Why Is the Toyota Land Cruiser So Expensive?

Do you like to venture out of your comfort zone? Do you want the best and most dependable rough terrain experience? Do you also need a car for your family?

Toyota Land Cruiser is an excellent vehicle that combines off-road capability with luxury. It remains one of the most well-known and dependable cars. However, the most recent version costs approximately $86,000, making it quite expensive. The Land Cruiser is still expensive because of its high build quality, high demand, and decreasing supply.

Therefore, why is a land cruiser so costly? In this article, we will not only respond to your inquiry but also provide you with additional details regarding each of the features included in the land cruiser.

How much does a Land Cruiser Cost?

Why Is the Toyota Land Cruiser So Expensive

You’ve probably wondered how much a Land Cruiser costs when you see one. The fact is, there are a number of different Land Cruiser models, and the prices of each one vary. It’s important to remember that these cars have ranges, and you are expected to pay this amount for them.

However, the cost of this vehicle has always been high since it came into existence. Let’s look at the Land Cruiser‘s price range over the past five years:

Land cruisers cost around $46,500 – $112,310 in the year 2018. In contrast, the following year, in 2019, its price ranged between $49,200 – $127,820.In addition, the cost continued to rise until 2022, when it was around $80,873 & $138,790.

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Why Is the Toyota Land Cruiser So Expensive?

Here are various factors that contribute to the high cost of Land Cruisers.

1. Reliablity

At this point, we come to a somewhat contentious but essential subject. Chad prevailed over Libya in the Chadian-Libyan clash thanks to the motorized power of Toyota. For decades, Land Cruiser and Hilux have endured desert off-roading, extreme heat, and limited maintenance.

It is proof of dependability that virtually no other manufacturer can duplicate when you see the same model used by the military setting as the one you can buy at your local dealership.

2. Off-Road Ability

The Land Cruiser’s Off-Road ability is widely regarded as one of the best and most dependable off-road cars ever produced. It is able to navigate any terrain with ease. The Australian Outback is a frequent location for Toyota’s Land Cruiser test drives.

It is believed to be one of the world’s most difficult roads for cars. This demonstrates that the Land Cruiser is Australia’s most popular 4×4 vehicle. If you have some extra money to spend and are serious about going on an off-road adventure, this is your best option.

In the category of large SUVs, the Land Cruisers are superior to other SUVs or Range Rovers made in the United States. Although the popular G-Class is comparable to the Land Cruiser, you should bear in mind that it’s a small SUV with five seats.

3. It is Indestructible

The phrase “indestructible” best describes the Land Cruiser. They are known for repeatedly being put through their paces without exhibiting any genuine signs of stress or struggle. There is a cost to this unwavering durability.

4. It is Luxurious

It goes without saying that when people travel, they always seek comfort. Toyota is one of the well-known manufacturers of features and options that every rider can rely on.

The cost of a Land Cruiser reflects the fact that it is a high-end vehicle. It offers includes that will energize amateurs and gifted riders.

5. It is Stylish

Style is another factor that draws attention to a vehicle. Fashion & design are as significant as the vehicle’s other features for the majority of users. If you’re among them, the striking designs and styles that Land Cruisers has to offer will not let you down. Despite the model & year, it is a respected SUV on the road.

In terms of designing cars that appeal to customers of all kinds, Toyota has been very particular. The design of land cruisers is intended to attract attention. The beautiful design necessitates a higher price, that’s why the land cruiser is so expensive, and there is no need for an explanation.

6. Comfort

It has frequently been a problem for many cars that offer design and luxury that they do not provide comfort. Users must make a choice between luxury and comfort, which is one of the major important aspects. However, the straightforward answer to the question of why land cruisers are so expensive is that you won’t have to negotiate on the quality of this vehicle when you buy Toyota Land Cruisers.

It is made to be as comfortable as possible without giving up any facilities. If you want a car that can easily take you on long distances, a Land Cruiser is a good option.

7. Security

Safety is one of the most important characteristics of a land cruiser. The Toyota Land Cruiser is the safest vehicle for passengers, thanks to its incredible safety features. There’re several factors that contribute to Toyota’s ranking as one of the safest vehicles in the market. Safety is one of the reasons why this vehicle is very expensive.

