What Country Is Subaru From? (Everything to Know)

In recent years, Subaru has become popular in the North American marketplace, but the auto is not as well known as models like Honda or Toyota.

Because of this, you might not be familiar with Subaru’s history or the locations where its vehicles are made. To learn more about this brand’s past as well as its manufacturing headquarters, continue reading.

What Country Is Subaru From? (Subaru History)

Subaru is a Japanese automotive manufacturer owned by the multinational corporation, Subaru Corporation.

In 1915, Fuji Heavy Industries’ Aircraft Research Laboratory was where Subaru was first developed. Later, the business changed its name to Nakajima Aircraft Company, Limited, in 1932. Japanese aircraft during World War II was produced by this business, according to Subaru’s Wikipedia page

After the war, Fuji Sangyo Corporation Limited replaced Nakajima Aircraft as the company name. In 1946, however, something new appeared. The business developed a scooter. It was constructed using remnant materials from production during the war. This scoot was referred to as the Fuji Rabbit.

A merger of multiple enterprises resulted in Fuji Heavy Industries due to government changes and financial institutions’ modifications. This group ultimately produced the first Subaru automobile. For the Pleiades constellation, Subaru was chosen as the name of the business. Subaru only ever made one vehicle, the Subaru 1500.

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What Country Makes Subaru Cars?

What Country Is Subaru From

Subaru produces some of its vehicles in America, but most of them are assembled in Japan. The following are rather condensed categories of Subaru production locations and the vehicles they produce:

Subaru of Indiana Car, Inc. – Lafayette, Indiana, United States

  • Subaru Impreza (for North America)
  • Subaru Legacy (for North America)
  • Subaru Outback (for North America)
  • Subaru Ascent

Gunma Plant – Ota-shi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

  • Engines & transmissions
  • Subaru Outback
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Subaru Forester
  • Subaru Crosstrek
  • Subaru WRX
  • Subaru Impreza

As stated, Subaru only runs two auto manufacturing plants: one in the United States and one in Japan. It produces most of its vehicles in Japan, and many of its suppliers are also based there. Contrary to Toyota and Honda, which have sizable North American manufacturing facilities.

When Did Subaru Come to America?

Subaru of America established itself in Pennsylvania, Bala Cynwyd, in 1968. The location, however, soon changed to Pennsauken, New Jersey. Following that, Subaru of the US relocated to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in 1986. Fuji Heavy Industries fully acquired Subaru of America in 1990. However, Subaru Corporation has replaced Fuji HI. Camden, New Jersey, has most recently served as Subaru of America’s US location.

Subaru of Indiana Auto, a Subaru facility, contributes to Subaru of America’s distinction. For example, it received the designation of backyard wildlife habitat. The National Wildlife Federation bestowed this distinction upon me. The assembly line also achieved zero landfill production, making it the first such facility in the United States.

Where Is Subaru’s Corporate Headquarters?

Japan is home to Subaru’s official headquarters. According to Japanese Car Trade, the official locations of the Japanese automobile manufacturer are in Japan, Tokyo, and Ebisu, Shibuya. These headquarters offer business space in their starting location. Furthermore, this probably helped Subaru produce cars in Japan that were sold overseas. Subaru didn’t make a change until 2016. The percentage of vehicles built in Japan before being distributed to dealers all over the world that the brand violated was less than 75%.

Is Toyota the Owner of Subaru?

However, despite being a separate business under Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru has few connections to Toyota. Subaru’s fortunes improved after Toyota acquired a 20 percent(%) stake in the automaker in 2005, which helped the company recover.

Subaru is nonetheless very much its own company even though its share of the market has dropped to just over 16% today.

The two brands continue to be very different, despite it being clear how Toyota’s influence has aided Subaru’s expansion and success. In response, we typically reply, “Sort of, but not really,” when people inquire as to whether Toyota owns Subaru.

