How to Remove Freon From Car Without Recovery Machine

In this article, we will explain how to remove freon from car without recovery machine. Removing freon from a car has been in practice for a while now. However, the recovery machine is new, so you need not worry if you are just learning about it.

How to Remove Freon From Car Without Recovery Machine

One thing has to be sure when you are about to do this. The purity of the refrigerant should be ascertained. This will help ensure if it will be disposed of after use or if it can be used again.

To determine how pure your refrigerant is, you will need to buy a purity detector. The refrigerant should be put into a container which you have to provide. It is prohibited to let refrigerant into the air. This is applied to all states as it is a law now. You may enter the next step once the purity of the refrigerant is determined.

The removal can then commence. The required equipment includes a wrench, the container discussed above, and a hex key.

How then can we go about the removal of freon from the car?

Step 1

Be sure the thermostat is turned off. Also, ensure that the air conditioning and heat are turned off. The heating and cooling systems shouldn’t be left on before the second step. You are advised to ensure this is done; otherwise, the process would be dangerous and harder to accomplish.

Step 2

Locate the suction side beside the AC compressor. Also, locate the freon and the low-pressure area. The suction area is within the unit. It may also be located in the condensing section. You will need to have the lower pressure side connected to the suction once you locate each side. Make sure they are bound together.

Step 3

Be sure to close the valve located around the lower pressure area. Then, proceed to find the wrench. When the wrench makes movement difficult, you can use the hex key. Then, the service valve needs to be closed often as it shouldn’t be left open.

Step 4

At this point, you have to get your compressor. You may get a lower voltage jumper. You may also include it in the procedure. The low pressure will then empty gradually. When you are sure, there is nothing in the valve, close it using the hex key or wrench.

Step 5

The final procedure is to ensure the valve is completely closed, and it’s important to have this done when the valve is empty. Then de-energize the compressor, and that is all.

Pro-Tip: Accuracy and speed are essential during the course of this procedure. Even as safety should be ensured, speed is needed during the last few steps. Having an assistant during the final stages is advised, as you must be conscious of your safety.

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Why Should Freon Be Replaced?

How to Remove Freon From Car Without Recovery Machine

Safer CFC gas called Puron can be found in most AC systems produced after 2003. Freon is dangerous to the atmosphere. Therefore, the EPA is trying to push it to phase out fast. Air conditioning with refrigerant could still be used.

You may still have your freon replaced in different locations when the need arises. Refrigerant coolant within the AC should be replaced regularly. This increases the longevity of the AC and ascertains effective heating and cooling of the car system.

The extra cost is saved when you always have your freon replaced. It also averts total wear down of the system and reduces constant visitation to a mechanic shop.

Also, another option could be changing to an AC system using the HCFC gas called Puron. And that is if you have the protection and preservation of the environment at heart.

This is because Puron refrigerant is clearer and safer. Freon AC systems were banned from being produced by America in 2020. This was after endorsing the Montreal protocol. So, you are advised to go for a replacement while you can.

When the demand for the HCFC Air conditioning systems exceeds supply, the prices will increase. Also, cars that still use the pre-2010 AC system won’t be properly operated by most garages.

A general repair and installation of an AC that uses Puron refrigerant should be considered even in outdated models of vehicles.

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The Safety Procedure for Removing Freon From the Car

It is advised to be safety conscious when removing freon from your vehicle. Also, freon is a refrigerant gas; therefore, safety cannot be over-emphasized. Safety should always be ensured in anything you want to do with your car.

  1. Safety goggles and hand gloves should be worn before commencing the action.
  2. If possible, examine the level of freon in the vehicle.
  3. Always ask for an assistance
  4. After removing the freon in your AC, free the compressor.
  5. Ensure the vehicle is off.

What Should You Know About How to Drain Freon From a Car

How to Remove Freon From Car Without Recovery Machine

Detachment of freon from a vehicle is something you can do now. Therefore, following the guidelines will make freon removal relatively easy.

Below are things to be aware of when removing freon from the vehicle’s AC:

  • Freon increases greenhouse gases. So, given that freon is deadly to the environment and you, be sure never to disconnect the hoses if there is still freon remaining in the air conditioning system.
  • Freon should be disposed off properly. This is because due to the dangerous nature of freon, it is prohibited in some countries and states to expose freon into the air.
  • Some governments require EPA certification before freon can be released.

If you reside in an area where a certificate is required before you can release freon, it is advised to be careful not to release it on your own. It is important to be conscious of the planet and abide by the law.

