How to Start an Automatic Car With a Dead Battery Without Another Car

Do you want to know how to start an automatic car with a dead battery without another car? if so, you are on the right page because we have the answers you need.

Most of the problems frequently encountered by a driver are issues relating to a faulty battery. After turning the ignition of your vehicle, if it fails to start, it could be due to a dead battery.

Various components of a faulty battery could make your car difficult to start, including broken wire connections, a faulty starter or fuel pump, and a shortage of fuel.

Most times, some drivers could use another vehicle battery to jump-start their vehicle, then drive to the nearest automobile outlet to get the battery examined.

What if you find yourself in an isolated area with no other driver around to help in the jump-starting process? What will you do?

How will you go about it, especially if you use an automatic vehicle and not a manual?

You will find the answer to most of your questions in this article and also learn some practical methods of jump-starting a vehicle without the aid of another.

The rest of this article will discuss other methods to try out if you don’t have a portable battery charger.

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Method 1: Push-Starting

This can also be referred to as bump-or/and pop-starting. It is a technique used to revive an engine with a dead battery. All you will need is a flat, short road with one or two friends to help in pushing the vehicle.

Whoever is helping should position at the back of the vehicle and be prepared to push. Go into the vehicle and turn on the ignition. While still engaging your parking brakes, push in the clutch, and move to the second gear. It is not recommended to use the first gear because it could cause the vehicle to jerk severely.

Release your parking brake by pressing the brake pads. Release your brake and tell your helpers to start pushing. Release your clutch abruptly at about 5 mph. You may experience a light buck or sputter when the engine tries engaging.

When the engine successfully turns on, then congratulations to you. If it fails to start, you will have to carry out the procedure again but at an increased acceleration. If it still doesn’t start, then your problem may not be caused by a dead battery.

How to Start an Automatic Car With a Dead Battery Without Another Car

Method 2: Utilizing a Jump-Start Box

A jump box is a small portable battery that has a jumper cable attached to it. With the use of software, they can prohibit voltage spikes that could cause damage to your vehicle’s electrical system, which means they are safer than a jumper cable.

Most of it comes with a USB slot to help charge your mobile phone, an AC outlet, and an onboard safety light. They are also affordable and can be found at auto parts, online and hardware stores. It is recommended to have one in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Here’s how to use one:

  1. Ensure you have your jump starter fully charged.
  2. You will have to charge it as directed if it is not charged.
  3. Many new jump starters have an integrated cable, but if it’s not included, connect the cables you have to the correct (negative and positive) points on your jump starter.
  4. The red clasp should be connected to the positive point (red cover of + symbol) of the faulty battery.
  5. The black clasp should be connected to a colorless, rooted metal surface someplace on the car’s frame.
  6. After successfully connecting everything, turn on the jump starter as directed.
  7. After one or two minutes, start your vehicle.
  8. If the engine fails to start, give the battery some time to charge, then you try again.
  9. If the car starts, well done!
  10. Switch the jump starter’s power button off
  11. Take off the clasps in a reverse direction, black clasps from the rooted surface, and red claps from the faulty battery.
  12. After each start, it is recommended you recharge your jump starter.
  13. The work is completed. Well done!

Check out this video for more tips on how to use a portable jump starter to power your car battery

Method 3. Use a Spare Battery: Tipping the Battery Upside Down

Do not worry if there is no other vehicle or a jump lead. A quick method can help you jump-start your vehicle with a faulty battery. This method can be performed by tipping the boost battery upside down on a faulty battery to help start the vehicle.

All you need is a strong spare battery. Search for a battery that is free of maintenance, spill, and a cracked casing. These requirements are important so that when the strong extra battery is turned upside down on the faulty battery, there will be no spillage of liquid from the battery.

Step By Step Procedure Of Jump Starting The Car By Tipping The Battery Upside Down

Step 1. Get Into Position

The ignition button should be turned to an open position; then, you turn off other accessories like headlights, roof light, radio, etc.

