of vehicle, you may see it either at the front or the back of the trunk. The lever’s function is to prevent being locked accidentally in your vehicle’s trunk. Pulling the lever opens up your boot.

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Method 3: Use a Wire Hanger

A wire hanger can be used to open your trunk if your vehicle is locked and you don’t have a spare key. This method works perfectly on vehicles that have the trunk release button inside. Look out for this before considering the method. Steps on how it can be done:

The first step is to arrange the wire hanger and make it straight. Then bend and twist around one edge of the wire to create a little hook. The next step is to slide in the hook between your car’s backseat and the trunk. If you keep pushing in the hook, you will feel resistance.

At this point, you will reach out for the knob or button that opens the boot behind the backseat. You will have to pull or push the knob to get the trunk open. If you can not locate the lever, use the hanger to probe around until you find it. Good job, your vehicle is open now!

Do not forget that this technique works only if your vehicle has a trunk release button inside. Also, be extra careful when you use a wire hanger to avoid scratches on your vehicle.

Method 3: Use a Magnet

Your vehicle’s trunk can also be opened easily with a magnet. First, position a magnet above the vehicle’s trunk lock, then do an upward and downward movement around the trunk lock. Do it continuously until the magnet opens the lock. Once you release the lock, the trunk will open automatically.

Method 6: Call a Locksmith

Contact a locksmith if you do not have a wire hanger, a Slim Jim, or the methods are not working. A locksmith can open any vehicle trunk or door without causing damage to the vehicle because they have the right tools.

Check out this video for more tips on How to Open a Trunk Without a Key

How to Open a Trunk With a Screwdriver

Step 1: Get Inside Your Car

Get inside your car first if it is unlocked. But, if you are not with your keys and your car is locked, you can slide in a flathead screwdriver between the vehicle’s frame and door.

Next, push the vehicle’s door and insert a coat hanger to reach out for the vehicle’s unlocking key. Finally, go inside the vehicle and continue with the next step once you successfully unlock the vehicle.

Step 2: Push the Front Seat of the Car, Then Remove the Backseat

Push the seats in front to create enough space to enable movement inside the vehicle. The next thing is to take out the seats at the back by removing the bolts that join the back and bottom of the seat. This step can be done easily using a wrench. You can remove the backseat once the bolt is out.

Step 3: Get Inside the Trunk and Look for the Metal Bar

You will have to crawl inside the trunk to open it. If you are not so comfortable with tight spaces, either you try another procedure or allow someone to help you do the step. Remember to go along with a flashlight so that you will not have any difficulty locating the metal bar. When you locate the horizontal metal bar, search for a box beside the bar.

Step 4: Open the Box Using the Screwdriver

When you locate the box, use a screwdriver to open the box in a clockwise direction. Your trunk will open automatically. Get down from the vehicle, and return everything to its original position.

How to Open a Trunk Without a Key From Outside the Car

How to Open a Trunk Without a Key

You can open the trunk outside without a key using a screwdriver. All you have to do is use a flathead screwdriver to force your way to the lock. Once you position the screwdriver, rotate, it left and right until the lock is opened successfully. However, your vehicle trunk lock may suffer some damage with this method.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How to Open a Trunk Without a Key

Is it possible to break into a trunk?

If you are using a manual lock, your doors could be locked, but your trunk is open. In this case, you can go into the car through the trunk.

Can you unlock a trunk with a screwdriver?

Yes, you can use a screwdriver to unlock your trunk, wedge the screwdriver into the lock, and rotate it to the left and the right till the trunk unlocks. But, this method is not advisable. You could damage your vehicle’s paint with a screwdriver, and it can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix the paints. Additionally, your lock can get broken.

How do you get into a car trunk?

Check for a safety tag or lever before entering the vehicle through the back seats. This lever can be found in many recent vehicles. It shines in the darkness; the color is usually orange or bright yellow and can be found close to the boot lock. The trunk lid opens when the lock bolt is released by pulling the tag or lever.

Can I pick a car trunk lock?

You cannot pick a vehicle trunk lock without causing damage to the vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a professional locksmith or open another door to gain access to the trunk. You can use a screwdriver to open the lock if you are comfortable with the harm or ready to replace the lock.

Where is the emergency trunk release?

The emergency trunk release button can be found on the left side of the driver’s seat. The lever should always be locked with a master key so that the trunk will not be accessed easily. Give out a valet key if anyone wants to drive or unlock/lock the doors of your car.

How do you unlock a car boot from the outside?

You can lift the boot up by pulling the button found outside the trunk. You can unlock all the doors by unlocking the vehicle from the driver’s side.

Conclusion – How to Open a Trunk Without a Key

It can be frustrating if you are locked out of your vehicle, but it can happen anyway. We hope with the ideas from this article, you will be able to unlock your trunk from outside without your keys.

Do not forget that not all vehicles are created equally. So you may try out different methods until you identify the one that is the best fit for your vehicle.

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