Where To Put Blind Spot Mirrors (Expert Advice)

Do you want to know where to put blind spot mirrors? If yes, you are on the right page.

However you place the side view mirrors, you will always have an unexpected blind spot at one of the sides. Of course, this depends on your vehicle’s design and construction.

Regardless, there will be parts that you will be unable to view. A blind spot mirror is made to solve this problem.

For many passenger trucks and cars, the blind spot mirror is not necessary if one cannot properly adjust the side view mirrors.

Although, most drivers find it easy to put the aftermarket accessories (some bigger cars come with these accessories as usual equipment). How can one make use of a blind spot mirror? What is the best place to place the blind spot mirror?

This article will discuss where to put the blind spot mirror for them to be properly utilized and every other thing about the blind spot mirror.

Where Should a Blind Spot Mirror Be Placed?

The suitable position for one’s blind spot mirror is the outermost edge of the passenger and driver’s side mirrors. Blind spot mirrors are also placed at the side mirrors top edge, though some people prefer the bottom edge.

Blind Spot Mirrors and How They Work

Where To Put Blind Spot Mirrors

The blind spot mirrors are curved mirrors connected to a car’s stock side view mirror. That curved surface gives room for the reflection of objects through the mirror, from an angle of a wide range, unlike the conventional side view mirrors.

To correctly use the blind spot mirror, install it to give a kind of blind spot to the left and right side, as you sit in your driver’s seat.

Next, ensure that the side view mirror is placed correctly (you should not be able to view the sides of the vehicle), then adjust your blind spot mirror so as to see what the mirror has missed.

For many cars, the optimal location of installation in your car’s upper side is on the outer part of your mirror. Although this is not so for every car, you will need to experiment with different placements, to achieve optimal coverage for your particular blind spots.

This is because, many cars do not gain from the blind spot mirror when it’s, on a passenger side mirror. The mirror size reduces the reflection visibility for the driver, and the passenger side mirrors are normally used for covering blind spots.

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What are the Types of Blind Spot Mirrors?

The blind spot mirror comes in different types, but all have similar functions. For example, a mirror reflects car light from behind, allowing a driver to view the thing in the blind spot.

1. Stick-on Blind Spot Mirror

They are very popular amongst the types and are very simple to install. The step is to peel off its backing, and then stick it on the mirrors of the side view.

2. Clip-on Blind Spot Mirror

This kind shares a similarity with the Stick-on blind spot mirror but is clipped to the side view mirror rather than being stucked. It makes it difficult to fix/install them, but it is not likely for them to fall.

3. Rearview Mirror Blind Spot Mirror

They are put on the inside of the rearview mirror. It is easy to fix/install, although sometimes it distracts the driver.

4. Window-Mounted Blind Spot Mirror

They are put on the outer part of the vehicle, just like other mirror types. However, you will mount it on a window using a suction cup(s), rather than being stuck or clipped on the mirror.

The Best Type of Blind Spot Mirror

There isn’t a best one amongst the blind spot mirrors; each has its disadvantages and advantages. The stick-on mirror is the simplest to fix, and it can easily go/fall off.

The Clip-on mirror is harder to install; nonetheless, it hardly falls off. The Rear view mirrors are simple to install; the bad thing is that it tends to distract some drivers.

The mirrors that are window-mounted, are simple to install; on the other hand, it is hard to see. So, ultimately, it depends solely on a driver, to make his choice.

Factors To Consider When Mounting Blind Spot Mirrors

Where To Put Blind Spot Mirrors

We only have a few factors that should be put into consideration, when choosing the placement of a blind spot mirror; they include:

1. The Mirror Size

The mirror size determines the number of blind spots that you can see. Large mirrors give a better view, whereas small mirrors give a small view of a blind spot.

2. The Mirror Shape

The mirror shape is important and determines the number of blind spots one can see. For example, the convex mirror gives a wider view, whereas the flat mirror shows a little part of your blind spot.

2. The Mirror Angle

It deciphers the number of blind spots that will be viewed. For example, mirrors angled to a driver give a comfortable view, whereas mirrors angled away give a driver a little part of one’s blind spot.

3. The Mirror Position

The mirror position is important because it determines the number of blind spots one can see. For example, mirrors on a side view give a good view, whereas that on the rear or front windows show a little part of your blind spot.

How to Install or Replace a Blind Spot Mirror

The blind spot mirror is very vulnerable to cracks, bumps, and breaks like a normal side mirror. Subsequently, you will have to change the car’s mirrors.

It is tricky to remove a blind spot mirror because its adhesive turns out to be too strong. When removing a blind spot mirror, do so carefully to avoid breaking or scratching the side mirrors.

A hair dryer softens the adhesive, making it easy to pry the mirror. Make use of nail polish remover, alcohol, or any chemical that removes adhesive, so as to effectively take care of sticky adhesives.

You can use a razor blade to remove clots, and marks of a little adhesive. Try not to crack or scratch the side mirror using sharp objects like knives or blades.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Where To Put Blind Spot Mirrors

Is it possible to install blind spot mirrors on heated mirrors?

Of course. If the mirrors are heated, placing your blind spot mirror there/on them is good. The heat aids in keeping adhesive on a mirror’s back, to avoid falling off or drying out. The side view mirrors of luxurious vehicles are most likely heated mirrors.

Can Blind Spot Mirrors be used with Rear View Mirrors?

Many vehicles have a rearview mirror called the “convex”. Meaning that your glass will be curved outwards, to give you a clear and wide view of things behind you. The curve makes distant objects look too small.

It makes it difficult to judge the distance of the said object; this is why one must always use a side mirror as you change lanes.

What is the best way to clean blind spot mirrors?

It is done the same way as cleaning normal mirrors in your house. You are advised to use the glass cleaner, with a very soft cloth to avoid scratches on the surface. If the blind spot mirror begins to fog up, use wipes or anti-fog spray to clear them.

What is the benefit of Car Blind Spot Mirrors?

They help one in seeing things in the blind spot. So, for example, you can prevent accidents as you are changing lanes.

It comes in different sizes and shapes, hence, you can get one that will fit your desire. If you own heated mirrors, your blind spot mirror can be placed on them, so it does not fall off.

Are Blind Spot Mirrors worth it?

One may think he can’t miss seeing a big car proceeding from behind. However, a blind spot can affect the best drivers too. This is why a blind spot mirror aids in covering parts the standard mirror misses out on, giving one a clearer view of what is behind the car.

What is the best place to put a convex mirror?

It is suggested when one needs to view a distant object(five to twelve meters) in detail.

The mirrors give vision around a hundred and sixty to a hundred and eighty degrees, therefore, they should be placed at an angle that avoids collisions around blind corners, giving you the necessary visibility.

Final Words

Suitable blind spot mirrors ensure road safety in some situations. It also helps you prevent road accidents, and expensive insurance claims.

But, remember, you are not to solely rely on it when parking or turning. Driving carefully and understanding the road conditions, make you a more responsible and better driver.

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