The Toyota Land Cruiser’s most effective safety features are as follows:

Airbags, brake assist, child safety locks, engine immobilizer, rear wiper, central locking and headlamp beam adjuster are just a few of the high-end features offered by Toyota Land Cruisers. Definitely, you will appreciate features that are 5 to 10 years ahead of the rivalry, regardless of which model you choose. Land Cruisers are significantly very expensive for what can be offered on paper than other large SUVs, especially those made in the United States.

In Land Cruiser, you can mention the features & get it. Land cruisers now have a few alternatives which make it very easy for them to enjoy their passengers: Security and safety; convenience, comfort, and luxury; various kinds of lighting, like the fog lamps in the front and back.

High displacement, excellent power & torque, and automatic transmission all contribute to the Land Cruiser’s outstanding value retention. They are so costly to buy new, costing approximately $86,500.Since the Land Cruiser is a luxurious SUV, not many of them are sold every year, and the owners typically maintain them for longer than with other vehicles.

Consolidate this with the extreme popularity of utilized Land Cruiser, & you get an SUV that holds its worth far superior to some other. Older Land Cruiser stops completely depreciating after a certain point & even increases in value as it becomes difficult to get.

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What Makes the Old Land Cruisers So Costly?

Older and used Land Cruisers are becoming increasingly scarce as a result of the fact that the Toyota Land Cruisers will no longer be sold in the United States in 2022. Due to this, their value is increasing.

Due to this, Land Cruisers are now even better investments because they’re not just maintaining their values but also increasing them in some cases.

Every economist is aware that when there is a lot of demand and little supply, prices go up.

Is Purchasing Land Cruisers Worth It?

After several discussions and so much progress, let’s decide if buying Land Cruiser is worth it. You need to take a few essential factors into consideration before deciding to give Land Cruiser a room in your garage:

Land Cruiser is recommended for driving on an off-highway if you enjoy traveling and driving rough. The Land Cruiser’s high-quality features are well worth the money you spend on it.

Additionally, having Land Cruisers comes with a few drawbacks. They are extremely dependable, but eventually, even their parts will have to be repaired & serviced. The price of labor & parts is the highest compared to other vehicles because it is a full-size luxury SUV. Because the cost of repairs will significantly impact your budget, you’re advised not to buy an older Land Cruiser just because it is affordable.

Toyota Land Cruisers cannot also be used as a daily office vehicle. Any simple car will work for that. Compared to other automobiles, Toyota Land Cruisers are more expensive to maintain. You probably won’t need maintenance on a daily basis. However, neither is the annual expense trivial.

What are less expensive alternatives to a Land Cruiser?

Why Is the Toyota Land Cruiser So Expensive

I don’t blame you if you’re looking for less expensive alternatives to the Land Cruiser. However, you will be deprived of certain features.

1. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is available for between $43,990 and $63,830. You can see the price of a Land Cruiser is relatively low. The foreign design and sporty driving experience are truly admirable.

The type of engine is a 3.3L turbo, and its fuel efficiency is 8.9 L per 100 km. Diesel can be used to power this car. It is manufactured in Italy, and it is unreliable when it comes to reliability.

Additionally, they have some cheaper features that should not be ignored. However, the Land Cruiser does not have all of these issues. They have wonderful features and a structure that is extremely sturdy.

2. Toyota 4Runner

While we may not totally agree with Toyota 4Runner, it is an extraordinarily rough terrain car it costs about $40,000.This Toyota 4Runner is regarded as a dependable automobile and is an SUV based on a truck. This vehicle is a great yet affordable choice if you want a primarily off-road experience.

3. Lincoln Navigator

A 2022 Lincoln Navigator costs approximately $80,000 more. But it has a beautiful interior and is strong too. They have a V6 turbocharged engine that provides the vehicle with ample power, enabling it to accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in 6.1 seconds!

Additionally, the interior is spacious, measuring 103.3 ft. of space for cargo. Additionally, distinct from Toyota Land Cruisers, it incorporates cutting-edge technology.

