How to Reset Mass Airflow Sensor (Step by Step)

If you are replacing or reinstalling the mass airflow sensor, you will need to reset it. Usually, this sensor needs to be replaced when it becomes dirty or faulty.

After the replacement, a mass airflow sensor reset will be required to make the sensor function properly.

Our guide below will assist you in achieving this mass airflow sensor reset.

Your engine will stop responding as it should if the mass airflow sensor is dirty or damaged. As a result, your car will consume much more fuel than it should, and you will end up spending more money.

You may be unfortunate to be on the road when this mass airflow sensor fails, leading to a terrible accident.

Some cars may not need a mass airflow sensor reset. You will only need to replace it, and you are good to go. However, it is essential to perform a mass airflow sensor reset after replacing it in modern cars.

That being said, let us now explain the steps on how to reset mass airflow sensor.

How to Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor (Alternative Methods)

Below are several alternative methods to reset the mass airflow sensor

Method 1: Using a Paperclip

You will need the assistance of a paperclip to carry out this mass airflow sensor reset method. First, you will have to locate the port; you should start from the engine and then beneath the hood.

After that, you should plugin the paperclip. Turning it to the right will reset the MAF Sensor.

You can now switch on the vehicle and observe how it is moving. If you notice no movement, you will have to get a mechanic to come and check it out or take the car to the mechanic workshop.

However, if it moves, then the reset was successful. Therefore, whenever the MAF sensor starts acting strange, resetting is needed.

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Method 2: Disconnecting The Battery

The MAF Sensor can be reset when the car’s battery is disconnected and reconnected. However, it is best if a professional technician examines it and fix any problem.

Method 3: Using Compressed Air

Remove all contaminants and dirt using compressed air. When you are done with the cleaning, turn on the ignition. After that, clean the air hose by connecting the pressurized or compressed air.

When that is done, press and hold the nozzle of the firm can to the intake duct so that the air can get below the sensor, you will need to do this until you notice the engine crank. After that:

  1. Turn off the ignition.
  2. Turn it back on
  3. As the engine is running, release the button of the pressurized or compressed air.

Finally, you must allow the engine to run at least for 10min so that the reset procedure will be completed.

How to Reset Mass Airflow Sensor

Method 4: Using a Long Screwdriver

The MAF sensors can be located easily, unlike some other quite challenging sensors that are difficult to assess.

When you find it difficult to get through the MAF using your hands, a long screwdriver can help you access it easily; when that is done, press the reset button.

If the button responds, detach the screwdriver and perform the sensor reset. If you notice any form of malfunctioning, call an expert technician to examine it.

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Method 5: Using a Shop Vacuum

This method requires the use of a bristle type of brush. The pressure regulator of the vacuum is the primary reason the vacuum is needed.

A standard vacuum cleaner must not be used else you damage your car engine. Once the vacuum has been fixed, start the car and the vacuum.

Ensure that full pressure is activated on the vacuum regulator. As the motor operates, the mass airflow sensor will reset. If it fails to reset, then you will have to do the resetting multiple times.

Method 6: Disconnecting the Fuel Injectors

The mass airflow sensor is an important device in a car’s ECM. When you disconnect the fuel injector to reset the mass airflow sensor, this disconnection will also help wipe out all debris found within the sensor, which may lead to engine-related problems if not wiped out.

To achieve this, start by locating the gas tank; check around for the fuel injectors when you find the gas tank.

If you have found the fuel injectors, disconnecting them one after another is what you should do next. It will take up 10min to complete this process.

Method 7: By Idling the Engine

This method requires checking the mass air flow sensor when the engine light comes on. Also, the resetting starts by turning on the air conditioning and allowing the car to idle up to 1200rpm.

Then move the gear to drive, and turn off the car. After about five minutes, turn on the car and drive off.

The best place to do this is on a smooth surface; however, it could also work out if you are on a hill, so long as you use relatively flat RPMs.

Check out this video for more tips

When Do You Need to Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor?

There are some symptoms that your car will display when the mass airflow sensor goes bad. A few of those signs are.

1. Difficulties in Starting the Car

Your car will start to jerk before starting or while starting. It could also take a longer time to start. The bad airflow sensor won’t be able to send airflow information to the car engine, and that’s the reason for such a problem.

2. Stalled Engine

The engine could stall for some time after starting before it will kick off working. Some other issues may result in engine stalling problems.

