Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working (Causes & Solutions)

Immediately a driver enters his vehicle, one thing that excites drivers is using the Uconnect device to play music while driving.

Bluetooth devices like the Uconnect have enhanced how drivers listen to their favorite podcasts and music while driving. However, if the Uconnect Bluetooth fails to work, what can be done to fix this problem? We will examine steps that can be taken to detect what exactly is wrong with the device.

Why is My Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working?

Several factors may cause a Uconnect Bluetooth setup not to work as expected. A very common cause of this is an improper pairing between the smartphone and the Uconnect system.

Another popular reason is a poor signal from the Uconnect system, which makes it impossible to connect with a phone. If a driver is going through any of these problems with the Uconnect Bluetooth device, it is advisable to follow the troubleshooting tips below.

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Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working: Troubleshooting Tips

Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working

1. Restart Your Phone

It is advisable to start this process by restarting the phone. Doing this will reset the initial Bluetooth configurations, which may likely fix this issue. Restarting a phone is not difficult and can be a simple fix.

Simply turn off the phone or take out its battery (if it can be done) and wait for seconds. After this, turn it on and attempt to re-connect the Uconnect system.

2. Delete The Uconnect Bluetooth Pairing History, Then Try Again

After restarting the phone, if the problem is not fixed and the phone fails to work, the next step is to try and delete the initial Uconnect Bluetooth configurations and go through the pairing process again.

This can be done by going to the phone’s Bluetooth settings and deleting the initial Uconnect connection. After this, switch off the vehicle’s engine for some seconds. Then switch it on, then attempt to pair the Uconnect system and the phone again.

3. Ensure The Phone Is Set To “discoverable” mode

This can also be done to fix a Uconnect device that is not working. First, ensure that the phone is in “discoverable” or visible mode. This will make it possible for the Uconnect Bluetooth device to detect and pair with the phone.

This can be done by going to the smartphone’s Bluetooth settings to confirm that the” visible” or “discoverable” mode has been activated.

4. Check For Updates

If, after carrying out all the steps above, the problem is not fixed, another way to fix this may be by checking for updates. Uconnect releases fresh software updates from time to time to fix bugs and improve the performance of the device.

To find if there are any available updates, access Uconnect’s website and type in the particular vehicle model and its year of production. Then comply with the directives that center on downloading and installing the new software update.

5. Check To See Whether Uconnect Is Already Connected To Another Device

If the smartphone in question is an iPhone, it could be the case that the Uconnect has connected to some other device. This can be fixed by going to the smartphone’s Bluetooth settings. Then, locate the “Uconnect” configuration options.

Choose this option, then select “Forget This Device” when the next set of options is displayed. After doing this, try to re-connect the Uconnect system and phone.

6. Delete Pairing History on Your Phone

Clearing off the pairing history on the smartphone and vehicle will reset existing Bluetooth configurations on the smartphone and Uconnect device. This can be done by:

Opening up the vehicle’s Uconnect system configurations. Then, select the Connections option at the bottom left side of the screen.

Run through the connection history and click Phone, Media Audio, or Vehicle to delete a particular Bluetooth connection. (These processes may differ depending on the vehicle’s model.) Scroll down further and select “Delete All Pairing History.” Select “Delete,” which will be displayed after carrying out the previous step to remove all pairing records.

Ensure all pairing records are on the smartphone. To do this, go to Bluetooth settings on the phone and select the “forget” option to delete existing connections with that device.

7. Check if Uconnect is connected to another device.

If a Uconnect system has connected successfully to some other device, it will not connect to a new one. In an instance like this, removing that other device from the list of paired devices

is only right before connecting to one’s phone. This usually happens when another person pairs their phone with the Uconnect device.

8. Reset The Uconnect System

Performing an overall reset on a Uconnect system can fix this problem. Doing this means all existing preferences and settings saved on the Uconnect are cleared off the system.

Although, instances may arise where there is no solution to fixing this problem other than this option. So, one has no choice but to go for this option. After resetting, one may fill in the previous setting and preferences.

An overall reset on a Uconnect system causes a major change depending on the vehicle. To know how an overall reset can be done on the Uconnect Bluetooth system, surf the Internet and find ways to carry out a master reset on the Uconnect Bluetooth system on the particular car in question. Ensure the particular model and production year of the vehicle are included.

9. Check The Uconnect System’s Signal Strength

If, after following all the aforementioned instructions, the problem persists, the next step is to take a look at the signal strength of the Uconnect Bluetooth device.

A weak signal could be responsible for all of this. Signal strength can be checked by logging on to Uconnect’s website and filling in the vehicle’s year and model. Then, follow subsequent directives to know the system’s signal strength.

Trying these troubleshooting procedures should help om fixing issues related to the Uconnect Bluetooth device not working or connecting. If, after all of this, the situation remains unchanged and it does not work, it is recommended that a call should be put through to Uconnect’s customer service for further help.

What Is The Uconnect Access App?

