What Does Tow Haul Mode Do? (How & When to Use It)

Are you confused about the Tow Haul mode in your vehicle? Perhaps you might have just discovered the Tow Haul mood in your vehicle and is asking – What does Tow Haul mode do?

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The Tow haul mode makes the vehicle operate in low gear, allowing the engine of your vehicle to stop and utilize the brakes slowly.

It is suggested that any time you want additional traction, to stop or to power the steering to make up for the heavy load or trailer, you should press it.

When the Haul/Tow mode is engaged, the system holds the lower gear for a long time when decelerating or accelerating.

This will enable you to observe it well on mountainous roads or long slopes, but as stated, it would do fewer things when it’s on the highway.

The major goal of this Tow haul mode is that it provides a good response from the engine and also additional power to your brakes to assist the vehicle’s brake.

The Tow haul button is associated with specific SUV models and truck that has automatic transmission; this assists you in controlling the vehicle shifting cycle, which makes up for the additional weight of your vehicle.

Recent SUVs and heavy-duty trucks come with engines that are powerful and convey the type of torque that towing the trailer needs, but at times they make use of any help available.

A heavy trailer might be towed to the extent that the setup gets to the vehicle capability limit, or probably there is hauling of heavy cargo on steep terrain or any type of terrain.

In such a situation, the Tow haul assists component will aid the automatic truck in dealing with an additional load on your engine with little adjustments.

Automatic transmission trucks, especially those that come alongside tow packages or are made from the ground up to haul, they often come along with the tow haul mode.

A driver will be acquainted with this tow-haul button. This button is on the console, dashboard, or close to the shift lever that engages the SUV or truck tow haul mode.

The functions of these tow-haul buttons might be different based on the manufacturers or sometimes based on the models.

In some, the manufacturers might say you should push the tow-haul button anytime you want to haul your livestock, boats, cargo, trailer, or maybe another vehicle that the tow configuration is low.

While others will recommend you save the tow-haul mode for situations that it is more important, in this scenario, the manufacturers most times give the estimated type and the weight of the loads that will require you to press the haul button.

Most times, it’s better to look at the manual by the manufacturers on what the button should be used for.

The dealer or manufacturer might give additional info on the characteristics of the tow-haul of that specific model.

They might also give additional helpful tips on how to fully utilize this particular driving mode.

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What Does the Tow Haul Button Do?

What Does the Tow Haul Button Do

The tow-haul button initiates the vehicle tow-haul mode, which is necessary to lower the gear of your vehicle and might shift too early and provide you with additional torque.

Most of the transmissions are smart enough these days, and they have various functions whenever this feature initiates.

A signal would come up whenever the tow-haul button is pressed to make you aware that the tow-haul mode of your vehicle is active.

The indicator is located at the shift lever for some vehicles, which would come up whenever tow-haul mode is on.

However, for most models, the indicator or signal on the instrumental dashboard will come up whenever you hit the tow haul button.

Whenever this tow-haul mode is activated, pressing down the button can turn it off and also turn off this mode. When you turn off or deactivate the tow-haul mode, the light from the indicator would also turn off.

In order to know what to expect when you press the haul button or how you should make use of the tow haul button, it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s manual.

This manual offers additional info on the traction selection system and the selectable drive modes and how the tow-haul mode functions alongside the settings available for the SUV or truck.

How Does the Tow Haul Button Work?

The Tow haul button engages or disengages tow-haul mode relating to the SUV or truck when it has one.

When the Tow haul mode is engaged, it will assist your vehicle pull or tow large loads or heavier trailers safely.

Car manufacturers advise you to turn on the haul button so that it could also help to guide the vehicle’s automatic transmission system.

In addition, these haul buttons and the tow-haul mode activated provide better control over the towing setup that you can notice quickly when driving in a region with uneven terrain or steep hills.

It can provide you with good gas mileage and assist in reducing the additional damages on the automatic transmission that may happen due to towing.

It is also based on the specified tow-haul mode and how this operates to that specified make and model.

You might wonder how a specific tow-haul mode works and how it helps to tow heavier loads. Here is an answer to that

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How Does These Tow Haul Mood Work?

What Does Tow Haul Mode Do

An electrical system will engage when you press the tow haul button, which will also shit the car’s characteristics. 

This is known as the tow-haul mode, and many manufacturers designed their own to lessen the shift cycles that the automatic transmission produces when driving on the road.

Drivers of manual transmission might be conversant with an adjustment that you might need as you pass through hills or climb hills when hauling heavier cargo.

The majority of these drivers try to adjust earlier, which assists in accounting for extra weight.

It also helps in reducing damage to the engine, which happens because of the extra load that comes with the trailer.

In a lot of automatic transmissions, the tow-haul mode operates similarly. When you turn on the vehicle’s tow-haul mode, it causes the automatic transmission system to adjust down earlier to compensate for the additional weight.

A specific tow-haul mode also adjusts the shift point to a greater RPM. This enables the tow setup to remain within a particular gear and keeps moving while driving.

Although the tow setup has significantly more momentum than a vehicle with no cargo, it helps to reduce additional wear on the transmission.

The Tow Haul Mood Aids the Down ​Grades Too!

Regarding momentum, vehicles with heavy trailers would be difficult to break. The majority of these tow-haul modes help control the vehicle since the automatic transmission is downshifting earlier than it should.

For some vehicles with a specific Automatic transmission setup, when you press the tow-haul button, it activates the engine braking mode, which assists the driver in being in control while trying to bring the vehicle to an early stop or as you drive downhill.

Based on the make and model of your vehicle and the engine that it comes along with, a few tow-haul mode systems can increase the vehicle’s torque to balance the load being carried.

