What Does the Wrench Light Mean? (Everything to Know)

Did you notice the wrench light on your dashboard and are asking What does the wrench light mean? If so, you are on the right page.

There is no need to get scared when you see the wrench light on your dashboard, as it is a warning signal with various meanings at different times.

However, Suppose you are looking for an accurate explanation of your dashboard’s wrench light. In that case, this article contains all you need to know about the underlying problems behind the wrench symbol and the appropriate solutions.

Usually, Vehicle manufacturers make use of various light indicators, one of which is a car icon with a wrench embedded in the hero.

Vehicles of today have dozens of indicators on their dashboards some of these numerous indicators include; the indicators for oil pressure, battery, park assist, coolant temperature, and the check engine light, among others.

For example, the oil pressure light indicates that oil is not being delivered to the engine properly. The check engine light, normally called the malfunction indicator light, simply means that the emissions system has a malfunction–and if the light blinks, immediate attention is needed.

In essence, the wrench icon on a car’s dashboard, in most cases, indicates that the vehicle’s maintenance is due.

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Does It Mean There’s Something Wrong With the Car?

What Does the Wrench Light Mean

The symbol is basically a reminder that the vehicle’s periodic maintenance schedule is due.

Different vehicle manufacturers set various maintenance schedules depending on the features, functionality, and model of the vehicle. A vehicle’s maintenance interval could be set at any value between 5,000 to 10,000 km and the indicator is set to appear at a certain point before the upcoming milestone to give you a heads-up.

Hopefully, the signal of the indicator will offer the car owner enough time to prepare a scheduled date for maintenance and also save enough funds for that sole purpose.

On rare occasions, the wrench indicator appears even after complete servicing has been carried out on the vehicle. In most cases, the dealer or mechanic does not reset the reminder at the end of the maintenance exercise.

It is safe to drive with the wrench indicator on if that is the case because it will eventually disappear after the next maintenance schedule, but if you want to be certain, you can either bring it back to the dealer or mechanic or simply reset it yourself, by carefully disconnecting and reconnecting the battery under the hood in the appropriate manner.

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What Does the Orange Wrench Light Mean?

The Orange wrench light on your dashboard simply means that your vehicle needs to change both its engine oil and oil filter as soon as possible. Therefore, you will not be able to see the normal mileage display until the oil is changed.

What Does the Yellow Wrench Light Mean?

A yellow wrench symbol, in general, denotes a maintenance reminder. In addition, above and below the mileage indicator are numbers and letters which denote specific parts of the car which require attention.

For example, the A may mean inspection is required, while the B may mean oil and/or filter is due for replacement.

Can You Drive With the Wrench Light On?

What Does the Wrench Light Mean

Despite the fact that your car will not come to a complete halt when a wrench icon becomes visible on your dashboard, it is still profitable to beware of warning indicators and seek the services of a professional who will be able to handle any situation the wrench warning signal may represent.

The wrench light ‘on’ indicates something is wrong with the car’s system. The symbol might represent problems ranging from a needed engine servicing or a faulty powertrain.

If the powertrain is faulty, you might be required to stop driving when the wrench light comes on, although, if the wrench icon signifies an engine servicing, the car might still be able to run a few more miles.

How Do I Turn off the Wrench Light on My Dashboard?

On rare occasions, even when the automobile technician has just recently serviced the engine, the wrench light could still display on your dashboard.

Therefore, to keep your mind in a level of safety, you might need to turn off the wrench light as far as you have the precise foreknowledge that the wrench indicator is not meant to come on due to recent servicing of the car. Below are simple steps to follow if you want to turn off the wrench light on your dashboard.

  • Put the ignition ‘on’ ( turn the key one click before starting the engine).
  • Push the Select/Reset button either as a knob on your dashboard or your steering wheel.
  • Push and hold the Select/Reset button for at least10 seconds.

What Is a Powertrain Fault?

Powertrain fault or powertrain failure usually happens to older or higher mileage vehicles and can cause power components to overheat in your vehicle.

