Where Is Rav4 Made? (Everything to Know)

Have you ever wondered- Where is rav4 made?

Toyota RAV4 is seen as an SUV crossover, that mixes the features of both the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner.

It gives smooth handling, a roomy cabin, suitable gas mileage, and huge luggage space.

Let us discuss the places where the vehicle is manufactured.

Where is Toyota Rav4 Made?

The recent models of RAV4 were manufactured in the United States of America, Russia, China, Canada, and Japan. Past generations of RAV4, were manufactured in the Toyota establishments in the countries mentioned above. The additional establishment where RAV4 is made, is the Georgetown plant found in Kentucky, US.

Number one, the First generation dates from 1994 to 2000. The 1st generation of RAV4 was manufactured in Tahara and Motomachi plants in Japan, then the Guangdong and Zhuhai plants in China.

The Toyota establishments in Nakagusa and Tahara located in Japan, are the only factories that manufactured the RAV4 second generation. From 2001 to 2005.

In the third (3rd) generation, The Canadian Woodstock factory was introduced as one of the numerous RAV4 factories.

In addition, Toyota also manufactured RAV4 in China and Changchun in the (3rd) third generation, which dates from 2005 to 2012.

In the fourth (4th) generation, which dates from 2013 to 2018, the establishments responsible for building RAV4, are found in Japan, Canada, China, and Russia. Toyota in Japan manufactured RAV4 cars at Nakagusa and Takaoka plants.

RAV4 fourth (4th) generation cars, were manufactured in Canada in Woodstock, Ontario. The Changchun factory in China, and the St Petersburg factory in Russia, are also part of the list.

The USA’s fifth (5th) generation, is manufactured by the Georgetown establishment, together with the other establishments, that are a part of the manufacturing of the previous generation of Toyota RAV4.

The Toyota RAV4 Models

Where Is Rav4 Made

Yearly, Toyota presents/brings out five improved and new versions of RAV4. They are in no particular order: Adventure, XLE Premium, XLE, Limited, and then LE.

This particular year, the company in Japan will release the sixth(6th) RAV4, the 2020 TRD Off-Road. And recently, to be precise, RAV4s have been exclusively produced in Ontario, Cambridge, Woodstock, and Canada. Initially, before this, they were partially made in Japan.

Amongst the SUVs, one of its most famous ones is Toyota RAV4. It is equally popular in the United States. Most people like that it is fuel efficient.

Toyota RAV4 has mind-blowing features, that you can enjoy with a large family or on solo adventures. The number of facilities includes the Changchun factory in China and the St Petersburg establishment in Russia.

Together with the past RAV4 establishments, Toyota added a Georgetown establishment in the US, in its fifth (5th) generation.

Toyota plants that manufacture the RAV4 in Japan

They are as follows:

1. Shimoyama

It is the plant that is found in Aichi, particularly Miyoshi. Parts production started in 1975, in springtime at Shimoyama. There are more than (1,500) thousand five hundred employees, working in the plant. The plant is known best for producing these parts:

  • Catalytic converters
  • Engines and
  • Turbochargers

2. Tahara

It is one of the Toyota plants found in Aichi, precisely Tahara. This location has been making way for RAV4, as early as January 1979.

There are currently above 7,000 people working in the factory, and their production is close to four hundred thousand units.

The Tahara is known best, for owning the most robotized and computerized plants worldwide. A couple of Toyota components that one will find in the plant, are as follows:

  • RAV4 body,
  • Engines and
  • Ten (10) other Toyota Vehicles models.

3. Motomachi Plant

It is also found in our dear Toyota City, Aichi. It has been functioning as early as 1963. The establishment is situated in a space of about two million (2,000,000) square meters. The number of employees is about three thousand (3,000) people.

The Motomachi facility’s primary duty is vehicle assembly. Since the introduction of the RAV4 in 1994, it has been coupled up(assembled) at the Motomachi plant area.

4. Nakagawa Plant

This one is equally found in the Toyota City of Aichi. It has been functioning as early as 1971. The establishment encompasses a space of about two million (2,000,000) square meters. Its employees are about four thousand (4,000) people.

It is the place where transmissions and engines for RAV4 are manufactured. In addition, the Nakagawa plant site has a foundry, where cylinder heads and engine blocks are equally made.

5. Miyagi Ohira

Found in the eastern part of Japan within the Ohira, Miyagi. It is the Toyota plant in charge of producing numerous parts. These are the parts that Miyagi Ohira is known for distributing best:

  • Measuring instruments
  • Tires
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Toyota Machinery for building RAV4s
  • Auto bodies
  • Tools
  • Molds

The plant was founded in 1950 (fall), and is easily among the very famous Toyota plants for parts of RAV4.

The Toyota factories outside of Japan

1. TABC, Inc.

It is situated in Long Beach, California. It is the very first Toyota plant in the US and covers over 30 acres of land. They have contributed to producing Toyota parts as early as the 1970s. It is known best for these things:

  • Catalytic converters
  • Stamped parts
  • Steering columns

2. Toyota Motor Manufacturing

They have numerous plants in the US. The common ones producing parts are Mississippi, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, and West Virginia.

