Spoon Engine (Everything You Need To Know)

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Spoon Engine” after watching the “Fast and Fast and Furious” film franchise. You want to learn more about what it is. Spoon Engine is and if they are really real. You might have seen one but perhaps you’ve not.

So, what’s all this “Spoon Engine” hype about? And where are you able to find answers regarding these engines? Yes, spoon engines exist and you’ll find the answers you need in this article!

No matter what you’ve thought Spoon engines are, actually very real. There’s a Spoon Engine company that has been operating for more than four decades Called Spoon Inc.

Actually, their company refers to their revolution in spoon engines “Spoon-ism”! In terms of street race, Spoon Engines are the most fundamental element of driving. With over 40 years of existence and expertise in the track and road, they combine to make their dream come true!

What Is A Spoon Engine?

A Spoon Engine is a high-end and extremely modified Honda engine. Spoon Engines have the capacity to match the performance of racing cars in terms of power and speed. A lot of automotive parts are actually Spoon automobile parts, in combination with Honda OEM parts.

Spoon Engine is designed by a tuning company in Japan called the “Spoon Inc.“. Tatsuru Ichishima is the brain behind this company. He wished to create super racing cars with intense power from his favorite platform, the 3rd generation Honda Civic hatchback.

Where he removed and dismantled the 1.6 Liter ZC engine and modified it to generate more than 230 horsepower, causing an increase of over 100%.

Then, he began racing the Civics at the Japanese Touring Car Championship in the year 1988; before then, the Honda product did not have an entry.

What they learned while designing race cars was transferred to the then-brand-new Honda NSX, which quickly began to dominate the races all over the globe.

When the sixth-generation Honda Civic Type R of the Honda Motor Co evidently took note of how to play the Spoon game. They basically designed an auto racer directly from the factory, which you could purchase on Friday, compete in races on Saturday, return home on Sunday night, and send your kids off for school on Monday morning. Amazing!

We don’t really know what Spoon Company thought about this announcement. But true race car enthusiasts always appreciate it when their efforts are recognized. More importantly, Spoon had less work to perform in the area of the chassis’s dynamics thanks to the better base of the brand new Type-R.

They did make it mind-blowing, having an 11,000 RPM rev limit and a dry weight of 1984 pounds. This is plenty of power to work on a tough Dodge Challenger!

The Civic was followed up by a variety of noteworthy variants like that of the Honda S2000 and more generations from the Honda Civic.

In essence, if you wanted to drive the most powerful Honda in the world, it is likely that you would find yourself behind the steering wheel of a Spoon engine.

How Is A Spoon Engine Made?

Instead of completely rebuilding the entire system from scratch, a Spoon engine is quite identical to the original engine that is in an automobile.

Aftermarket Spoon components are used to boost performance, but the work they perform is best thought of as an alteration procedure instead of a full transplant.

Spoon engines are designed and built by Spoon Sports themselves. While it is technically feasible to buy each of the components individually and then assemble the engine on their own, but doing this implies that it isn’t officially referred to as a Spoon engine legally.

Spoon engines are, in essence, highly-modified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) engines. Instead of developing a wide variety of their own products, some Spoon parts are OEM parts with fewer margins of errors. They’re more precise, one could consider.

The engine components are balanced and later weighed, with the precision of +/- 0.01 grams (which is the Honda specification). In technical terms, it’s described as “really, really precise.”

There are reports that all bolts and nuts will be torqued to a precise level of +/-1 Nm. Most average torque wrenches you can find in parts or hardware stores will be able to handle a tolerance of about +/- 2%, which is significantly greater than an expert tool.

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What Type Of Vehicles are Spoon Engine Used For?

Spoon engines are built with car racing as a goal. Particularly, when we refer to racing, we mean circuit racing and not drag racing.

Although drag racing is thrilling to experience, however, as a professional sport, it’s not a huge phenomenon outside the US, which is where the roads and a long tradition of thrilling, high-powered muscle automobiles make it among the top popular sports in American history. The majority of the world, when they hear “racing,” will immediately think of circuit racing.

Spoon engines are designed to be effective for the circuit race. They are engineered to last, to be (relatively) economical, and come with an effortless power output – in addition to being as powerful as possible.