The largest shareholder of Subaru is a Japanese business called Fuji Heavy Industries. It controls the corporation with a 50.09% ownership stake in the stock.

Subaru is, however, owned by Toyota Motor Corporation to a lesser extent (16.51%). This makes Subaru a Japan-made product.

What Are Those Subaru Characteristics Which Make Them Worth Buying?

Tech Features of Subaru

These days, more and more Cape Cod drivers are seen as using technology as a deciding factor when deciding which car to buy. Thankfully, Subaru has always placed a strong emphasis on incorporating cutting-edge technology and utility into its vehicles. As a result, the company’s most recent models are incredibly convenient, with outstanding connectivity features.

Harman Kardon Premium Audio System

Speaking of speakers, several new Subaru models come equipped with the Harman Kardon audio system, which will excite fans of high-end music quality. Each Harman Kardon Audio system is customized for the interior of the vehicle it is installed in, with up to 12 clear, balanced speakers distributed around the cabin to give the exceptional audio quality for which Harman Kardon has long been recognized.


Bluetooth compatibility and connectivity, unquestionably one of the most desired features on the market right now, are characteristics that come standard on all of the most recent Subaru models. It’s quite simple to pair your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, iPod, tablet, or other mobile devices with your Subaru car and enjoy many of its functions.

You can place and receive calls using Bluetooth connectivity through your onboard audio system. You can even use Bluetooth to stream music from your device through the car’s speakers.

Safety features of Subaru

Since Atlantic Subaru has been operating on Cape Cod for over 15 years, we’ve learned a lot concerning what our clients look for in their automobiles. Presently, safety is a top priority for several Cape Cod motorists, and fortunately, Subaru shares these concerns.

As a result, many motorists who stop by our dealership in Bourne, Massachusetts, is shocked to learn the number of our recent Subaru models that have received commendable ratings for their level of safety from the IIHS, with many of them receiving the highest IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award.

Subaru’s dedication to safety motivates it to continuously innovate and enhance its cars’ manufacturing, leading to better procedures and greater safety engineering with every passing model year. Here’re just some of Subaru’s most recent safety advancements that can help safeguard you as well as your family & offer you confidence while driving.

EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology

Vehicle safety is one area where the adage “An oz of prevention is worth a pound of cure” hasn’t been more accurate. Because of this, Subaru created and envisioned the EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology suite as the apex of collision avoidance & mitigation technology. As well as characteristics such as Adaptive Cruise Control, which aids in keeping drivers at a secure distance while driving at freeway speeds. Lane Keep Assist with Sway Warning, which warns distracted or drowsy motorists against moving out of their lane, as well as Pre-Collision Throttle Management and Pre-Collision Braking, which enables the car to vigorously brake to lessen or prevent the collision of an accident, Subaru EyeSight® Driver Assist Technologies are helpful at mitigating several of the usual obstacles and hazards that several Massachusetts motorists encounter on the roadway.

Subaru Rear Car Detection

It’s not unusual to occasionally come across a fender bender while traveling around Cape Cod. There always appears to be something in your vehicle’s blind area, especially in congested parking lots or during rush hour.

Subaru, however, is aware that occasionally turning or craning your head around to look out the rear of your vehicle isn’t the greatest course of action; thus, several of its most recent models come equipped with Subaru Rear Car Detection.

The Subaru car can warn you of cars and obstructions behind you and assist you in changing or reversing out of parking areas with confidence thanks to features like Blind Spot Detection & Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Advanced Protective Systems

Despite all its cutting-edge safety features, Subaru now recognizes that some accidents are unavoidable. When this happens, you need to be driving a strong, well-built car, and you can be guaranteed that thanks to the Advance Protective Systems created for several of the most recent Subaru prototypes here at Atlantic Subaru.