Although the plants produce numerous products, these things are found and are produced in the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plants in the United States:

  • Numerous Toyota model’s auto bodies
  • Engines
  • Aluminum castings
  • Transmissions

3. Woodstock facility, Ontario, Canada

It is a factory found in Ontario, Canada. It has been in existence since 2008. It sits on around two million (2,000,000) square meters. Its employees are about two thousand (2,000) people.

The facility started operating in 2008 and, since then, has been involved in the production of RAV4, since the third generation.

4. Changchun, Jilin, China

Changchun plant can be found in Changchun, Jilin. It has remained functional since 2005. You will find the factory in around three million (3,000,000) square meters, and it has about four thousand (4,000) employees.

The Changchun plant started operating in 2005. Since then, it has continued the production of RAV4, since the third generation.

5. St. Petersburg, Russia

The St. Petersburg establishment is founded in St.Petersburg, Russia, and it has been functioning from 2009 to date. The factory sits on around two million(2,000,000) squares and has about two thousand (2,000) employees.

The St.Petersburg establishment started functioning as early as 2009 and has been producing RAV4 since the fourth (4th) generation.

Where Is Rav4 Made

What is the best way to determine where a specific RAV4 was produced?

Look at the Vehicle’s Identification Number, to know where the Toyota was manufactured. VIN is a group of seventeen (17) characters, that all refer to a vehicle’s fundamental information.

The first character on the VIN shows the nation where your car was manufactured. The character may be a number or a letter; it depends on if the nation is located in America. Figures/numbers show nations in America, while letters refer to countries in the outer part of America.

This vehicle is produced in five different countries; the very first character seen in the VIN may be either a letter or number:

  • 4 or 5 are for the USA
  • 2 depicts Canada
  • Either of the combinations from X0- X3 stands for Russia
  • L stands for China
  • J stands for Japan

Being aware of the place of manufacture of the RAV4 helps in numerous ways: you can decipher the language used in your vehicle’s manual. Also, you get a feeling of joy that the RAV was coupled in a country of high standards and one known for its manufacturing proficiency.

What Makes a RAV4?

It’s not every RAV4 that is a 4-wheel drive. Models like Hybrid, do not have 4-wheel drive capabilities. The RAV4 means “recreational activity vehicle 4-wheel drive”.

From the name, how can a couple of models possess all-wheel drive? It is because, in several countries, 4-wheel drive is illegal, but total/all-wheel drive is legal. This gives room for persons from across the continent to drive a RAV4.

When Was the First RAV4 Made?

In 1994 the first Toyota RAV4 was born. Specifically, the Toyota car was the first to have the SUV design we love and all use today. Toyota made its very first car in 1936, known as Toyota Sakichi.

Are Japanese or European-Built RAV4s Better?

The European and Japanese models of RAV4, have been built excellently. No one has more superiority over the other. In your best interest, the Japanese RAV4 was awarded the best vehicle in 2010, Japan.

The Russian RAV4 has never been awarded; the other cars produced in Russian establishments like “RAV4” have been commended.

We can imply that the Japanese-built and Russian-built RAV4s, share a similar extent in their quality.

Frequently Asked Questions – Where Is Rav4 Made?

Where is the 2022 Toyota RAV4 manufactured?

Toyota RAV4 of 2022, should arrive in Ontario by this fall. The Toyota SUVs are manufactured in the Georgetown plant in Kentucky.

What model of RAV4 is made in Japan?

Just the Toyota plants found in Nakagusa and Tahara, Japan manufactured the Second generation RAV4s (2001 to 2005)

How do I know if my RAV4 is built in Japan?

The frequent letters in the US are Z, W, S, L, K, and J.

  • Japan- J
  • Korea- K
  • China- L
  • England- S
  • Germany- W and
  • Italy- Z.

Is the RAV4 made in Canada?

(TORONTO). The Canadian drivers have extra reasons for loving the RAV4, owing to the official opening of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Canada’s Woodstock, Ontario assembly plant- the very first automotive plant investment in Canada for about twenty (20) years.

Where is the Toyota Rav 4 made?

It is manufactured in the US, Russia, China, Canada, and Japan. Toyota automobile establishments in either of the countries mentioned above were also used in manufacturing past generations of RAV4. The new addition of establishments that make RAV4, is a Georgetown plant found in Kentucky, US.

Final Words

Toyota RAV4s previously manufactured in Japan, are now being made and designed in Woodstock and Cambridge, Ontario.

This makes it affordable because parts need not be gotten thousands of miles away. Toyota has existed since 1930, and they have been trusted. Kiichiro Toyoda in Japan founded it.

It is rated worldwide as the 10th largest vehicle company. If you want to own a very high-quality car, with so many intriguing features, check out one of the six (6) new RAV4s available.

The cars have enough room to contain a large family and are specially built to withstand terrain situations and rough weather. Ensure that you consider the needs, budget, and lifespan you are thinking of before you purchase the Toyota RAV4.

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