An example of such is a bad spark plug problem. But the problem is more likely to occur when the mass airflow sensor gets bad.

3. Jerking While Acceleration

When you step on the accelerator and notice that the engine starts jerking, you are very likely to have a bad air flow sensor.

You will notice the car’s difficulty moving forward when you press the accelerator pedal.

4. Hiccups in the Engine

If you start noticing hiccups while driving, then there’s a problem with your car’s mass airflow sensor. Since the car finds it difficult to respond, it could cause potential accidents. So be careful or stop driving in such a situation.

5. Less Fuel Efficiency

Your car fuel efficiency will drop when you have a bad mass airflow sensor since the job of this sensor is to send the right information to the engine so that the engine can make an informed decision on the fuel consumption.

Therefore, if there’s any fault on the mass airflow sensor, the fuel efficiency will reduce.

Whenever you notice issues like less fuel efficiency, then you should know what to look out for. Cleaning or replacing the mass air-fuel sensor could solve the problem. Remember to reset after reinstalling.

How to Trick a Mass Airflow Sensor?

You can trick the mass airflow sensor; however, it is not advisable to do so, and here are some reasons we discourage such.

The temperature and volume of air that moves into the engine are being detected by the mass airflow sensor (based on how the manufacturer designs it) to enable the PCM to regulate the quality of fuel required.

If this sensor fails to function properly, everything will start to jumble. You can clean this sensor using an electronic cleaner, cleaning out all the dirt and debris so that the sensor will start functioning properly.

You should scan and make sure that the P-code for the mass airflow sensor displays to be sure that the fault is from the MAF. Do not disregard or avoid the signs of bad mass airflow sensor; else, you compound the problem.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Mass Air Flow Sensor?

The cost of replacing a mass airflow sensor may vary based on the quality of the sensor. The price may range from around $90 to $370, or it could even be more. The labor cost for an installation could be around $15 to $200, though your location can influence this cost.

Can You Replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor by Yourself?

How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor

You must first have a good background on how your engine works and the components that make up your car engine. If you have this knowledge, then replacing the mass airflow sensor won’t be a difficult task for you.

If you don’t have good knowledge of this, please take your car to a professional for the replacement.

How Do You Calibrate a Mass Airflow Sensor?

  1. Start by knowing the condition of your car.
  2. Then clean the MAF and make sure it is properly done.
  3. Detach the fuel trim by moving it to the right and bringing it up.
  4. Then start the car and drive it.
  5. Evaluate the car log, and after that, keep moving the car forward
  6. Rearrange the table according to BeesaTuner
  7. Finally, flash the mass airflow table.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Reset Mass Airflow Sensor

How Long Does It Take for Mass Airflow Sensor to Reset After Cleaning?

It will take about 15 to 30min to reset the sensor. You will notice errors very often when the mass airflow sensor gets bad. Therefore a replacement is more of an ideal thing to do when these errors arise.

Do You Have to Reset ECU After Replacing the Maf Sensor?

To ensure that there’s reliability after replacing the MAF, Resetting the ECU is needed. Disconnecting the battery and allowing it to remain like that for about 10 minutes before reconnecting will help the system completely reset.

What Happens if I Unplug My Maf Sensor?

There will be a smooth operation that will carry you until you visit your mechanic when you do this. Ensure that the problem is fixed before leaving the repair facility so that you won’t have compounded the problem in the long run.

Do You Need to Disconnect the Battery When Cleaning the Maf Sensor?

Disconnecting the battery while cleaning the mass airflow sensor is a great idea. Try and get the CRC MAF cleaner. It is available in motor part stores.

Can You Tune Maf Without Wideband?

If this turning is done at cruise and idle, then wideband may not be needed.

How Long Does It Take for Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner to Dry?

It will take about 20min or a little more before the mass airflow sensor will get dry. So please ensure it is completely dry before carrying out any re-installment. Else you will damage the MAF.

Conclusion – How to Reset Mass Airflow Sensor

Whenever you notice the bad or faulty mass airflow sensor symptoms, please verify and replace it if necessary. Remember, after reinstalling the sensor, you should ensure that a mass airflow sensor reset is done.

Avoid the thought of saving money by ignoring these signs because, in the end, your engine may consume more fuel than it should, thereby making you spend even way more.

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