Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Do you want to know how much power steering pump replacement costs? If yes, you are on the right page.

The power steering pump is an important component of a steering system. It makes it easier to handle the wheel, and if it starts developing problems, it could seriously impact the car’s drivability.

It’s necessary to replace a bad power steering pump soon enough to avoid more damage to the vehicle. However, replacing it involves different cost factors. Generally, to replace a faulty power steering pump, you will spend around $400 to $1000.

The time it takes to perform the job and how complex the job affects the price. Another factor that’ll affect the final power steering pump cost is the price of parts.

Continue reading to know more about what a power steering pump replacement process will cost you.

Labor cost is the biggest price factor when fixing a power steering pump. However, if your car is a performance or luxury car, the cost of the parts can be high too.

For example, from the above chart, you’ll find out that the power steering pump range from one supply could be above ten times in difference. The lowest and smallest difference is between a Porsche and a Ford for the mechanic.

So, the model and make of a car affect the total price of replacing a pump.

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Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost Factors

Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

When you want to replace the power steering pump, the two most important facts to consider are the model and make of your car and the person to do the work. This will determine like ninety percent of what you’ll spend.

For instance, if you’re living in an underdeveloped area, you’ll have higher chances of finding cheap labor. On the other hand, if your car’s a BMW or Porsche, you’ll find out the parts are more expensive than the labor.

The remaining aspects, like the cost of the steering fluid and any other system damage, can also affect the total amount you’ll spend on repairs.

1. Make and Model

Your car’s model and make determine what the parts would cost. Here, your car will impact 3 price factors. They’re as follows: the part’s availability, cost, and the mechanic’s familiarity with your car.

For instance, if your car is extremely common, it’ll be easy to find the parts, and there’ll be many made-to-fit or universal options.

If your car’s brand is Ford F150/any other similar/popular car, everyone that has repaired it will know it takes much time, and they will easily offer you a quote as they’re aware of what the work entails.

If your car is rare, like an Infinity G35, it’ll be difficult to find its parts, and you may have to pay so your mechanic can order the parts.

You may also need to pay a premium so that your mechanic can do the job because they’re not aware of how long it’ll take for them to finish the work, as they’ve not done the work before.

It could be a very big deal if the power steering pump replacement takes up to one to five hours, based on the vehicle.

Finally, the model and make of the car directly affect the gravity of work done when taking out a power steering pump.

It is extremely handy in some vehicles, while many other parts are moved out to access it in others. All this affects the eventual cost.

2. Condition and Brand of the Part

The part’s brand and the condition is other factors affecting the cost. For instance, if the power steering pump you buy is original and brand new, you’ll pay more dollars for it. So it’s advisable to consider this, especially when your car is relatively new.

Often, you can save money when you choose made-to-fit or aftermarket parts. These parts are made to the manufacturer’s standard. As a result, a universal part is made to fit a wide range of cars and their possible standards, and they are cheaper.

Finally, parts used and rebuilt for them to meet their original standard are called remanufactured parts. You might choose a second-hand part, even though with pumps, it can fail due to seals that could be leaking inside. This is not advisable to use.

3. Cost of Labor

Another factor important in determining the entire cost of replacing your power steering pump is the labor cost.

For instance, for most jobs, the labor cost could be higher than the pump because the average time it takes to remove and replace the pump with a new pump is two to three hours.

However, for some cars, it might take one hour to replace their power steering pump. So it varies by the car’s brand.

Additionally, the rate of the mechanic also varies a bit. Mechanics charge $150-205 per hour nationally, or $60 on average.

If your brand is Firestone, Valvoline, or anything similar, expect the rate to begin with, like $94.99. Adding to the shop fees that you always need to pay, which is usually five to fifteen percent of the job in total.

Therefore, the cost of labor could be a very significant factor.

4. Other Factors

Replacing your power steering pump always comes with other small costs, like getting a new power steering fluid which will come in handy. The cost can range from $6 to $30 for each liter. On average, you’ll be needing 4 liters.

