How Long Does it Take to Rebuild a Transmission? [+ Cost]

Are you taking your car to the repair shop for a transmission rebuild, you might be wondering how long does it take to rebuild a transmission?

The transmission rebuild process is not simple, and hence we have covered all there is to know about this process to give you an idea of the timeframe for a transmission rebuild job by your repair shop.

In this article, we have covered questions like how long it takes for a transmission rebuild and what affect the timeframe for a transmission rebuild, the cost of a transmission rebuild, how long a rebuilt transmission would last, how to ensure your transmission last long as well as tips on maintaining a healthy transmission system.

Let’s get started!

The Automatic transmission of a vehicle can be rebuilt in one day by a repair shop. However, that’s only possible if the system has already been unmounted from the car, either by you or by another repair shop.

This simply implies that automatic transmission problems are fairly easy to repair.

You should note that an average of 3-4 days is needed to fully rebuild an automatic transmission system. The repair shop would give the estimated time as well as repair price estimate would be given to you by the repair shop as different repair shops have their rules and process.

Most repair shops take to carry out one process for rebuilding the system per day. This is to carefully handle the task at hand, taking care of any unexpected problems while keeping in mind the time estimate given.

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What Can Affect the Time It Takes to Rebuild a Transmission?

What Can Affect the Time It Takes to Rebuild a Transmission

The mechanics have all the experience regarding rebuilding your transmission system, and they should give you an accurate time estimate of how long the task will take.

However, you should also note that some factors can make the task longer than expected. We have listed some of those factors below.

1. Finding the Root Cause of the Problem

There is little or no point in rebuilding an automatic transmission system and replacing some parts if the car will be back to the mechanic for the same issue after a few miles. If the root cause of the people is not identified and fixed, this might be the case with your vehicle.

This could be the number of miles your vehicle has gone, it could also be a crack that has developed in one of the parts, and if not identified and fixed, the problem will continue reoccurring.

You should note that finding the root cause of the problem can sometimes take longer than expected.

2. Issues With Getting Parts

Sourcing the part of a vehicle can sometimes take longer, hence adding to the time estimate. This is usually common if your car is an old model or a rear one.

Usually, your repair should take this into account, looking at the model and make of your car. If this is likely to occur, you will be made aware by your mechanic.

3. Problems With Contacting You

This could potentially take quite some time, and you can help with that, especially if the repair shop needs approval from you to move forward with a task and you can’t be reached.

This might make the repair shop remove your task from their schedule, and their schedule might be filled up when they get in touch with you, hence moving your task to the next day.

These delays are not what we want, but we should factor in their occurrence. All things being equal, you should get your transmission system rebuilt in 3-4 days.

The kits to rebuild the system are not expensive. However, the labor to get this done is intensive, affecting the cost of rebuilding the transmission system.

The cost to rebuild the transmission system will also depend on the model and make of the car and the cost of parts needed to complete the task.

Most of the cost is incurred in labor needed to get the task done as the rebuild process will require dismantling, replacing spoilt parts, and re-assembling them.

If you are knowledgeable to work on the transmission rebuild yourself, the cost becomes relatively low as all you will need are some automotive tools and the needed rebuild kit.

You can get a rebuild kit between $50 to $300. This varies with the parts included in the rebuild kit and the quality of the kit.

Taking on the job will reduce the cost to a total of about $500. However, you need the experience to get it done right. Most people trust their repair shop to manage the rebuild of their transmission system due to time constraints and the need to quickly get it back to the road.

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How Long Can You Expect Rebuilt Transmissions to Last?

How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild a Transmission

If your mechanic reports that your transmission system is beyond repair, it surely needs a rebuild, and you should opt-in for that rather than a repair as this is a way to get it to serve you longer.

Hence, it is advised to have a reliable repair shop with all the needed skills and experience to rebuild your car’s transmission system.

The repair shop will have to replace all worn-out parts of your transmission system, which is important because bad functioning components of your transmission system could affect its longevity.

Seals and other soft parts of the system should be reinstalled in the system’s body. You should also make sure that the individual in charge of the rebuild is very skilled and experienced in the task. This will let go of some additional cost during the rebuild by replenishing the original body, reducing the cost.

Also, get all the needed parts for a warranty. This comes in handy if the rebuild process does not go as planned. That way, recovering or replacing a damaged part could easily be claimed.

As for how long a rebuilt transmission will last depends on the experience and skill of the individual handling the rebuild process, as perfectly handling the process by giving it more time and effort will go a long way to make it last longer.

How to Increase the Lifetime of a Rebuilt Transmission

How to Increase the Lifetime of a Rebuilt Transmission

If proper care is given to your vehicle’s transmission system, it can last longer. This care refers to getting it checked at intervals and replacing damaged parts rather than a repair of such parts.

Note that replacing a damaged part in the transmission system brings new life. Hence they are most likely to last long compared to repaired parts.

Also, do not hire a technician who cut comers to get a job done. This will not only reduce the performance of your transmission system, but it can also as well ruin the system by leading to extensive damage even before its average life

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Full Transmission Rebuild?

A complete transmission rebuild consists of the extraction and disassembly of the transmission system. All parts of the system are inspected for damage or wear and then cleaned with a special solution or replaced depending on the condition of the part.

Is It Worth It to Rebuild a Transmission?

Transmission rebuild can save you a lot of money in the long run while keeping the cost out of your monthly budget. Rebuilding the transmission is worth the initial cost for many, and a transmission rebuild can cost about $3,000-$4,000.

Is It Cheaper to Rebuild or Replace a Transmission?

Replacement of the transmission system is expensive than a transmission rebuild. This term is often referred to as “remanufactured.” It refers to replacing damaged parts with modified parts. This path is taken if the transmission system is damaged beyond which a rebuild would fix.

How Long Does It Take To Put a Transmission Back In?

The time needed to replace a transmission system depends on the type and car type. Most rear-wheel vehicles take between a day or two for a transmission rebuild, whereas late-model front-wheel drive can take three to four days because of the intensive labor needed.

Is It Hard to Rebuild a Transmission?

To rebuild a transmission is generally a difficult task to undertake because of the professionalism and experience needed for a specific type of transmission. Automatic transmission varies between vehicles, and each requires different tools and parts to rebuild.

How Much Is a Rebuilt Transmission?

Transmission rebuild can cost you between $3,000 and $4,000 depending on the parts, labor costs, and unforeseen circumstances. This is cheaper than getting a new transmission, which could cost you between $5000 – $8000 depending on the model and make of your vehicle.

How Long Does It Take To Rebuild a CVT Transmission?

It takes an average of four days to rebuild a CVT transmission. The repair shop will give you a time estimate to get the job done when you bring the task to them. Most repair shops use one day for each rebuild stage, from removing the system from your vehicle to replacing it.

What Parts Are Replaced in a Transmission Rebuild?

Parts needed for transmission rebuild are all included in the automatic transmission rebuild kit. These are parts that eventually wear out, such as bands, clutches, seals, bushings, gaskets, bearings, transmission filters, and internal transmission sealing rings.

How Long Will a Rebuilt CVT Transmission Last?

A rebuilt CVT transmission can last between 30,000 – 50,000 miles. If the job is done by a professional and regularly maintained, transmission rebuild can last as long as an original transmission (120,000 – 200,000 miles on average).

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