VW EPC Light Car Shaking (Causes & Fixes)

Are you having a VW EPC Light Car Shaking problem and want to know why and how to fix it? Worry no more because we have the answers you need.

There’s a variety of reasons the EPC light on your Volkswagen vehicle will come on and why the car might be shaking.

This article provides you with the common reasons you have a VW EPC Light Car Shaking problem, what to do when this happens and how you can go about fixing it.

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The EPC is an abbreviation for Electronic power control. It helps to keep your car in check. If you notice that the light has come on, it signifies an issue with either the engine, the power system, or the brake system.

However, when the car starts shaking, it may be a sign of motor mount failure or a vacuum leak, and you will need to verify and replace the damaged component as soon as possible.

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What Are the Causes of EPC Light on a Volkswagen?

vw epc light car shaking

Some of the common reasons why the VW EPC light comes up are;

  1. Bad abs sensor
  2. Cracked abs ring
  3. Damaged brake panel switch
  4. Bad throttle body
  5. Engine sensor failures
  6. Incorrect abs wiring
  7. Power steering failure
  8. Internal engine component failure
  9. Bad brake sensor pressure

How to Fix the EPC Warning Light?

When the EPC warning light comes on, it affects lots of the car’s functionality. To solve this problem, follow these steps.

Firstly you will need to get an OBD1 & 2 scanner equipment. Then, after that, you just have to insert the device into the car and scan it.

There are multiple trouble codes stored in the control unit whenever the EPC Warning light comes on, and they are displayed on the scanner.

Secondly, carry out a physical investigation on other damages that could cause the EPC warning light to come on. Finally, you need to check the brake light and the rear light. Make sure they are all in condition before proceeding.

After that, you will need to look into the car throttle body and check for dirt and debris or carbon deposits. If you see any of these, you will need to clean them out.

Again, a throttle body cleaner will help you achieve good cleaning. Also, ensure that all connections are correctly made.

Finally, when done with the investigations, make sure you rectify the problems and make replacements where necessary. As soon as all these are done, the EPC light will turn off automatically.

You may also need to reset and clear the error codes; the scanner equipment or tool will help you do this.

Can I Drive a Shaking Volkswagen Car With an EPC Light On?

vw epc light car shaking

You may find it possible to drive a shaking VW car with an EPC light on, but it is not advisable and uncomfortable. Driving your Volkswagen vehicle with the EPC light on and the car shaking could also result in severe accidents.

When the EPC light is on, it is a sign that something is wrong with one of the car parts and needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

It is important to keep in mind that the EPC light interacts with the car steering and brake systems; hence when you drive the EPC light on, you expose yourself to possible fatal accidents and engine damage.

If you see the EPC light on your VW, Please drive straight to a nearby mechanic workshop to fix the problem.

when this light comes on, you won’t instantly observe any damage or create one when you drive slowly and carefully. However, you will need to visit a mechanic immediately to resolve the problem before it escalates.

How Do I Reset My VW EPC Light?

  1. First, turn on the car, then turn it off.
  2. Turn on the car again and push down the gas pedal as the engine starts.
  3. Check to verify that the problem has been fixed. If it has not, then call your mechanic to come to fix it. However, the above steps could help fix the problem. Also, try to examine the electrical connection linked with the throttle.

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Why Is Your Volkswagen Vehicle Shaking?

vw epc light car shaking

The VW shakes for a variety of reasons, primarily mechanical faults. For example, it could be an engine mount problem, engine misfiring, or even a bad spark plug.

Here are some other possible reasons why your Volkswagen is shaking; solutions are also provided.

1. Damaged Engine Mount

The Volkswagen engine comes with an engine mount that helps bring support and balance to the engine. When this mount gets damaged, it will cause the engine to be unstable, and the car will shake as you drive.


Repairing the mount will bring stability to the engine, and the shaking will stop.

2. Faulty Ignition Coil

When your car ignition coil gets bad, it can lead to a misfire, poor acceleration, power loss, and even car shaking. An OBD scanner can help you get more insight into this problem.


Replacement of the ignition coil with a new one or the one from aftermarket can help fix the problem.

3. Uneven Brake Pad Wear

When you apply your car brake and notice that the car is shaking, a possible cause is uneven wear in the brake pad. This could be a result of poor lubrication and friction.


You will have to get a new brake pad for replacement and check the car rotor to ensure it is not out of specification. You will have to adjust it to meet the specification if it is out. Again, consult your mechanic to help you with this.

4. Unbalanced Tires

If your car is out of alignment or the air pressure is not correct, then there’s all indication that it will start shaking as you drive. Particularly when driving at high speed. This is the most common reason why cars shake.


You need a professional that is good at tire services. An overall inspection will be carried out to know the problem before fixing it.

5. Faulty Fuel Injector

Engine misfire will cause your car to start shaking, and this misfire is a result of a bad fuel injector. A bad fuel injector won’t be able to spray the right about of fuel needed for combustion.


First, you will need to diagnose to ascertain that the problem is coming from the fuel injector; you will have to get a replacement when that has been confirmed.

6. Damaged or Out of Balance Driveshaft

Your car vigorously shakes when the driveshaft is out of balance or damaged. You will need to inspect the driveshaft to know if it is out of balance or broken. This confirmation will help you understand what to do next.


You have to call a professional mechanic to carry out a replacement. Though it may not be an outright replacement but only that of faulty parts.

7. Worn Out/Tired Engines

When your car engine is worn out, maybe due to age, it may start to misfire; this misfire you could then cause the car to start shaking as you drive.


You may be required to change the car engine, but you could be lucky to have some of the engine parts changed and get the car back in good health. First, however, consult your car mechanic or a professional sound mechanic to help you arrive at a gainful decision.

vw epc light car shaking

Frequently Asked Questions – VW EPC Light Car Shaking

What Causes EPC to Light on VW?

There are many reasons why the EPC light on a Volkswagen could come on; such reasons could be failed ABS, wiring issue, an engine problem, bad throttle body, etc.

Can I Drive With the EPC Light On?

It is possible to drive when the EPC warning light is on. However, it is not advisable because you will end up causing more damage to the car engine. Therefore whenever you see this light comes up, call your technician or mechanic for a quick fix.

Can the EPC Warning Light Cause a Loss of Power?

Since the EPC warning light is linked with the throttle system, monitoring and controlling it, then EPC warning light could also cause power loss and make it difficult for the engine to rev up.

Why Is My Car Suddenly Shaking?

You could be experiencing some mechanical fault such as unbalanced tires, damaged well, or engine problems like misfiring. On the other hand, it could be a spark plug problem or an injector issue. You will need to consult your mechanic for a full inspection.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Epc VW?

You will be spending about $100 to $400 or even more, depending on the nature of the problem.

Conclusion – VW EPC Light Car Shaking

When the VW EPC light is illuminated, it indicates a serious fuel or ignition system problem. However, the car shaking could indicate a vacuum leak or even damaged motor mounts that would need to be replaced.

If you have no knowledge about car repairs, Visit a mechanic immediately for proper diagnosis and repair

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