Step 2. Tip The Battery Upside Down

Ensure to tip the battery upside down in a manner that the boost battery red terminal aligns properly with the faulty battery dead terminal. As well as the black terminals.

Step 3. Start The Car

You can now start the vehicle by turning your ignition keys. The vehicle should start. Take off the strong battery and allow the vehicle to run for about fifteen to twenty minutes so that the drained battery can charge.

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Method 4. Bridging Two Batteries Using Tools

Without another vehicle, you can jump-start your car by creating a bridge between 2 batteries using the right tools. This method creates a bridge between a spare battery and the dead battery to boost the dead battery’s power.

You could stand a chance of spilling the acid if you turn the lead-acid battery upside down, which can lead to severe damage to your arms or the vehicle’s components.

If you don’t have a battery that is free from maintenance and spill, you can as well create a bridge with the dead battery and a regular lead-acid battery using a spanner.

Putting the lead/acid battery and a faulty battery beside each other is the best strategy for jump-starting the lead-acid battery, using tools to close the void between the boost and the dead battery.

Step By Step Procedure Of Jump Starting The Car By Bridging Two Batteries Using Tools

Step 1. Get Everything Ready

The first step in getting everything ready is to park the vehicle in a safe spot. Open your bonnet, and place the spare battery beside the faulty battery.

Step 2. Link The Connections

The gap can be bridged by using a spanner to connect both the dead and boost battery via the red terminals. You can also use a second spanner to do the same on the black terminals.

Ensure that the spanners are firmly attached to the two batteries; else, it might get hot. If the spanners are not properly held, it could lead to the ignition of the gases generated by your battery.

Step 3. Power The Engine

You can now turn on your ignition, and the vehicle should start. Allow the vehicle to run for about fifteen to twenty minutes so that your dead battery can get charged.

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Method 5. Call For Roadside Assistance

How to Start an Automatic Car With a Dead Battery Without Another Car

There is a provision for roadside assistance in your motorcycle or vehicle’s insurance plan. However, you will have to be sure of the specific plan that covers you. You can easily find the roadside assistance phone numbers on the insurance card. The towing services nearest to you could also have a few jump starters to aid remedy the dead battery issue.

  1. You can either use your insurance card or your phone to get the tow service contact.
  2. Place a call across
  3. Wait for the arrival of roadside assistance.
  4. Initiate a little conversation with the assistant (for example, you could talk about weather, sports, or probably work, etc.).
  5. Is the task completed? Well done!

Pro Tips to Start Your Car Without Another Car

Here are a few tips on how to start your vehicle’s drained battery without using another vehicle.

  • After some attempts, if a vehicle with a dead battery refuses to start, you could try rejoining the battery wires because they may be loose.
  • You can go ahead to inspect for cuts and splits on the wire if the vehicle still fails to start.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How to Start an Automatic Car With a Dead Battery Without Another Car

How do you jump-start an automatic battery without another car?

To jump-start an automatic vehicle without another car, you will have to turn the ignition on, place the vehicle on gear 2, call for someone that can help you push the vehicle till it speeds a little, and then you can release the pressure on the clutch pads. At this point, the engine will get turned over by the transmission, and this will enable it to start. This technique works well.

Can you jump-start an automatic car without another car?

This method will be of great help if your transmission is automatic. After a few months, you will be able to do it yourself without any form of assistance. A jumper box that is charged will be needed for this procedure. The good thing is that these little requirements can be found easily and they are quite affordable.

How do you start an automatic car with a dead battery?

Using a portable battery charger is the only way to start an automatic vehicle with a drained battery. Ensure a portable battery charger is in your toolkit if your vehicle is automatic.

How do you jump-start an automatic car without jump leads?

Switch the ignition on. Call for helpers to help push the vehicle, or if you are on a hill, you can release the brakes. Once the speed increases, bring the clutch up rapidly, and your engine will start.

Conclusion – How to Start an Automatic Car With a Dead Battery Without Another Car

Starting an automatic vehicle when the battery is dead can be done in different ways, such as battery replacement or charging. However, if these methods fail to work or you lack the right tools, you should contact roadside assistance.

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