Service AdvanceTrac (Meaning, Causes & Fix)

As a Ford vehicle owner, you may have noticed an unusual and concerning warning displayed on the dash display of your vehicle, whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV.

As a Ford vehicle owner, you are always welcomed into the car by the “Service AdvanceTrac” notification.

Service AdvanceTrac is commonly associated with Ford car owners, including their biggest models like Ford F150, Fusion, Explorer, Edge, and Expedition.

Despite these problems, your car doesn’t have to be written off, and there are always ways to solve them contrary to what you must’ve been told as regards its difficulty.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the Service AdvanceTrac on your dashboard and how to fix this problem as it arises.

When you encounter issues with your Ford car, you lose control, and the vehicle starts swerving or skidding. It can also cause your vehicle to lose traction.

This problem will cause the Ford AdvanceTrac technology light to flash immediately until the issue stops compromising the driver’s safety.

This light makes the driver understand that the car is braking while pressure and power are applied to the vehicle’s wheels.

If the driver experiences a low rate of engine power, then he would have to allow the car to morph into another vehicle operating in a different mode that ensures his safety and that of his passenger.

Again, he would need to allow the vehicle to adjust on its own while he concentrates on the steering wheel.

If the Service AdvanceTrac light illuminates steadily instead of flashing, it shows that the AdvanceTrac system has an issue, therefore, requires proper servicing by a professional.

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What is AdvanceTrac

How to Reset the Service AdvanceTrac Light

Here are some ways to fix the service AdvanceTrac light

1. Inspect the Wiring Harness by Your Parking Brake Assembly

The most significant cause of a Service Advance Trac light is an unfastened or poor wiring system.

Therefore, it is important to inspect the huge wiring harness, which you can find above your parking brake assembly, to ensure that it is properly tightened as required. You can find it within the cab, just at the top of the parking brake pedal.

Ensure the plugs are adjusted in and out before being well-tightened to prevent them from loosening.

You can also remove the harness and similarly-looking plugs before fixing them back together. After that, you can turn on the car to check whether the service AdvanceTrac light is off.


It is not a bad idea if you secure your parking brake wiring harness with zip ties to prevent it from loosening again subsequently.

If you’ve correctly fastened the wiring harness and the error sign continues to show up, then there’s a need to try out step 2;

2. Diagnose the Problem with an OBDII Scanner

If you no longer have a problem with the wiring harness, another most effortless method to diagnose a service AdvanceTrac issue is by using an OBDII scanner and the FORScan software. It is widely regarded as the best software for analyzing, and it is free.

After using this method to diagnose the issue, the next thing is to use the following fixes for a common code;

3. Check Your ABS Module

A simple cable that is broken can result in the occurrence of the service AdvanceTrac light.

Maybe, you must have gotten a code that shows that the ABS sensor circuit is open. Switching the two steps above can rectify the problem sometimes.

However, many people have succeeded in diagnosing the continuity of this wiring and discovering wires that have been toiled with or cut. If the latter is the case, you need to solder or change the cables to solve the problem.

Do I Need a Mechanic to Fix Service Advancetrac Problem?

Service Advancetrac

Yes. You need to contact the services of a professional mechanic to fix an AdvanceTrac problem. Attempting to do it yourself may result in a severe malfunction on the mechanism, which could potentially cost you more money than the original cost of employing a mechanic.

Mechanics, after all, are meant for fixing complex issues in vehicles, which will relieve you of some stress and minimize the cost of the repairs.

It takes between 1 to 2 hours for a professional mechanic to fix the service AdvanceTrac issue. It can sometimes take up to 45 minutes to diagnose and rectify the issue, although it depends on what kind of problem might be causing the service AdvanceTrac light.

The timing primarily depends on your mechanic and how fast they work.

Can You Drive With the Service Advancetrac Light On?

Yes, You can drive with the service AdvanceTrac light on, but it is not recommended.

if you are already on the road and the light comes up on your dashboard, drive slowly to an auto repair center to have your car checked out

Once your AdvanceTrac technology light returns to a flashing phase, it means that your car is also returning to its normal state since it has sensed the danger is no longer present.

Alternatively, if the light is still in the static state, the AdvanceTrac mechanism is not functioning correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Service AdvanceTrac

Why Does My Vehicle Say Service Advancetrac?

There are several reasons why your vehicle says service AdvanceTrac. The most obvious cause is sensor problems, including a bad steering angle sensor, a damaged steering mechanism, and faulty sensor wiring.

Is It Safe to Drive With Service Advancetrac?

Whenever there is a Service AdvanceTrac warning light, it usually means that you need service on your car’s AdvanceTrac mechanism. Therefore, driving is not entirely safe if your vehicle is not operating normally.

What Is the Advancetrac on a Ford?

AdvanceTrac on a ford helps the driver maintain the car’s required stability in bad areas filled with ice, snow, gravel, and dry roads.

What Is the Difference Between Traction Control & Advancetrac?

The primary function of the traction control is to control the rear wheel spin. Therefore, spinning the rear tires makes the traction control pull engine power and applies rear brakes to prevent spinning. Advance Trac performs a similar role whenever you start spinning out but also applies a front brake or brakes to pull the vehicle back into a horizontal line.

What Does Advanced Trac off Mean?

Whenever you hold the “Advanced TRAC Off” button, it will turn the “advance trac off” light on to let you know that the system is off. It will stay on until you decide to turn the system back on by holding the OFF button again or putting off the car engine.

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