High-tensile steel ring-shaped frames are a common feature of Subaru automobiles, helping to preserve the integrity of the car in the case of an accident. To further protect drivers & passengers in the fore and aft areas, up to 8 airbags can be deployed. Of course, it’s always ideal to avoid collisions wherever possible, but thanks to the design and cutting-edge technology found in Subaru cars, you will be able to rest much easier, keeping in mind that your car is prepared for an accident.

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What Makes Subaru Unpopular in America?

Its small selection is primarily to blame for Subaru’s lack of popularity in the United States. Subaru used to only sell a small number of cars, most of which were utilitarian crossovers and wagons. Because they all provide a greater selection of vehicles, brands like Toyota, Honda, & Ford had a difficult time competing.

Another reason Subaru isn’t more well-known in the US is the widespread perception that Subarus are costly to maintain. Subaru has added sports cars and sedans to its roster in recent years, but it is still lagging behind its competitors in terms of innovation.

Is maintaining a Subaru expensive?

What Country Is Subaru From

Subarus do cost more to preserve than the average car, yes. Subaru uses many specialized components that might be challenging & expensive to repair, which is the main cause.

For instance, the typical inline-four engine is considerably distinct from the boxer engine used in most Subarus, and fixing it might be expensive.

Subarus seem to cost more to fix than other models, but they likewise tend to live longer and retain their quality better. Therefore, it will be worthwhile even though you may need to expend a bit more money in the long term to keep the Subaru running.

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable are Subaru cars?

The average Subaru owner reports that their vehicle lasts for roughly 200000 miles before substantial repairs are required, but don’t take that as a tough limit. They can live about 300,000 kilometers or longer with good care and optimum circumstances.

Do Subarus warrant a purchase?

In comparison to automobiles from other automakers, you’ll receive more for your trade-in. Due to its reasonable price, safety, fuel efficiency, standard all-wheel drive, & resale value, purchasing a new Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or any other model is probably a move you won’t regret in 2022.

is Subaru American or Japanese?

It is the distinguishing feature of a Subaru. North of Tokyo, in Ota, Japan, is where Subaru’s main manufacturing facility is located. While certain vehicles produced in the United States are put together in an Indiana factory, parts are sourced from Subaru as well as its suppliers in Ota.

What qualities do Subaru cars have?

The Impreza, Crosstrek, & Ascent are just a few of the vehicles produced by the Japanese carmaker Subaru that comes standard with all-wheel drive. Additionally, a lot of its cars have favorable safety reviews. Honda, Mazda, & Toyota are rivals of Subaru.

Why is Subaru so well-known?

Because they provide AWD and other amenities that are needed, Subaru automobiles have managed to keep their prices low. They appear to know “where” to spend their money when designing their vehicles, and because they are a small business, they put a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of their clients.

What country produces Subaru motors?

In its two factories in Lafayette, Indiana, and Gunma, Japan, Subaru produces its engines. Subaru ranks among the biggest automakers on earth. These are 4 of its favored automobiles: Outback.

What vehicle sells the most for Subaru?

Subaru’s best-selling vehicle in 2022 is the Outback. Here are some reasons for this & how it contrasts with the top 25 selling cars and the best 2-row Sport Utility Vehicles in the United States this year. The most popular vehicle for Subaru of America is the midsize Outback.

Who poses the greatest threat to Subaru?

Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota Motor Company, Nissan, and other automakers are rivals of Subaru. However, when compared to its rivals, Subaru has the highest overall culture score.

What advantages do Subaru owners enjoy?

You are eligible for exclusive offerings like the Insider e-newsletter & Drive magazine if you own a Subaru. Additionally, there are discounts on branded apparel for you & your family and complimentary sets of vehicle badges. Finally, Subaru customers receive special invitations to interesting events with other brand devotees.

Final Thoughts

The Japanese automaker Subaru is a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries. The best-in-class all-wheel-drive cars produced by Subaru are its most well-known products.

The business is also well known for its dependability and toughness. Although Subaru isn’t as well-known in the US as several other automakers, its reputation for having the nicest off-road skills is still fueling healthy sales.

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