It is necessary to note that the removal of freon from your car without the use of a recovery machine is a dangerous endeavor. The refrigerant is deadly to you and the whole planet.

You would risk mixing freon with the atmosphere when attempting to remove it from the vehicle without the recovery machine. Therefore, it is always advised to make use of the Recovery Machine.

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How to Remove Freon From a Car With a Vacuum Pump

Another method of draining freon from the vehicle is using a vacuum pump. However, this is not a safe or proper method as the recovery machine is way safer. Therefore, the use of a recovery machine is always recommended.

After a few months, you will notice that the vacuum pump will bleed the gases that can’t dissolve in the AC system. This happens when you connect the low-pressure service and vacuum pump in the vehicle and turn the vacuum pump on over time.

The vacuum pump will remove freon from the AC system only when you are sure it is efficient and in perfect condition.

Usually, there will be freon residue within the air conditioning system. The recovery machine is what you can use to bleed the remnants completely. The vacuum machine prevents the freon from leaving the vehicle. Also, it is essential to remove the freon completely when you also remove the air conditioner from your car.

Also, the recovery machine will automatically eject the freon if it feels increased pressure by excess freon.


  1. Try draining freon from your vehicle using a recovery machine.
  2. After the first or second purchase of a recovery machine from some auto outlets, they’ll offer free freon removal from your vehicle.
  3. Remove freon from your vehicle using these offers.

Check out this video for more tips on how to remove freon from car without recovery machine

Can I Remove Refrigerant From My Car’s AC?

The recharging or removal process of refrigerants should be done correctly. Problems may spring up even for a tiny residue of refrigerant left in the AC. These problems could range from vehicle shaking and so on. Therefore, it is advised to always be very careful when working on the AC system.

Several car experts have deliberated on this and given their answers. From experience, we will explain this to you.

You should involve a professional that has removed freon severally in a case where it is your first time. Given the environmental hazard, it may cause, refrigerant removal is completely illegal. Once you experience this with a professional and are confident it is safe, you could try it at home.

Furthermore, you are advised to be safety conscious regarding your vehicle. You should approach a freon removing expert with a license if most of your worry is your vehicle getting damaged. By so doing, all responsibilities rest on the expert.

How to Remove Freon From Car Without Recovery Machine

How to Properly Dispose of Freon

You should properly dispose of the refrigerant if it isn’t used again. But first, check the local regulations and laws. This is important because freon disposal methods differ depending on your area.

It is best to reach out to the department of public works in your location. They will then deal with the disposal properly. Also, they will put you on the right track.

Be sure never to allow it into the atmosphere or dump it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Remove Freon From Car Without Recovery Machine

How do I evacuate my car AC without a machine?

Also, installing an access valve on the high and low-pressure ends of the system is another method of removing AC from your car. As soon as this is done, reduce the access valve located in the high-pressure area and, simultaneously, allow pressure on the lower end to drop to the lowest possible point.

What is the quickest method of removing refrigerant?

You can transfer refrigerant when it is still in liquid form using the liquid recovery method. This is the best way to transfer refrigerant into a different container. Liquid recovery is the quickest among the three methods.

What happens if you don’t evacuate AC?

The acids generated by the high-temperature moisture reaction of refrigerant will damage the entire system, ranging from the control valves, compressor, evaporator, and condenser. This would happen when you don’t remove moisture from the AC.

Does a vacuum pump remove freon?

A vacuum pump isn’t necessarily needed to remove refrigerant. Dissolving it is a straightforward method. To recover and preserve R134a as a shade tree mechanic, you should acquire a refrigerant recovery tank with fitting 1/4.

Can you release freon into the air?

It is prohibited and illegal to do this. The EPA enforces power under CCRA and OLPA. There are grave penalties that await anyone who releases ozone-depleting refrigerant into the air.

How much does it cost to drain refrigerant from a car?

Depending on the make and model of your car, an expert recharge cost would range from $150-$300 on average. This service should be included in your car maintenance schedule due to the loss of refrigerant over time.

Conclusion – How to Remove Freon From Car Without Recovery Machine

It is important to take the time and understand how to remove freon from your vehicle properly. This helps you to understand and be safety conscious during the removal process. Always wear safety gear when you are removing refrigerant from your car.

Hopefully, this article has been of help to you. We desire your safety during the removal process of the freon. It is best to always have an assistant while working on your car. The assistant will ensure your safety. Thanks for reading. Please, be safe. Good luck.

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