It is a powerful vehicle, but it’s more of a luxury car than an off-road car. So, if you need a capable off-road car, the Land Rover is the better choice.

4. Ford Bronco

At a price of around $32,000, the 2022 model maintains its extraordinary off-road ability.

This vehicle is not regarded as a high-end vehicle, but not really uncomfortable to use. However, its off-road capability is its primary focus.

It has locking differentials in the rear & front, as well as various off-road settings. It has four-wheel drive and a protected underbelly like any good off-road vehicle. In general, Ford Bronco is a good, reasonably priced option for people who want to experience off-road.

5. Nissan Pathfinder

The price of the 2022 model Nissan Pathfinder is $35,000. It’s a car with everything. It is neither a luxury vehicle nor an off-road vehicle. Though in addition to having a V6 engine and a roomy and comfortable interior, therefore, if you want a good SUV with a little “kick,” then Nissan Pathfinder might be the right vehicle for you.

6. Infiniti QX80

The Infiniti QX80 can be purchased for anywhere between $65,500 – $82,830. The lowest and highest price ranges of Land Cruisers are almost identical. Earth-resistant features cover their exterior bodies.

The type of engine is 5.6L: With eight seats, the fuel efficiency is 14.8 L per 100 km. Fuel must be Premium Unleaded Petroleum. It is ideal for the Middle Eastern and American markets. It is a nice choice for driving quietly and smoothly.

However, their bodies lack the strength of the Land cruisers. One possibility is that the Infiniti QX80 is less expensive than theirs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do second-hand Toyota Land Cruisers cost so much?

Toyota Land Cruiser is a durable and dependable vehicle that still maintains its value. This indicates that, in contrast to other automobiles, used Land Cruisers can remain valuable for many years.

Can Land Cruiser 2022 be bought in the United States?

If you wish to buy the 2022 model of this vehicle, you will have to go outside the United States. The 2022 Land Cruisers will not be available in the United States or Canada not because of a shortage of production, but that should not be a surprise to anyone who has been watching.

Sadly, Toyota has already eliminated Land Cruisers from its lineup/plan in the United States. In 2021, under the slogan “There is still a lot to explore,” these Toyota sports utility car was discontinued. Toyota declared that sales interests were declining in the nation after 60 years.

Are the Toyota Land Cruisers worth the money?

The Toyota Land Cruisers from 2021 is a respectable large luxury SUV. It has a potent V8 engine & composed of off-road handling. The seats in the first & second rows are spacious and comfortable, and it comes equipped with numerous standard safety and convenience features.

What issues do Land Cruisers encounter?

The most popular Toyota Land Cruisers issues, according to CarComplaints.com, are problems with their SUV oil consumption, the engine suddenly stopping, and rough shifting. These aren’t the only common issues you should be aware of, according to Repair Pals’ data.

The Toyota Land Cruiser will be replaced by what else?

Why the American Land Cruiser must be replaced by the Toyota Sequoia in 2023, in place of the Land Cruiser, Toyota’s flagship sport utility car appears to be the new Sequoia.

What is the lifespan of a Land Cruiser?

The direct answer to this is between 15 to 20 years or more with proper care. The Land Cruisers could withstand about 300,000 miles of heavy & rough use thanks to its robust construction.

Is Lexus LX the same as Land Cruiser?

Since both their engines are the same & most of their parts, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are so similar to use. Land Cruisers have 381 horsepower available, while the LX 570 has a slight addition of 383 horsepower for US-spec cars.

Is Land Rovers superior to Land Cruisers?

In the wake of contrasting these two legendary vehicles next to each other, the reasonable champ of this comparison is the powerful Land Rover Defender 110. The outstanding value, versatility, performance, and premium standardized features of Toyota Land Cruisers can not be compared to Toyota Land Cruisers.

Final Thoughts

Toyota Land Cruiser is the dream of many individuals. So why do land cruisers cost so much? Due to their distinguishing features from other cars in the vehicle industry. The most important thing is that they never drop in price. Instead, they’re getting higher every day.

Even though we have other alternatives to cars, they will cost less than half as much as Land Cruisers. But they lack the Land Cruiser’s features. Even with their high cost, the demand for them never decreases.

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