The Uconnect feature has an access app that works on smartphones and allows the driver to access different functions of the vehicle through a smartphone. Some things that can be done with this access app include:

  • Locking and unlocking vehicle doors
  • Power the engine
  • Flashing vehicle lights
  • Using the horn

The access app can be downloaded at no cost and works perfectly on a lot of iOS and Android devices.

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How To Connect To Uconnect

Uconnect Bluetooth Not Working

For new Uconnect users, follow the steps below to successfully pair a vehicle’s Uconnect device:

  1. Start by switching the vehicle’s gear to Park without turning off the ignition.
  2. With a smartphone in hand, push down the phone button as seen on the Uconnect system
  3. After this, it requests a task. Then respond orally, saying, “Setup Bluetooth.”

After this, Uconnect will start giving directives on starting the pairing procedure.

  1. Confirm the passcode displayed on the Uconnect system and ensure it matches that displayed on the phone screen.
  2. If it matches, selects “OK” or “Pair.” However, if it is different and does not match, restart the procedure from the first step.

Listen and adhere to the voice directives or go through the owner’s manual of the smartphone to finish the procedure.

Ensure the smartphone is in close proximity (not more than six feet) to the Uconnect system while undertaking the pairing steps.

Immediately after the initial configurations are done, the smartphone connects to Uconnect by default every time the driver enters the vehicle.

How Can You tell the Version of Uconnect You Have?

If uncertain about the Uconnect version in a vehicle, one can find out by going through these steps:

  1. Select the “Settings” option as displayed on the main menu.
  2. After this, navigate the options to “About Uconnect” or “About Phone.”

Here, the Uconnect system will be listed with its version number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Bluetooth Suddenly Not Working In My Car?

One can start by ascertaining that the audio device and smartphone are properly in good condition for connection. A few times, this problem may be due to an issue as minor as mistakenly turning off the Bluetooth. Look at the settings and check very well to confirm the Bluetooth is active and visible.

How Do I Contact Uconnect?

To get more information, visit a local store or reach Uconnect’s Customer service at 1-877-855-8400.

How Much Does It Cost To Update Uconnect?

Fortunately, updating a Uconnect software comes at no cost, as these updates can be downloaded for free. To maximize the benefits of having regular software updates. The tips above can help with the update, or simply go through the video below. To get extra features from a Uconnect device, users may go for the “Uconnect Access” subscription plan, which costs about $14.99 per month or $149.99 for an entire year.

Why Is My Uconnect Not Pairing?

Performing a master reset on the smartphone by taking out its battery (check the smartphone’s owner’s manual to know if its battery can be removed). Next, delete all existing pairing records on the Uconnect device and smartphone, which can be found on the smartphone’s Bluetooth settings. Make sure to select “Uconnect” when the option of discovered Bluetooth devices pops up on the phone.

How Do I Fix My Uconnect?

Start the vehicle by turning on the ignition; however, do not move the vehicle, then press the tuner knob and volume button at the same time; keep pressing these buttons for about 10 to 20 seconds.

Why Is My Bluetooth In My Jeep Not Working?

Most times, the vehicle and the smartphone Uconnect cannot detect each other because neither of the two devices has their Bluetooth settings on “Discoverable “or “visible” mode. To have this fixed, click on the Uconnect or phone’s Bluetooth settings and turn to change it to visible mode.

How Do I Get My Uconnect Bluetooth To Work?

Switch on the phone’s Bluetooth and choose the option to find new devices. The smartphone should show “Uconnect” as an option in the Bluetooth menu. Choose “Uconnect” and fill in the required system’s PIN. The Uconnect device should indicate a successful pairing. After this, the smartphone has been successfully paired with the Uconnect device.

What Is Wrong With Uconnect?

The has been a class action suit against Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect “infotainment” system, alleging that it is faulty and causing different issues for drivers of the vehicle. What kind of problems is being reported by drivers? These problems include a blank or freezing screen, GPS navigation stops working, problems with the vehicle’s rear backup camera, etc.

Why does Uconnect not work sometimes?

If one’s Uconnect Bluetooth device is not connecting, follow these troubleshooting instructions to solve the issue:

  1. Restart the phone.
  2. Delete all existing pairing records on the phone and Uconnect device.
  3. Ensure that the phone’s Bluetooth is “visible” and can be discovered by other devices.

Final Thoughts

When a Uconnect Bluetooth device fails to work, there is no cause for worry. However, there are certain things that can be done to solve this problem and get it working again. First, look out for new updates and download any available ones. This, in most cases, is an easy fix if one experiences problems relating to Uconnect Bluetooth settings.

First, ensure the smartphone is properly configured to connect through Bluetooth. Sometimes by just activating the smartphone’s Bluetooth, problems relating to a Uconnect Bluetooth can be fixed. If the infotainment center still does not connect after resetting and updating software, the next thing to do should be to have it checked by a specialist.

With these little troubleshooting tips, one can solve problems connected to a Uconnect Bluetooth system not working in a few minutes. Hopefully, this article helped in understanding the problems associated with a Uconnect device not working. For further inquiries, draw my attention to questions in the comment below.

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