Power Steering Fluid Leak (Causes & Repair)

Are you noticing that your car has a power steering fluid leak and wants to know why and how to fix it? Don’t worry because we’ve got the answers to your questions.

Your Power Steering Fluid can seep from the steering hoses that carry it to the gear or rack. Cracks can form in the area where high-pressure hoses connect with metal fittings, leading to a power steering fluid leak.

Seals on the steering rack or gear can also deteriorate, causing power steering fluid to leak out of your car.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons for power steering fluid leak, symptoms of power steering fluid leak, How to fix a power steering fluid leak, and how to save on power steering fluid leak repair.

Let’s get started!

What Causes Power Steering Fluid Leak?

Power steering fluid flows through pipes from the reservoir into the steering pump and finally to the steering gear. A Power steering fluid leak may be from one or both of these components.

Another means through which power steering fluid can leak is through the coolers in the steering system. You can locate coolers towards the front of your vehicle. This area is fragile and can easily be impaired.

Power steering fluid leak could also be caused by the steering pipes that transport them to the gear or rack. A fracture can occur in places where tubes with very high pressure attach to metal fittings, resulting in a power steering fluid leak.

When the seals on the steering rack start to degenerate, it could also cause power steering fluid to drip out of the vehicle.

There are several reasons why there can be a fluid leakage at the power steering pump, some of which include compression of the fluid, wear and tear, or worn-out seals. Seals can be destroyed by impure and unfiltered steering fluid.

The power steering fluid can be any color from pink to red or transparent. If the steering fluid has been contaminated, the color will change to either brown or black.

Different pump elements, such as the gear or rack, could be badly injured if there are insufficient fluid levels due to a power steering fluid leak.

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Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms?

Below are the signs you will notice when you have a power steering fluid leak

1. A Lack of Steering Responsiveness

If you are having difficulties steering your car, this might indicate that the power steering fluid level of your car has fallen to a dangerously low level.

The power steering will no longer be functioning, and you will also have a hard time trying to park your car. Driving your car at this point is very risky.

2. The Car Is Squeaking

A loud, screeching noise can be heard when the power steering fluid is low on older cars. Occasionally, you may hear a chirp or shriek.

You are most likely to overhear this noise when trying to park your car or taking a turn at a tardy speed.

Hearing a squeaking or groaning noise from your vehicle might be an indication that there is a critical issue with your power steering system.

3. Insufficient Power Steering fluid

You should check your car’s Fluid levels as often as possible. Anyone who has taken a driving education should know how important this is.

For your vehicle to work properly, the power steering wheel must contain a good amount of fluid. An insufficient amount of power steering fluid means that there is a power steering fluid leak.

4. Power Steering Fluid Indicator Light Comes On

Power Steering Fluid Indicator Light

A level indicator is located in the middle of the steering wheel that will light up to alert you of a low-power steering fluid. If this light appears, You are highly likely to have experienced a power steering leak.

5. The Steering Is Stiff

One of the most common causes of a stiff steering wheel is a lack of power steering fluid caused by a power steering fluid leak.

There are a few different areas that leaks can occur from – the hose area or other related components may be responsible for this leak.

If you continuously experience stiff Steering while driving, For now, you can solve the problem by refilling the power steering tank, but for it to be solved permanently, the leak must be fixed.

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How To Fix A Power Steering Leak?

Some of the most typical origins of a power steering fluid leak are often a tiny fracture or hole inside one of the power steering parts.

The majority of engines and power steering components are adjacent to each other, making it difficult to distinguish between power steering fluid and engine oil. What makes the power steering fluid stand out is its color, odor, and texture.

Get the leak repaired right away, and then get the power steering fluid refilled with the right fluid type. Consult your car manual for information about what type of fluid to use.

Stop leak agents can be used to repair power steering fluid leaks. They can also be used to avoid leaks in the future. You will have to change the leaking part if you encounter the leak again.

Before you attempt to fix any leaks, you should first speak with a professional mechanic because they can find a long-term solution to a power steering fluid leak.

Watch this video to properly fix your power steering fluid leak

Power Steering Fluid Leak Repair Cost

Power Steering Fluid Leak Repair Costs anywhere from $100 to $200 on average. The precise price will depend on the cause of the leak, the cost of parts and labor, and your location. For instance, Changing the power steering hose will cost you around $60 to $150 and a bit extra for labor.

Can You Drive With A Power Steering Fluid Leak?

In theory, you can drive with a power steering fluid leak, however, you can’t drive with a power steering leak for a long time as it will make it difficult for you to steer your car, and it could be very risky. If at any point in time you think you might be having a power steering leak, it would be preferable if you immediately contact a trained technician to check your car.

How Serious Is A Power Steering Fluid Leak?

Same way oil is essential for the smooth running of the engine, so is the power steering fluid crucial for safe driving. Without this vital fluid, the steering power might falter. A leak in the power steering fluid could make the vehicle not turn with the force it needs. This could lead to dangerous driving conditions and very bad accidents that could have been avoided.

How Long Can You Drive With A Power Steering Fluid Leak?

You cannot drive with a power steering fluid leak for a long time. A power steering fluid leak could make your car become disorderly, resulting in more heat and friction, and can rapidly create expensive damage to your vehicle.

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