In the circuit racing arena specifically, it’s crucial that the engine is capable of lasting for over a long period. The long process of the balancing and weighting of each engine element results in Spoon engines being particularly well-known for their durability. We’ll discuss more detail in the subsequent segments of this article.

Spoon engines are utilized in a variety of FIA sanctioned motorsport events and events across the globe. As The Fast and the Furious indicates, some people also use Spoon engines running inside their modified cars.

What Cars Have Spoon Engines?

What Cars Have Spoon Engines
Credits: Hafiez Razali / Shutterstock

Spoon engines are internal combustion engines that are well-known for their outstanding performance. In addition, with their reputation comes a high price as well.

Although Spoon Sports does purchase after-market parts, the reason why they are the most popular brand is due to the fact that their engine kits and gear are specifically designed to work with standard Honda models like:

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda S2000
  • Honda Acura Integra

The reason people buy from them and the idea behind the famous Spoon Engine is the fact that Spoon Engine remodeling is to ensure that the cars they’re found in perform as fast as the eyes can imagine!

What Car Is A Good For A Spoon Engine?

All of Honda’s initial product products are perfect choices for a spoon engine. But the NSX is my favorite since it is mid-engined, and it can still be driven to the supermarket.

Furthermore, the mid-engined nature is in line with the motto of the Spoon engine: “Refine and balance” because that kind of orientation is naturally balanced.

The fact that Honda didn’t add 900 horsepower in the mix just makes the company more appealing, in my opinion.

If you do not own Honda/Acura NSX money lying around or in your wallet, you can choose any of the Honda Civic varieties that would be suitable alternatives as well.

How Can I Get a Spoon Engine?

You say that you’d like to have a Spoon Engine, right?

If so, then you will have the option to purchase an engine that has been modified or a “crate engine.” If you have a money tree in your yard that is generating hundreds of dollars from its branches and you own a Honda engine, it is possible to ship your engine over directly to Spoon Sports. They’ll get the engine and rebuild it according to your specifications.

After that, you can inform your friends and family that you’ve got one of the sought-after and adored Spoon Engines! You’ll instantly earn the title “Rice Boy.” This is a name awarded to those who’ve been able to have their Honda fitted with an official Spoon Engine!

Are Spoon Engines Built For Everyday Use?

Not exactly all! Spoon Motors and engines are designed specifically for car racing. They are designed specifically for circuits racing which is distinct from drag racing. Spoon components are all about high performance, reliability, and lengthy longevity!

Who Buys Spoon Engines?

A lot of professional race teams buy Spoon Engines. Racing enthusiasts require engines that have immense power and effectiveness. They turn toward Spoon Sports.

Are you considering buying a Spoon Engine, even though you’re not racing? You can. Many circuits’ racers buy the Spoon Engines because circuit racing demands the elements of a renowned and famous Spoon Engine.

If you are looking for an engine built to perform at its best, the Spoon Engine is for you. Purchasing a crate motor could be an alternative for you. It is also possible to contact Spoon Sports to craft an engine specifically for your Honda model of vehicle.

How Much Does a Spoon Engine Cost?

The Spoon K20A race-spec motor costs about $11,000, including transportation and shipping. This is a reasonable price for an engine, but it’s also kind of a bargain when you think about:

  1. The level of performance you’re receiving for the money you spend
  2. It is possible to sell your car for more cash if it’s got an authentic, well-maintained Spoon motor on it.
  3. A complete Civic could cost you $1000, then you put an engine, suspension, cage, tires, wheels, and brakes, and you’ll have an exclusive car that beats the Porsche price by $20,000.

What else are you planning to spend your cash on anyway?

What Are the Various Spoon Engine Options And Cost

Are you looking to purchase a Spoon Engine? Here are the options and their average prices!

Complete Spoon Engine – Honda S2000

This complete Spoon engine offers an appropriate replacement for the older engine installed in the Honda S2000 F20. The engine developed in the Spoon Sports factory is intended as an exact replacement for your existing OEM engine.

Spoon Engine is constructed with the distinctive head gasket made of welding that forms part of the Spoon Two-piece beam.

This beam assists in raising the ratio of compression. It can also be a balanced one that is blueprinted and built according to 0.02g tolerances, which is higher than the factory tolerances of 2g. The price? $12,703.38.

