Is ARCO Gas Good or Bad for Your Car?

It is cheaper to buy ARCO gas than to buy gas at any other gas station. Are you wondering why they make their prices lower than that of other rivals? Is ARCO gas good or bad for your car since it’s cheaper?

In this article, we will give a detailed reason ARCO gas sells at a lower rate compared to other brands.

We will also compare Arco gas with other gasoline companies to ensure that it’s safe and good for use if the customer decides to use it.

What Is ARCO Gas?

The ARCO is a brand of gasoline stations. It was established in the year 1966. However, recently, the mantle of ownership of this company has changed, and many people are unaware of this development.

Presently, ARCO gas stations are owned by Tesoro petroleum and Marathon Corporation. They acquired it from BP in 2012 and 2018, respectively. This partnership involves these agreements:

  1. The Arco gas companies in Northern California, Washington, and Oregon belong to the Tesoro Company
  2. The other Arco companies in various parts of Mexico and America belong to Marathon Petroleum for commercial use.

So, ARCO is co-owned and managed by these reputable gas marketers within the US.

They also have to maintain good business ethics to keep their gas price low without tampering with the standard.

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Why Is ARCO Gas Cheaper?

Is ARCO Gas Good

Arco gas has a surprisingly brilliant business idea. This idea allows them to market gas very cheap, regardless of the condition of the market.

Arco gas is almost $0.05 to $.15 cheaper per gallon than other gas marketers. It didn’t seem like there was much difference initially. However, vehicles may require two to four gallons of gas for a 100 miles journey.

So, in a case of 1000 miles, using Arco gas, you will be saving almost $5 to $10. Isn’t that amazing?

So, one may ask, how is Arco able to save such an amount of gas?

Here is why:

  1. Arco doesn’t allow payments using credit cards; therefore, money is being saved from fees paid for using cards for payment.
  2. Arco station almost doubles their sales compared to other gas sellers. This is because they use their low price to achieve massive sales.

To further explain these points:

1. No Use of Credit Cards

Arco doesn’t accept credit card payments. Therefore, one can only pay with hard cash when you want to refuel your car at ARCO gas station.

This is important because other gas sellers have to pay $0.30 for any credit card transaction.

They will then have to ask the customers to pay for that, which will increase the price of gas.

For example, you pay an additional $0.15 for each gallon if you buy from a regular station using a credit card. That is where Arco takes the lead from others.

They can sell gas to you at a discount rate of $0.10 to $0.15 because they use only hard cash. This means they minimize expenditure by accepting only hard cash for payments. And then keeping the saved money to themselves.

2. Discount From Their Extra Sales

The more reason why Arco sells gas at a lower price is that they sell way more than other gas stations with a high reputation.

This includes their rule regarding the acceptance of debit cards.

An extra $0.45 is charged in Arco station for every transaction when a debit card is used. But since the customers know that they will pay extra cash to use a debit card, most buy extra gas compared to regular vehicle owners.

For example, if one buys 10 gallons of gas using a debit card, you will pay $0.45 for transaction fees. You will also pay $0.45 for card fee processes if you buy 5 gallons.

So, in Arco stations, customers choose to buy more gas to minimize charges for the use of debit cards. This helps Arco market gas more than other gas stations. As a matter of fact, Arco makes double what average gas stations make in sales.

Most times, in order to keep the price of gas at a minimum, Arco pays a certain amount to their customers through their discounts. This is because they profit more from massive sales boosts.

A lot of people are of the opinion that Arco gas is cheaper than other gas stations because their gas is substandard for vehicles. This leaves us with the question, ” is ARCO gas good for Vehicles?”. Well, let’s discuss it critically.

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Is ARCO Gas Good for Vehicles?

Is ARCO Gas Good


Two contradicting facts have come up due to the low price of Arco products. They include:

  1. As a result of the fact that Arco gas is very cheap, people are very inclined to use it in their vehicles.
  2. Many other people are of the opinion that Arco gas is a bad gas, and that is why they try to attract customers with their lower price.

These theories, however, are false. As a matter of fact, many customers believe and acclaim that Arco gas is very much preferable to other gas sellers within the US.

It is true that Arco made use of very cheap gas at some point in the past. Unfortunately, this made the customers very uncomfortable.

Therefore, it led to an enormous decrease in gas sales. But Arco, realizing this mistake, upgraded to “Top Tier” gas.

Top-Tier gas can be referred to as the gasoline fuel that major car producers strongly advise to be used in vehicles.

Top-Tier gas is of very high quality and good for cars. It is worthy to note that Arco continues using this gas as part of its key business standards. Arco gas is about the same as the gas sold by Shell, Costco, BP, and Amoco gas brands in the USA.

There are certain distinguishing benefits that are attached to this Top Notch gas:

  1. Top-Tier gas provides self-cleansing properties in automobiles. It is proven that this type of gas reduces debris accumulation by 72% over about 5000 miles of driving. This results in low maintenance for your vehicle’s fuel intake valve and also elongates the lifespan of the car engine. As a matter of fact, this is a very good way to reduce the bills attached to automobile maintenance.
  2. This type of gas also makes the driving experience in your vehicles better. Therefore, one will appreciate the driving boost that comes with it.

So, with these being said, we can agree that Arco gas is recommended for your automobiles.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Arco still needs to meet up with the base gas requirement laws initiated by both the Federal and state government.

There are strict laws guiding the marketing of gasoline enacted by Federal authorities which gas stations should strictly obey. Arco is not an exception to this rule.

So, one can always count on Arco gasoline for a good quality product.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Is ARCO Gas Good?

Is ARCO Bad Gas?

No, Arco gas is not bad. No damage can come to your car due to Arco gas, as it is the same as every other Top Tier gas.

Is ARCO Really Top Tier Gas?

Yes, Arco is indeed a Top-tier gas. Due to a very good quality additive blended into Arco gas, it protects your car engine and keeps it free from damage.

What Gas Is Better, Chevron or ARCO?

There is nothing like “better” gas. So long as one achieves a similar octane rating and ethanol blend, there aren’t many differences between the gases in question.

Why Is ARCO Gas So Much Cheaper?

Arco is usually cheaper compared to other brands. But, one may wonder, how do they do that? They are able to achieve this by simply accepting hard cash other than credit card payments. By so doing, the bills that are associated with the use of credit card is given back to the patronizers.

Where Does ARCO Get Their Gas From?

ARCO service station brand. ARCO is merely a name employed by Marathon Petroleum as a gasoline service brand in Mexico and the United States.

Does ARCO Gas Have Ethanol?

Arco gas advertises a maximum of 10% ethanol within all octanes.

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