You may need valves, new seals, a reservoir, or new steering lines. All these are cheap parts, yet it could get expensive If you need to replace all.

How Does the Power Steering System Work?

Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

A Steering system that includes a power steering pump has six parts:

  • The power steering pump assembly
  • The power steering reservoir tank
  • The high-pressure hydraulic hose
  • The power steering fluid
  • The power steering fluid return hose
  • The power steering rack, to put everything.

The power steering pump is at the core of the hydraulic system. The element is responsible for sending pressurized steering fluid to the power steering pump. This makes the steering wheel much easy to be handled, especially if it involves turning.

The steering wheel sends the fluid back to your power steering pump through the hose once it receives it, and the cycle process continues from the beginning. The process keeps going as long as the engine runs.

The steering system facilitates car handling, which depends on the power steering pump’s quality.

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Chevrolet Silverado Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

The Chevrolet Silverado’s steering system is complex, and more time is spent on installation and on specific parts. Usually, you’ll spend like $175 to $406 on its parts and between $189 to $241 on labor costs. Generally, the cost to replace this will be a total of $346 to $647.

Ford Focus Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Ford Focus is a reliable and affordable car. Replacing its power steering pump shows this. However, you’ll likely spend between $141 to $173 for parts and $126 to $160 on labor. Usually, the total cost remains between $267 to $334.

Toyota Corolla Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Replacing a Toyota Corolla’s power steering pump will usually cost $204 to $409 to get the parts and $150 to $191 on labor. So the total cost for this particular model will be $354 to $600.

Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Replacing an Accord’s power steering pump will cost between $155 to $349 for the parts and $71 and $90 for the labor. So the total will be between $226 to $439.

Cost of Replacing a Power Steering Pump on a Nissan Altima

Replacing a Nissan Altima’s power steering pump will cost between $246 to $298 for the parts and $94 and $121 for labor. Usually, the total for a brand new replacement will be $340 to $419.

Honda Civic Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

It will cost around $500 to professionally replace a Honda Civic’s power steering pump. However, if you do it yourself, it saves you some money. Since it costs between $80 to $250 for the parts, and $250 and $500 on labor, depending on your geographic location or the place you take it to.

5 Bad Power Steering Pump Symptoms

Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

A power steering pump can last many years, or sometimes throughout a car’s lifetime. Your car could get to the point where the power steering pump can fail. This might look obvious whenever it happens.

The signs you’ll notice when it starts failing is many. We’ve listed 5 of the symptoms that are most common below.

1. Difficulty in Turning Wheel

The most common sign you’ll experience is finding it difficult to turn the steering wheel. When you try turning (mostly at low speeds), your steering wheel feels very stiff, making you use so much force and strength to make a simple turn.

This experience should make you check your power steering pump and its connections. Because this means that one of them is the problem

2. Whining Noise

Hearing whining noises when you turn the car’s steering wheel can be an indication of the existence of an issue in the power steering system.

This noise can be because for several reasons; it could be that your power steering pump is leaking or the power steering fluid might not be high enough. You’ll have to check both to be sure.

3. Squealing Noise

You might hear a squealing noise first when you turn on the car’s engine, and the noise remains constant for about one minute after you’ve started your car.

A faulty power steering pump that makes the system belt inside slip could be the reason you’re hearing this sound. You have to replace your pump and realign the belt to solve the problem.

4. Groaning Noise

This noise is the worst. This occurs when you’ve neglected to replace or repair your already problematic power steering system.

It also occurs when the fluid in the pump is insufficient or there’s a leak. This will ruin the entire steering system.

When it gets to this point, you’ll not just replace your pump; you might need to replace the entire system equally.

5. Chrome Flakes in Fluid

You can learn much about the power steering pump’s condition by checking your steering fluid. You have to check for the fluid’s condition and color, asides from checking if the quantity of steering fluid is adequate.

If there are dark grey colors or a chrome flake in the fluid, you might have a damaged pump.