This can also affect the fuel’s efficiency, so the best thing to do is to check the car owner’s manual for essential details.

A lot of trucks that have tow-haul buttons can have different alternative driving modes; overdrive mode is the most familiar one.

However, the Tow haul mode operates the same way most overdrive mode operates in those trucks when it comes to extra torque or power provided for heavy-duty application.

A lot of manufacturers make the tow-haul modes in such a way they can deactivate the overdrive mode of your vehicle when it is active.

The same power is gotten when you turn tow haul mode on also, so you won’t need to turn it on at one time.

As your tow-haul mode adjust the time of shifting of the automatic transmission, many manufacturers make it disengage overdrive mode for another reason.

Seeing that regularly shifting can lead to the burning out of the overdrive, it is often better to deactivate whenever the tow-haul mode engages.

Generally, the tow-haul button allows you to have access to the Tow haul mode, which does a lot of things for the vehicle during situations like towing heavy-duty.

This gives extra torque and power to assist you in getting a better responsive setup.

This also alters the transmission time in a way that it can downshift earlier or ensure the engine is kept at a higher RPM rate, which helps reduce damage to the engine.

Some of these models might activate the engine braking that when you join them with an earlier downshift, it helps keep the overdrive from being burned out by deactivating the feature.

Enabling the tow-haul mode when you are towing will help get a good performance. You might also have to be conversant with the recent features of the vehicle while you press the tow haul button.

However, as time goes on, the reduction on the engine and the improved control and wear of the transmission most times is worth it.

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When Should You Use the Tow Haul Mood?

When Should You Use the Tow Haul Mood

The Tow haul button is not complex to use, and the vehicle’s tow-haul mode is available whenever you need it.

You can use it whenever there are certain situations that you need to switch it off or whenever you want to tow, whether it is probably a boat, camper, trailer or any vehicle.

In general, two things are considered when you want to make use of the tow-haul button or whether it’s better than the regular drive mode.

One factor which goes into this is the weight of the trailer or cargo. The driving situation and the conditions of the road you come across is the other factor.

Hauling heavy duties and applications of towing would most times gain from the tow haul mode.

Alternatively, if you are carrying just luggage, a carrier or a bicycle, using a tow-haul button might not be necessary.

With or without cargo, as you go on driving the vehicle, you will in no time get a good sense of the time your tow-haul mode does help and do not.

The tow-haul mode, most time, is effective for hauling and towing along roads with dips and climbs; also, whatever type of rural towing benefits most from turning on this mode.

Off-road hauling or towing on a non-even road would also call for the tow-haul mode, seeing that additional torque would also help a long way.

You can also gain from your tow-haul button even when you are driving in the city with heavy cargo, as the mode would assist you in starting and stopping earlier than it should.

For towing or hauling on a highway at drifting speed, even if the additional power you might get from your tow-haul mode might not be worth reducing the gas mileage.

Still, have it in your mind that the tow-haul mode isn’t a fix when you do not have the proper tow setup.

Indeed, the tow-haul mode supplies little additional power; there is no replacement for the proper materials.

Frequently Asked Questions – What Does Tow Haul Mode Do?

Does tow-haul mode save gas?

Would the Haul/Tow save you gas? When you make use of the haul/tow option, it increases the RPM of the engine, which leads to higher fuel usage. Hence, changing the transmission because you did not make use of it will be expensive, and the additional gas you might use when you are in the mode.

Should you always use tow-haul mode when towing?

Using a tow-haul mode whenever you are towing a trailer is not always necessary. But you can use it whenever you need extra braking, steering or pulling force to make up for the heavy load or trailer. 

When should I use tow-haul mode?

Whenever you are driving in areas with hills, carrying loads that are heavy, towing your trailer, e.t.c, and regular shifting of transmission occurs, push the tow/haul button to engage the tow/haul mode. This would lessen the possibilities of overheating the transmission or failure due to excessive shifting.

Should I drive with tow-haul on?

Definitely, you could switch on the tow-haul feature of the car, and it adjusts the engine’s gear to a lower one, which means that it would make it easy to brake or stop when needed.

Does tow-haul make truck faster?

The tow/haul mode boosts the transmission’s shift point so that it does not shift until you get a higher RPM. And this has a rougher/higher shifting also. So this might look like the mode will be fast and better when racing or just a plain hauling. 

Can you tow without tow-haul mode?

Not at all; even the old truck tow mode is not useful except if the supposed terrain is upwards or downwards or you are towing upwards for a long grade. Engaging the tow mode should be done when the transmission is looking for more appropriate gear or it often shifts.

Does tow-haul turn off MDS?

This shows that the tow/haul would disengage the MDS on the fifth Gens. Certainly, it will also disable the Aero mode for suspension of air and disable the start/stop for the eTorque. 

What does tow-haul mode Do f250?

This feature of the tow/haul upgrades the transmission operation while towing a heavy load or trailer. Every transmission gear scale is available whenever you use the tow/haul. To disable the feature of the tow/haul and take it back to the usual drive mode, the button close to the gearshift lever should be pressed twice, and then the light of the tow/haul would deactivate.

What does the tow haul button do on a Toyota Tundra?

Equipped with enormous power and innovative tow/haul mode of Toyota Tundra will make towing safe and simple. This Toyota Tow/haul mode permits the pickup truck to retain long gears for a long time and prevent an extra shift of gears when towing, boost throttle response, upgrade the engine braking, and improve the towing power.

Conclusion – What Does Tow Haul Mode Do?

The tow-haul mode protects the transmission whenever it’s hauling heavy loads. The tow mode adjusts the transmission of the vehicle’s shift pattern to reduce the amount of shift cycle. It helps you ensure that the vehicle has good control when it’s hauling heavy loads up and down a steep road.

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