Therefore, it is always advisable to adhere to the wrench indicator warnings. Though your vehicle may operate in a default “safe mode” until the issue is resolved, you will not enjoy the full potential of your vehicle.

What Does a Powertrain Malfunction Mean?

The Powertrain malfunction is a state where the power produced by your vehicle is reduced. A warning is illuminated on the dashboard whenever the vehicle is experiencing such a condition. If the warning is ignored and the car is driven, as usual, it can cause severe damage to the drivetrain, engine, or transmission.

Can You Drive With a Powertrain Fault?

If you ignore the wrench indicator warnings, you can still drive your vehicle. However, your vehicle may operate in a default “safe mode” until the issue has been resolved. You will still experience overheating in the engine, transmission, and drive train if you stubbornly wish to drive with a powertrain fault.

What Would Cause the Powertrain Light to Come On?

The powertrain refers to your car’s engine system. Generally, this indicator light means an issue has been detected in the automatic transmission (not applicable in manual transmission cars) or transaxle. This light can also indicate an Electric fault with the shift Control system.

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What Does the Wrench Light Mean on Different Car Models

What Does the Wrench Light Mean

Morden vehicles can be described to be more electronic than mechanical. However, technology has helped increase the life span of automobiles by putting in place preventive and protective measures like sensors and indicators, which help monitor and relay information about the vehicle’s mechanical parts.

The wrench icon is one of these indicators which helps relate the situation of the engine parts to the driver. The Wrench icon generally means that your mechanic will need to check on your vehicle soon, but this icon’s meaning varies with different models of cars.

What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a Ford Escape 2008?

The wrench light on a 2008 Escape is an indicator light that warns you that your vehicle has issues related to the operation of the transmission or electronic throttle body, and troubleshooting is needed.

What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a 2009 Ford Escape?

The orange wrench light in a 2009 Ford escape indicates that the engine’s maintenance is due. This prior warning lets a car owner know that routine maintenance needs to be performed.

What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a Mercedes Benz?

When the wrench-shaped symbol is triggered, it implies that the scheduled maintenance date for your Mercedes-Benz is due. Mercedes-Benz also recommends a series of troubleshooting exercises that will help keep your car in good condition and can also help prevent untimely and severe damage to the engine.

What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a Honda CRV?

When your Honda CR-V requires maintenance, a “wrench” icon indicating the due service date will appear on the dashboard. Your car should be taken to the dealer for servicing ASAP.

What Does the Orange Wrench Light Mean on a Honda Accord?

The 2006 Honda Accord wrench symbol tells you when a certain feature is being overused or when your vehicle needs minor maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions – What Does the Wrench Light Mean?

Why would a wrench light come on?

The wrench light would come ‘on’ for reasons ranging from time-based milestones not being met or a fault with the vehicle that needs immediate professional attention.

Is the wrench light serious?

It is unsafe to drive with this light ‘on.’ It is safer to pay attention to the root cause of the wrench light warning, as you will most likely receive your vehicle in good condition the same day it is given to the automobile technician.

What does the yellow wrench light mean?

A yellow wrench icon on your dashboard means your vehicle is due for its timely servicing.

What causes a wrench light to come on?

The wrench light illuminates due to the need for engine maintenance or proper servicing. The wrench light reminds you to book an appointment with your automobile technician now.

How long can you drive with a wrench light?

There is no exact distance which one can be safe driving with your wrench light ‘on.’ However, it is wise not to travel more than 12 months or 7,500 miles (whichever comes first) without changing your engine oil.

Conclusion – What Does the Wrench Light Mean?

There is no smart way to get around servicing your car from time to time. Besides, it is more profitable to undergo car maintenance/servicing at the right time.

The wrench light comes ‘on’ from time to time to offer a timely warning in a bid to keep our engine in a safe and proper working condition.

Therefore, whenever you see the wrench indicator ‘on,’ know it is time to care for your precious car.

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