Key Broke in Ignition? Here’s a Solution

Have you noticed that your car Key Broke in Ignition, and are you needing a solution to this problem?

A situation like this can be tricky, but within the content of this article, you will find easy hacks that will help remove the broken key from the ignition without damaging the ignition.

Solving a problem of this nature will employ the right equipment, steady hands, and a bright mind. As you read on, the article will enlighten your mind on the perfect way to remove a broken key from the ignition in the shortest possible time.

Technology has been kind to the automotive industry. In recent times, automakers have designed newer-model vehicles with “smart keys” consisting of a microchip and a simple push-button on your car, which serves as an alternative for your broken key.

However, if you lose your smart key, you’ll fall back to removing the broken key from the ignition.

Some methods to safely and effectively extract a broken key from the ignition or lock are explained below.

How to Remove Key Broke in Ignition Using a Broken Key Extractor

How to Remove Key Broke in Ignition Using a Broken Key Extractor

Here are the steps to remove a broken key from ignition using a broken key extractor

Step 1

You should park your car safely and turn off your engine when your key breaks. Remember to make sure that the emergency brakes are engaged.

Step 2

Try lubricating the lock. This action is done by spraying lock lubricant into the ignition with the broken key.

Step 3

Put the essential extractor tool into the ignition lock cylinder, ensuring that the hook is pointed upwards.

Step 4

Push the extractor tool to the end of the ignition lock cylinder and gently turn the critical extractor towards the broken key’s teeth.

Step 5

Once you have successfully placed the tool on the teeth of the broken key, then attempt pulling out the critical extractor towards yourself until a small part of the fractured key comes out.

There is a slight possibility that you can’t do this on your first try, and you’d be required to do this repeatedly.

Step 6

pull out the broken key using a long nose plier.

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How to Remove Key Broke in Ignition Using a Metal Wire

How to Remove Key Broke in Ignition Using a Metal Wire 

Here are the steps to remove a broken key from ignition Using a Metal Wire

Step 1

Clear the ignition lock of debris or obstructions using a compressed air blower. Avoid spray cleaners or lubricants as they can cause severe damage to the ignition lock; This is especially so in newer vehicles as they possess added features in their ignition lock system.

Step 2

Place the broken key handle back in the ignition lock to guide when inserting the metal wire.

Step 3

Slide a slender, solid wire at the edges of the broken key. Paperclips make a decent wire. You can fix them with the goal that they will slide close by the key into the lock.

It is ideal to twist the finishes only marginally to assist with getting a handle on the critical section.

Step 4

Carefully take out the other part of the broken key used as a guide for inserting the wire, and make sure you don’t remove the wire along with the key handle as you’ll need the wire to remove the broken essential part stuck in the ignition.

Step 5

Use the wires to hold the broken key piece in the ignition. You can try twisting the wires to better grip the broken key. The twisted wires can be used either as tweezers or even chopsticks.

You can also try bending the ends of the twisted wire as that could create more surface area contact with the vital fragment.

Step 6

Pull out the critical fragment using the twisted wires. While you are pulling out, stirring all over somewhat may lessen the gamble of getting the messed-up piece stuck in the ignition.

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How to Remove Key Broke in Ignition Using a Jigsaw Blade

How to Remove Key Broke in Ignition Using a Jigsaw Blade

Here are the steps to remove a broken key from ignition Using a Jigsaw Blade

Step 1: Carefully apply some lock lubricant to the ignition lock.

Step 2: Carefully slide the Jigsaw blade into the ignition lock.

Step 3: When it stops sliding, you’ve reached the end of the cylinder.

Step 4: Cautiously turn the sharp jigsaw edge towards the key and attempt to get the edges on the key’s tooth (or a few teeth). Then, gradually haul the sharp jigsaw edge out of the lock.

Step 5: Pull the critical fragment out of the ignition lock, and once it is out, use a long-nosed plier to remove it completely.

How to Remove Key Broke in Ignition by Opening the Keyhole

Here are the steps to remove a broken key from the ignition by Opening The KeyHole.

Step 1

Spread the key opening using a thin long nose plier. This action is done by carefully inserting the tip of the long nose plier into the key lock and opening it.

This step would widen the keyhole and make the critical fragment easy to remove. However, the key should only be removed with this method if it is completely stuck in the lock as a last resort, as it may permanently damage the ignition lock.

Step 2

Once the keyhole is widened, use some tweezers to remove the key fragment.

Step 3

Use the tweezers to pull the critical fragment straight out the keyhole.

Call a Locksmith

if you have little or no knowledge of the required tools, call a locksmith. They can remove your broken key and make a copy key for you on the spot.

A broken key stuck in the ignition lock can feel like an all-out catastrophe, yet you can set aside some money and tackle the issue yourself much of the time with only a couple of straightforward devices.

When you get the wrecked part out of the lock chamber, a locksmith can make a copy regardless of whether the key is in two pieces.

Other Quicker Methods to Remove Key Broke in Ignition

Other Quicker Methods to Remove Key Broke in Ignition

1. Using Pliers

If a fragment of the broken key sticks out of the ignition, you could use a long nose plier by gripping the protruding part of the key fragment and pulling it out gently.

You can also increase the plier grip by applying adhesives such as super glue so that the pliers can easily latch onto the vital fragment, and don’t forget to clean off any adhesive used before putting the pliers away.

2. Using a Wire Coat Hanger

A wire coat should work if the pliers don’t work out. Use your pliers to sharpen any end of the wire coat hanger into a small hook.

Then, slot the wire coat hanger into the lock and pull outwards to remove the key fragment. You may need to do this repeatedly.

3. Using Wd-40

If you cannot still get the key out using all the previously stated methods, you can then try spraying some WD-40 inside the ignition. Then you can easily pull the stuck key with a hacksaw blade.

Check out this video for more tips on how to remove a broken key from the ignition

Frequently Asked Questions – Key Broke in Ignition

Will a Car Start With a Broken Key?

Your vehicle will not be able to start because the chip in the broken key might be damaged; therefore, the car will not be able to read the information on the key; hence the vehicle will not start.

What Happens if My Critical Breaks in the Ignition?

If your key breaks in the ignition, it causes the lock to be unusable until you find and remove the broken part.

What Do You Do if Your Car Key Breaks in Half?

To gain access to your car, you may need to employ the services of a locksmith who can help produce a new key and hack your lock open. However, to start your engine, you will most likely employ the services of an auto electrician, especially for more recent car models which have programmable chips.

Can You Start a Car With Half a Key?

It is impossible to start a car with a half key, and in any event, where you use any metal tool to try starting the car or unlocking the car doors, you can seriously damage the lock or ignition system.

Can You Super Glue a Broken Key?

Using super glue on the broken key is not an advisable course of action. You might end up damaging the lock beyond repair, and in extreme cases, you might not even be able to extract the key.

Conclusion – Key Broke in Ignition

Maintaining your vehicle can be very expensive, but the comfort and leisure you get after are worth the spent cost.

In an unfortunate event where your car key breaks off in the ignition, you must remain calm and level-headed.

Allowing fear to cloud your judgment might lead to simple mistakes that will inevitably make matters worse, and you might damage the lock or ignition.

Some easy hacks to remove the broken key from the lock or ignition have been explained in the above article.

Still, you must always be very careful when working on the ignition because if your ignition is destroyed, you would need a new ignition. And, it will require you to buy a new ignition that will have to be rekeyed.

It is also recommended to be diligent about getting the work done right on the first trial and save yourself time, stress, and money.

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