How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius (Step by Step)

Do you want to know how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Prius? if so, you are on the right page.

This article will guide you on the steps on how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Prius for various years, how to reset the maintenance light on other Toyota vehicles, how to prevent the maintenance light, and lots more.

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This light illuminates every 5,000 miles to alert you to change the oil in your vehicle. However, it’s vital to understand that the maintenance required light does not necessarily mean that your car is bad or there are damaged parts, so you can actually continue to drive safely even with the light on your dashboard.

The odometer is completely linked with the Toyota maintenance light to count the 5,000 miles, for there is no way it will know if the oil has been changed. This is why it can be irritating if your oil has been recently changed and the light comes on or flashes on your dashboard.

When a mechanic changes your Toyota car oil, they may not remember to reset the maintenance light. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to reset it yourself.

Follow the steps below to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Prius. We have included instructions on how to reset the maintenance light on various Toyota Prius models

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How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius (2016-Latest Models)

  1. Turn on the hybrid system by pressing the power knob once.
  2. Choose Your Gear Select by using the right and left arrows on the information display.
  3. Select vehicle settings using the down and up arrows. After that, hold down/press.
  4. Using the arrow, select “Maintenance System,” then push.
  5. Click the arrow to select “Oil Maintenance.”
  6. Then push and select “Yes.”

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius (2008-2015 Models)

  1. Turn “on” your ignition without starting the engine.
  2. Press and hold the “MPH” or “TRIP” button for several seconds.
  3. Hold the “MHP” or “TRIP” button while turning on the ignition and ensure not to start the engine.
  4. Press the button again if the travel meter reads all zeros.

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius (1997-2007 Models)

  1. Turn on the engine or ignition but don’t start the car.
  2. To toggle the display of the total mileage on the odometer, press the travel button (base on model) (not the travel distance or mileage).
  3. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine. Press and hold down the “Trip” button.
  4. When turning on the ignition but not starting the car, release the button.
  5. When the travel meter reaches zero, free the button.

Check out this video for more tips on how to reset maintainance light on Toyota Prius

What Are the Benefits of Resetting the Maintenance Light?

The Toyota service or maintenance light does not turn off on its own, and it’s a smart idea to switch it off personally, so you have only fewer things on your dashboard to deal with.

The lights can be annoying as you ride about the city, and it may even lead you to believe that your car has issues or something is wrong. The same thing happens if someone else rides in your Toyota car and doesn’t understand what this light means. The driver may become concerned and believe the vehicle is damaged.

Secondly, after changing the oil, Resetting the LED, which indicates that maintenance is needed, requires the counter to start again. Consequently, you may drive securely on roadways, and this light would notify you that it is time to add fresh oil after 5,000 kilometers. Therefore, you will not necessarily have to count or record the miles by yourself manually.

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Resetting the Maintenance-Required Light on Other Toyota Vehicles

Fortunately, the technique for resetting most Toyota models is simple.

To prevent regular visits to the automobile garage/shop only to set it again or to reset it, it’s a good idea to understand how to do it yourself. What you must do is as follows:

Step 1: Turn on the Vehicle

Turn on your vehicle and look at the dashboard with your key in the on position. The odometer should show the miles rather than the trip meter.

Step 2: Turn the Vehicle off and Press the Trip Meter Reset Button

Make sure you push the trip meter resetting button to reinstall the maintenance required light after you’ve turned the key off again. Then, for a time, press and hold this button. The button allows you to switch between the odometer and other trip meters on some models.

Step 3: Turn the Vehicle Back On

Switch the car back on and Continue pressing the reset button while switching “on”, and ensure it’s in this position, not the “start” position that starts the engine. Take note of the odometer now.

Step 4: Continue to Press the Reset Button

Ensure the trip meter reset knob is still pushed while looking at the odometer. The odometer will show a sequence of dashes on the display screen. A string of zeros will surface after a while. Keep pressing the button until the screen’s odometer reading reverse to normal.

Step 5: Release the Reset Button

You can now let go of the reset button and turn on your automobile once the standard odometer or odograph readings appear on the screen. As a result, your control panel should no longer display the maintenance required signal.

If the maintenance light remains on your dashboard, repeat the operation until it is gone.

The maintenance required light’s counter has been reset to zero since you manually reinstalled it. It will keep counting until the odometer reaches five thousand miles. After that, the light will show on your control panel or dashboard. When this happens, if your auto shop’s specialists did not reset the light, you must then do it yourself using the instructions mentioned previously.

Keep the technique in mind as it varies significantly depending on the type of Toyota Corolla. For example, while the key is switched off, you may need to leave the odometer toggle knob held down for the next twenty seconds. After that, replace the key but do not start the automobile.

The maintenance required light on your home screen should start flashing. Keep pressing the button till the light on your dashboard goes out. For this strategy to work, you must hold down the reset button for the next twenty seconds.

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius

What does Toyota maintenance imply?

Most of the time, this just implies that your vehicle needs to be serviced. After resetting the maintenance data, the light will turn on and stay on when the mileage driven surpasses 5,000 kilometers.

Why is my maintenance required light on?

The maintenance required light aims to encourage the driver to have their vehicles regularly serviced, such as new tires, spark plugs, and oil changes. Your automotive specialist will usually reset the maintenance light when your car is serviced.

How can I turn off the Toyota’s required maintenance light?

Turn your key to the second position while pressing and holding the trip meter on the control panel, then press the reset button. Hold the odometer button in place for a total of 10 seconds. The light should flash, beep, and then switch off as a result. The odometer button should be released, and then you start the automobile after it has been turned off.

Is it possible to drive with the maintenance light on?

When your vehicle’s maintenance light comes on, you can keep driving, but remember that if you don’t have the suggested or planned service, you drive at risk. In addition, it’s crucial to get the correct car insurance to keep your car safe against unanticipated difficulties.

Why is my maintenance requirement light came on when I just got an oil change?

When you’ve replaced the oil in your vehicle, you can resume the counter by resetting the maintenance required light. Consequently, you may ride safely on public highways, and the light will turn on by itself, notifying you when it is the right time to change the oil after 5,000 kilometers. Therefore, you will not have to do the counting of the kilometers all by yourself.

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