How to Replace a Power Steering Pump

  1. The mechanic starts by checking your steering system to find the precise problem and determine whether your car’s pump or other system components need replacement or repair.
  2. Once it’s clear that the pump is at fault, the mechanic removes the pump and puts in the new one. In most cases, this is followed by replacing anything that might have leaked out with steering fluid. If the fluid inside the steering tank gets contaminated, the tank might be emptied to eliminate the contaminants.
  3. When the mechanic is done installing the new pump and replacing the fluid, he inspects the system’s belt and the reservoir. The rack and pinion system will also be inspected. A damaged power steering pump can cause further problems to other parts in the car sometimes, and it’s the mechanic’s work to repair the damages it causes to other parts.
  4. Finally, he’ll check for leaks and test-drive the car to ensure it steers properly.

Check out this video for more tips on how to replace power steering pump

Should You Drive with a Bad Power Steering Pump?

If you notice the problems with your steering system are caused by a faulty power steering pump, look for a mechanic to repair it immediately.

If you can still operate the pump slightly, you can drive short distances with your steering wheel. With no pump, this process will be more difficult than what you are used to.

If you’re unable to get to your mechanic before your power steering pump gets fully inoperative, it might stop you from driving. It’s always advisable to look for a professional to help fix the problems immediately after the signs are noticed.

Immediate repair also helps in preventing more damage to your steering system.

How Often Does a Power Steering Pump Need to Be Replaced?

Many car components have expected lifespans, and the power steering pump is no different. Before a pump experiences any significant problem, it could last up to 100,000 miles or more.

However, its lifespan lasting that long is credited to being able to maintain a proper schedule for maintenance.

Repair works are usually found in cars that have been used, especially due to the number of car owner’s leases, because a power steering pump could last for so long.

However, this doesn’t mean younger models will not experience unexpected problems or failures. Always be mindful of the signs and symptoms of a faulty pump so that you’ll be able to avoid significant harm to your vehicle’s steering system.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Power Steering Pump?

On average, it could take between three to five hours for the power steering pump replacement. This increases the cost because every passing labor hour requires more money. In order to save cost, you can try a DIY replacement, but you might not do it very well.

When this kind of complex replacement is at stake, you’re only allowed to do the work if you’ve established expertise in the field. If not, always leave your vehicle in a professional’s hand.

In the end, this might be the best solution that’ll be cost-effective. Installing quality replacement correctly would save you effort and time, and you need to have the power steering pump replaced again soon.

Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Frequently Asked Questions – Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

How much will it cost to replace the power steering pump?

An average repair cost is between $200 to $350. Then replace it with a new part, which will cost around $400 to $800. This depends on the model of the car and the shop you take the car to.

How long does it take a mechanic to replace a power steering pump?

For a professional mechanic, It will take 2-3 hours for him to replace a power steering pump. The replacement cost varies throughout the country, depending on the dealership and garage.

What happens when a power steering pump goes out?

When the power steering pump fails, you’ll not be capable of steering your wheel at all. A leaking pump will make the fluid deplete faster, and this would result in noise and also to loss of your steering assistance.

Can I replace a power steering pump myself?

All you need are the common hand tools to replace the power steering pump. Although to make the work easier, you’ll need special tools that’ll help you safely remove its pulley from the pulley shaft and special flare-nut wrenches.

Can I drive with a bad power steering pump?

It’s unsafe to drive beyond dropping your car off at your mechanic’s when your power steering pump completely goes out. This is so because newer cars are designed to work properly only with a power steering pump.

How long should a power steering pump last?

A power steering pump has no date set for expiration. That being said, you have to prepare your mind to replace your pump after a Hundred thousand miles or more. Some die very fast while others last much longer.

Conclusion – Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Usually, you’ll spend around $400 to $1000 when you want to replace your power steering pump. However, the labor cost will greatly affect the amount you’ll spend if installation consumes a lot of time and gets too complex.

Your car’s model will also affect the cost. Despite this, you’ve to replace your power steering pump immediately if you notice any problem.

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