What Does M Mean on a Car? (Everything to Know)

Have you seen M on your car, and you are wondering what does M mean on a car and what it does do? Well, you have found the right place where the meaning of M and what it does is discussed extensively.

In most cars, the M gear is used when the Auto Transmission cannot be depended on. For example, when one senses that the vehicle is safer on manual control and switches over to prevent the vehicle from going backward and subsequently causing havoc.

As you read more in this article, you will know the meaning of M and a lot more of what it does.

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It serves as a safety feature/backup for every Auto Transmission vehicle. This means that you are in control of the gears, and you can adjust them as you want.

Usually, the M position is used when the Auto Transmission cannot be depended on. For instance, when one senses that the vehicle is safer on manual control and switches over to prevent the vehicle from going backward and subsequently causing havoc.

In this situation, you just have to adjust the gear handle to the M mode and move the handle backward or forward to decrease or increase your gear.

For Automatic Transmission, your gear can change depending on the RPM and load.

Generally, whenever you press the pedal (such as when you’re overtaking something/someone or a quick uphill movement) in an automatic transmission, you do not immediately get a boost of power.

To get better control and power of your car, you have to lower your gear and press the gas accelerator/pedal.

When you set it in the M mode, the (‘-“downshift), (“+” upshift) starts to function. This mode is known as the trip tonic mode.

If extreme or improper shifts are given, it can go back to auto mode. This position is useful in the CVT gearbox. Though, the CVT will not suddenly give you high revs.

Today, the M state is unavailable, and you can perform a gear shift within the D mode.

In older models, you can see the up and downshift at the center gear rod, while other models have it between the wheel and the indicator rod at the back of your steering wheel.

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When Driving, Can I Shift From D Mode to M Mode?

What Does M Mean on a Car

Yes, you can, without having anything to be bothered about. Nowadays, automatic transmission with manual mode can do this, and it is designed to easily switch from automatic to manual even when you’re cruising.

Over time, the automatic transmission advanced. The manual option in automatic vehicles was introduced first in luxury vehicles. Now, today’s automatic transmission gives the option where the driver can switch to the manual mode.

Unlike the original manual transmission, whereby a cable or the hydraulic clutch is controlled using a pedal, in recent transmissions, gears are adjusted using a push/tug or switches on your shifter.

For this type of transmission, the driver can choose the gear he wants. The manual state allows you to have better control since you get to select a gear and stay there, as you are aware that the better control you have, the better for you.

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What Is the “M” Gear Shift Mode Used For, and How Does It Work?

Many cars nowadays have the M mode feature on the gear shift. The M symbolizes Manual, which enables the driver to have control of the adjusting of gears without a computer doing it.

Nevertheless, for some vehicles, you’ll have to start with the Neutral when your vehicle is in the manual position. So, you’ll have to check your vehicle’s manual to gain better knowledge of your vehicle.

To activate the manual position, press down the clutch pedal of your car using the left foot, and at the same time, use the right hand to adjust the gear shift into the M mode.

Immediately you’ve picked the right gear you want to drive with (this depends on whether you are decelerating or accelerating), release the two pedals, and start driving as you should.

These are some examples where the manual position is useful:

1. When Driving Downhill

In a situation whereby you are driving down on an elevated mountainous road, if you put your vehicle in the drive mode, you might be riding the brakes down, which is not a good thing for the brake.

This is because the brakes could overheat, and when the brake overheat, it won’t function properly. But if the mode is manual, you could lower the gear by 1 or 2 so that the engine can do some of the brakings by reducing the pressure on the brakes.

2. When Additional Power Is Needed

Another example is when extra power is required, such as when you want to overtake another vehicle on the other side of the roadway, and you have to increase the speed.

In some vehicles, if the mode stays automatic, and then you press down the pedal, your transmission might not shift down instantly to give extra torque. Putting your car in the manual mode and picking the gear of your choice in this instance would help boost the power without waiting for your transmission to do that.

What Does M/S Mean on a Gear Shift?

What Does MS Mean on a Gear Shift

The gears of Semi-automatic and Manual transmission cars are labeled with S and M on them.