Complete Spoon Engine – K20A

This engine enhances the compression ratio as well as the head gasket through the use of the head gaskets in the beam.

It also provides more power and sharp acceleration. The cost? $11,493.54.

Spoon Sports Long Block (B16A Engine)

For the highest quality endurance in racing, purchase this “Spoon Blueprinted Complete Engine Assembly.” Each piece comes with a JDM Honda large block.

Spoon Engine engineers took their time to rebuild the engine and create a finished product with a blueprint as well as precise balances weighed down to 0.02g. This measurement ensures top excellent performance in endurance races of any kind.

The engines are built in Spoon Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Every motor is made by hand, under close scrutiny by authorities and highly-skilled engineers.

The engines are designed to give you the best reliability, performance, and durability. The price for this engine? Around $15,739.88.

So, as you observe, Spoon Engines are top-quality engines designed for someone with the “need to speed”!

Can You Turbo a Spoon Engine?

Yes, you can get a turbo on your Spoon engine. But it’s not always necessary, given the Spoon engine’s design. The Spoon is designed to run at high speeds and is built to be reliable without the need for a turbocharger.

Therefore, if you install a turbo on your Spoon engine, the increased compression may cause detonation. A turbo may also cause your engine to run hot. This can be especially problematic if you’re driving on a hot day or in traffic.

The added heat will cause the car’s cooling system to work harder, which could lead to other problems like overheating. However, if you’re installing a turbo on your Spoon engine, there are some things you can do to mitigate the risks.

You should first make sure that the engine is in good condition before adding a turbocharger. This means replacing any worn hoses, belts and gaskets as well as performing a compression test on the cylinders.

The temperature of your coolant should also be checked to ensure that it won’t overheat when driving at higher speeds with added pressure from the turbocharger.

What is Hector Running?

What is Hector Running?

Hector will be operating three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. In addition to that, he went to Harry’s and bought three T66 turbos with NOS. And he also ordered a Motec engine exhaust.”

Now it’s obvious that 3 Spoon engines turbocharged, nitrous Oxide, and a straight Pipe exhaust could be spinning the tires through 4th gear along the main straight of Tsukuba! Perhaps on that “Spoon Curve” on the Suzuka Circuit?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Spoon Engine?

A Spoon Engine is a high-end and extremely modified Honda engine. Spoon Engines have the capacity to match the performance of racing cars in terms of power and speed. A lot of automotive parts are actually Spoon automobile parts, in combination with Honda OEM parts.

How much HP does a spoon engine have?

A spoon engine HP is 260 bhp @ 8500 rpm on average.

What cars have spoon engines?

Spoon has been credited for the development of Honda, an elite contender in motorsports thanks to its racing-specific modifications.
It is in Japan; that Spoon sport is known as a top performer when it comes to time-attack and speed with Honda cars like the Integra Type R, NSX as well as the S2000 along with the Civic.

Can I build a spoon engine?

Yes, you can.
Many circuits’ racers can buy the Spoon Engines, too, since circuit racing needs the elements of the legendary and enduring Spoon Engine.
If you are looking for an engine designed to perform at its best and performance, then Spoon Engine is for you.

What did Hector buy in Fast and the Furious?

Three Honda Civics that have spoon engines.
In addition, the guy just went to Harry’s and placed an order for three T66 turbos and NOS.


Spoon engines carry a sense of mystery surrounding them. The internet is filled with diverse opinions, ideas, and thoughts about how great they are and how to avail themselves, and if they’re worth it or not.

In our own point of view, Spoon is the original pedigree of manufacturer-approved Honda modifications.

Spoon Inc. is a business that has its roots in hard-working and humble beginnings that is at the forefront of technology, innovation, and engineering.

If you can afford it, then the Spoon engine would be the right choice for you.

There are two options to which you can choose from:

  1. Purchasing an engine that is already built, or,
  2. If your bank account is bursting at the seams, it is possible to ship your engine (and other components of your drivetrain) to the Spoon Company to undergo a full system modification (called the overhaul). The option is yours.

If none of these seem to be the right fit for you, then you may prefer to purchase some Spoon parts to install on your vehicle.

This way, you’ll get an idea of what it could be like to go through the whole Spoon modification process, and maybe someday you’ll.

We trust that this article has been of great use to you, and you’ve learned more about Spoon engines.

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