M simply means manual mode, whereby you can direct when the gear shifts in the vehicle. At the same time, S refers to a mode whereby the vehicle controls when the gear shifts.

The other kind of transmission includes the fully automatic transmission that shifts the gears by itself.

Even so, the Semi-automatic mode is available only in vehicles with automatic transmission. At the same time, some cars have a manual mode which allows you to control your vehicle when you’re shifting gear.

M/S Mode vs. S Mode

Let us discuss the meaning of these modes before going into detail.

The S symbolizes Sport, which you can find on cars with high performance in different models and make.

The M/S and sport modes can be engaged through the controls you have on the screen dashboard, whether the feature is available for your vehicle or using a switch ( you can find it is close to the gear shift).

Every mode permits the vehicle to respond more to movement and acceleration in various ways.

If your car is in the S mode, you have high control over the throttle actions; this includes how slowly or quickly it picks up speed whenever you press the pedal.

In S mode, you can depend on the engine to produce enough responsiveness and power if you are driving on a plane surface.

Note: If the wheels are slimming around a curve, it will be hard to move the power into speed. Since you need the traction for acceleration, when it’s in S mode, all the power will not be transferred until you are on level ground.

What Does the “M” Button/Mode Do in an Automatic Car?

The manual mode can be found on modern automatic vehicles. When you activate it, it’ll retain the transmission in the first gear till you accelerate by pressing the gas pedal. When you want to adjust gears in manual mode, you must press down a different gear shift using your right hand. This enables you to shift the gears manually from 1 through 3.

When you make use of the M mode when driving, it has some benefits. Firstly, you can control the acceleration, especially when you want to change to highway speed immediately or when you are in heavy traffic. Secondly, it would stop your vehicle from gear shifting when it should not.

Why Does the Toyota Vehicle Have the Manual Mode?

When driving a Toyota vehicle, you may observe that the vehicle has the M/S mode or switch on the gear shift.

The auto transmission aims to assist the drivers in controlling the speed of their vehicles when they are in various kinds of traffic. It’s reasonable if drivers want more control of the transmission, especially during slippery conditions than during normal conditions. You can change from manual Shifting to manual Shifting by pressing the M/S button.

What Does M Mean on a Car

How Does the Manual Shift Switch Work in a Toyota Vehicle?

The manual mode enables you to shift gears in a Toyota vehicle. Switching to a Manual mode implies that you want to control the Shifting of gears by yourself instead of the automatic transmission.

When driving, you could shift the gear any time you want for manual mode. Most times, activating the manual mode is one’s choice depending on the type of driving circumstances you encounter most or how often you drive your vehicle.

Most vehicles have a lever or button on their gearshift that allow you to shift gears manually. The common location in the manual shift is around the vehicle’s console, close to the other controls such as the headlight switch and the parking brake. In rare situations, you’ll find them on the steering wheel.

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Frequently Asked Questions – What Does M Mean on a Car?

What does M mode stand for on car gear shift?

The M mode is a manual mode used to manually step down or up the transmission via pre-programmed gears. The shift indicator would indicate the gear you are in when you shift to the M mode from the Drive mode.

Can you shift to M from D while driving?

Well, nowadays, auto transmission with manual mode can do this. It can Shift to Manual modes from automatic even when cruising. The automatic transmission has experienced some advancement over time.

What are D and M in automatic vehicles?

The automatic manual transmission gearbox has these signs, i.e., M stands for Manual mode, ‘R’ stand for reverse, ‘D’ stands for Drive, and ‘N’ stands for Neutral state.

What does the M mean on the Ford shifter?

The M stands for manual Shifting. You’ll have the a – and a + on the gear selector to shift the transmission manually. If you do not want to cause trouble, stay in the drive mode, leaving the traction control on.

Does manual mode save gas?

After testing, we have seen that some vehicles with manual transmission have better gas mileage by 2-5 mpg, unlike automatic transmissions, and the price of such cars can be cut by $800-$1,200. And from time to time, a manual transmission can enhance acceleration.

Conclusion – What Does M Mean on a Car?

In an Automatic Transmission, “M” means Manual Gear Change, which means you can change gears manually if you want. However, The system would control the clutch and the rest of the operations.

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